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Album and EP Reviews


05/23-Godhunter-"Codex Narco"-Pete
05/22-Two Headed Beast-"Wizard Mountain"-Nuclear Dog
05/14-Summoner-"Beyond the Realm of Light"-Jon
05/05-Cybernetic Witch Cult-"Troglodithic Trip"-Nuclear Dog
03/31-Wounded Giant-"Vae Victus"-Jon
03/27-Forming the Void-"Relic"-Pete
03/15-REZN-"Let it Burn"-Pete
02/22-Aboleth-"Aboleth 7"-Nuclear Dog
02/20-Mothership-High Strangeness"-Jon
02/13-Ghastly Sound-"Ghastly Sound"-Jon
02/11-Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs-"Feed the Rats"-Pete
02/06-Holy Mount-The Drought"-Von
02/03-Larman Clamor-"Beyonder"-Nuclear Dog
01/10-Kung Funghi-"Kung Funghi"-Pete
01/05-Frozen Planet...1969-"Electric Smokehouse"-William


12/30-Gentle Tick-"Gentle Tick"-Von
12/22-The Freeks-"Shattered" -Nuclear Dog
12/18-Buzzzard-"Cold Blood"-Nuclear Dog
12/17-1000mods-"Repeated Exposure To" -WM
12/17-Cybernetic Witch Cult-"Spaceous Cretaceous" -Nuclear Dog
12/14-Domkraft-"The End of Electricity" -Von
12/13-Geezer/Wasted Theory/Mississippi Bones-Nuclear Dog
11/28-Megatherium-"Superbeast" -Von
11/25-Ruff Majik-"The Fox" -Nuclear Dog
11/17-Green River Thrillers-"Distorted Diva" -Jon
11/17-Wolves Carry My Name-"Black Earth Tongue" -Von
11/17-The Haunting-"Doors To Nowhere"- Jon
11/16-Slumber Dust-"S/T" -Nuclear Dog
11/05-Why Desperados-"WD Crew"- Nuclear Dog
10/27-Pesta-"Bring Out Your Dead" -Nuclear Dog
10/24-Brant Bjork-"Tao of the Devil" -Chad
10/23-Year of the Cobra-"...in the Shadows Below"-Jon
10/03-Clouds Taste Satanic-"Dawn of the Satanic Age" -Jon
10/01-Kingsnake-"Resonance" -WM
09/21-Samba Cemetary-"The Bushgate" -Nuclear Dog
09/12-Fall of an Empire-Croweater:..."-Nuclear Dog
09/05-MAKE-"Pilgrimage of Loathing" -Pete
08/25-Comacozer-"Astra Planeta" -Jon
08/25-Shotgun Sawyer-"Thunderchief" -Pete
08/15-Boudain-"Way of the Hoof" -Pete
08/03-Violence of the Sun-"Perceptionism" -Pete
07/18-Mos Generator-"Abyssinia" -Jon
07/13-Mississippi Bones-Nuclear Dog
07/05-Infinite Flux-Jon
07/01-The Skull-"S/T EP" -Chad
06/25-Never Before-"King of Worms" -Pete
06/14-Vokonis-"Olde One Ascending" -Pete
06/04-Gozu-"Revival" -William
06/02-Darkwalker-"The Wastelands" -James
05/31-Bright Curse-"Before the Shore" -Pete
05/24-Allfather-"Bless the Earth With Fire" -Chris
05/21-Disenchanter-Back To Earth" -Jon
05/20-The Shooters-"Dead Wilderness" -William
05/17-Wolves of Winter-"S/T" -Jon
05/12-Pedra Preta-"I" -Pete
04/25-Wo Fat-"Midnight Cometh" -Chris
04/21-Wizard Bloody Wizard- "Wizard Bloody Wizard" -Pete
04/14-Devil's Child Records. X-Suns, Mos Generator, Sower, Year of the Cobra, Infinite Flux, Mammoth Salmon etc.... -Jon
04/14-Wren-"Host"- Pete
04/09-Red Wizard-"Cosmosis" -Nuclear Dog
03/31-Mountain Tamer-"S/T" -WM
03/31-Slabdragger-"Rise of the Dawncrusher"-Chris
03/27-Desert Storm/Suns of Thunder Split- Nuclear Dog
03/22-Blackwitch Pudding-"Betty Kougar/Herman the Worm Man 10"-Jon
03/22-Elephant Tree-"S/T" -Jon
03/19-Karma To Burn-"Mountain Czar" -James
03/16-Spaceslug-"Lemanis" -Pete
03/14-Baroness-"Purple" -Chad
03/09-Greenleaf-"Rise Above the Meadow"- WM
02/28-Killer Ghandi- Nuclear Dog
02/17-Battalions-"Nothing To Lose" -Jon
02/16-Conan-"Revengeance"- Chris
02/15-Son of a Witch-"Thrones in the Sky"- Pete
02/09-Hurriah-"Cosmosotic" and "Mother Sky" -The Nuclear Dog
02/04-Swan Valley Heights- Pete
02/03-Cultist-"Three Candles"- Jon
01/23-Black Water-"Edison's Elephant" -The Nuclear Dog
01/16-Salem's Bend- The Nuclear Dog


12/23-Isaak-"Sermonize" (Bonus Interview) -Chris
12/22-Mothership-"Live Over Freak Valley" -James
12/04-Pigs-"Wronger" -Pete
12/03-Crux Of Aux-"Mona" -Pete
12/03-Sofy Major-"Waste" -Pete
11/12-All Them Witches-"Dying Surfer Meets His Maker" -James
11/12-The Heavy Eyes-"He Dreams of Lions" -Pete
11/09-Gentlemen's Pistols-"Hustler's Row" -Chris
11/08-Chron Goblin-"Backwater" -Trash Boat
11/03-Pist-"Rhythm & Booze" -Pete
10/22-Far Away Town-"The Magic Low Transmitter"-Pete
10/13-Witchskull-"Vast Electric Dark"-Pete
10/03-Godsleep-"Thousand Sons of Sleep"-James
09/24-DoOom-"Death is the Mother of Beauty"-Pete
09/23-Luminous Bodies-"Self-Titled"-Pete
09/15-The Sun, The Moon, The Stars-"To Dethrone a God"-Pete
09/11-We Hunt Buffalo-"Living Ghosts"-Chris
09/03-Kings Destroy-"Kings Destroy"-Chad
08/28-The Sword-"High Country"-Chris
08/12-Linie-"What We Make Our Demons Do"-Otis
08/04-The Casualty Clerks-"The Initial Report"-Otis
07/24-Black Space Riders-"Refugeeum"-James
07/22-Make-"The Golden Veil"-Pete
07/15-Black Tremor-"Impending"-Otis
07/15-Royal Thunder-"Crooked Doors"-Otis
07/09-Vinnum Sabbathi/Bar de Monjas-"Fuzzonaut"-Pete
07/08-Goatsnake-"Black Age Blues"-Otis
07/07-Holy Serpent-"Holy Serpent"-James
07/06-Deep Aeon-"Temple of Time"-Chad
07/03-Hogslayer-"Defacer" -Pete
06/24-Malaugurio-"Malaugurio" -Pete
06/19-Electric Valley-"Multiverse" -Pete
06/11-Wychhound-"Wychhound" -Pete
06/09-Void Cruiser-"Overstaying My Welcome" -Pete
06/08-The Ivory Elephant-"Time Here Is Up"-Pete
06/02-El Cam-"Shaft" -Pete
05/12-Void King-"Zep Tepi" -Pete
04/23-Lighteater-"Antique" -Pete
04/22-Boar-"Veneficae" -Pete
04/20-Black Rainbows-"Hawkdope" -Pete
04/15-Omar-"I Am Metal, Who Are You?" -Pete
04/09-Watchtower-"Radiant Moon" -Pete
04/03-Elder-"Lore" -Chad
04/02-VAILS-"Galactic Triceratops" -Pete
03/26-Black Pussy-MagicMustache" -Keith
03/25-The Atomic Bitchwax-"Gravitron" -James
03/24-Ufomammut-"Ecate" -Faye
03/23-City Of Ships-"Ultraluminal" -Faye
03/19-Satori Junk-Self-Titled" -Pete
03/03-Desert Storm-"Omniscient" -Faye
02/28-John Lancaster-"A Penchant For Hell" -Toby
02/22-The Midnight Ghost Train-"Cold Was the Ground" -Trash Boat
02/19-Karma To Burn-"Arch Stanton" -James
02/16-Profane and the Sacred-"Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming" -Faye
02/12-Torche-"Restarter" -James
02/12-Shepherd-"Stereolithic Riffalocalypse"- Pete
02/10-Atala-"Atala" -Faye
02/05-Slows Down-"Slows Down-EP" -Faye
01/22-1886-"Before The Fog Covers The Mount"-Pete


12/13-Stone Machine Electric-"Garage Tape" -James
11/18-Dame/Libra- Lee
10/27-Grifter-"The Return of the Bearded Brethren" -Pete
10/23-All Them Witches-"Lighning at the Door" -Matthew
10/22-Mother Corona-"Reburn" -Pete
10/11-Horsehunter-"Caged in Flesh" -Pete
10/06-Brain Pyramid-"Chasma Hideout" -Pete
10/02-Bar de Monjas-"In Fuzz We Trust"- Pete
09/19-Rodha-"Welter Through the Ashes" -Pete
09/05-Cardiel-"Local Solo" -Pete
08/22-Acherontia-"Kings of the World" -Pete
08/05-Wildflowers Wither-"Self-Titled" -James
07/28-Hjortene-"Self-Titled" -Pete
07/25-Planet of Zeus-"Vigilante" -Keith
07/21-Muckraker-"Karmageddon" -Pete
07/16-Astralnaut-"Thieves, Beggars and Swine" -James
07/11-Wasted Theory-"Death and Taxes" -Toby
07/10-Bloody Hammers-"Under Satan's Sun" -Keith
07/07-Sigiriya-"Darkness Died Today" -Pete
07/03-Tummler and Solomon-"You've Worn Out Your Welcome" -James
06/27-Wo Fat-"The Conjuring" -Keith
06/26-Fu Manchu-"Gigatoid" -Keith
06/25-Electric Citizen-"Sateen" -James
06/16-1000Mods-"Vultures" -Keith
06/04-Valley of the Sun-"Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk" -James
05/23-Acid Elephant-"Star Collider" -Pete
05/20-Greenleaf-"Trails and Passes" -Keith
05/13-Black Khox-"Akab" -Pete
04/18-Mos Generator-"Electric Mountain Majesty" -Pete
04/03-Elepharmers-'Weird Tales From the Third Planet" -Keith
03/31-We Hunt Buffalo-"Blood From a Stone-EP" -Pete
03/29-Tricorn-"The Walk of Shame" -Keith
03/27-Conan-"Blood Eagle" Al
03/25-Red Stoner Sun-"Echo Return" -Keith
03/24-HARK-"Crystalline" -Pete
03/21-Truckfighters-"Universe" -Keith
03/17-Leafhound-"Live in Japan" -Justin
03/13-Pohl-"Pohl II" -Al
03/11-White Light Cemetary- Shawn
02/21-Ancient Warlocks-S/T- Shawn
02/20-Homoh-"Oh No" -Al
02/13-Slomatics-"Estron" -Al
02/06-Radar Men From the Moon-"Strange Wave Galore" -Al
02/01-Sub Rosa-"More Constant Than the Gods" -Shawn
01/30-Ethereal Riffian-"Aeonian" -Al
01/23-Bong Cauldron-S/T- Al
01/20-Moosataur-S/T- Justin


12/19-King Goat-"King Goat" Al
12/18-Fuzz-"Fuzz" Sam
12/16-Blackfinger-"Blackfinger" Justin
12/05-Purist-"Purist" Al
12/02-Sun and Sail Club-"Mannequin" Justin
11/28-Obelyskkh-"Hymn to Pan" Al
11/14-Eidetic Seeing-"Against Nature" Al
11/04-Sea Bastard-"Scabrous" Al
10/28-Barbarian Fist-Demo Al
10/21-Coma Wall/Undersmile-"Wood & Wire" Al
10/19-Sasquatch-"IV" Ken
10/17-Polvo-"Siberia" Lee
10/14-Alucarda-"D.F.F.L." Al
10/10-Gonga-"Concrescence" Al
09/26-Mountain High-"Demo EP" Al
09/25-Windhand-"Soma" Justin
09/23-Maeth-"Oceans Into Ashes" Al
09/20-The Freeks-Full On" Justin
09/16-Mothertrucker-"The Power of Independent Trucking" Al
09/12-Witch Charmer-"Euphoric Curse" Al
09/11-Vista Chino-"Peace" Ken
09/09-Ice Dragon-"Born a Heavy Morning" Al
09/02-Trippy Wicked-"Underground" Al
08/29-Goatess-"Goatess"  Justin
08/22-Strauss-"Strauss" Al
08/19-Nihilosaur-"Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross" Al
08/15-Mojo Waves-"Lo and Behold!" Justin
08/12-Bomg-"Polynseeds" Al
08/08-Swamp Lung-"S/T" Al
08/05-Warm-"Warm II" Al
08/01-Hogslayer-"S/T" Al
07/29-Tyranny is Tyranny-"Let It Come From Whom It May" Al
07/25-Winters-"..And Bear Witness to the Colossus" Al
07/20-Miss Lava-"Red SuperGiant" Nuclear Dog
07/18-Lightsystem-"Lost Language" Lee
07/18-Trouble-"The Distortion Field" Justin
07/04-Los Asteroide-"S/T" Al
06/20-Toner Low-"III" Al
06/13-Sedulus-"The Beta EP" Al
06/06-Stay Here-"Non Mechanical Hammer Hits My Skull" Al
05/30-Age of Taurus-"Desperate Souls of Tortured Times" Justin
05/23-Monachus-"Below" Al
05/18-Mojave Desert Rebels-"High Class Clown" Ken
05/16-Talbot-"Scaled" Al
05/09-Mother Mars-"Steam Machine Museum" Ken
05/02-Romero-"Take the Potion" Al
04/25-The Heavy Company-"Midwest Electric" Justin
04/25-The Cosmic Dead-"The Inner Sanctum" Al
04/19-Steak Number Eight-"The Hutch" Mark
04/18-Huata/Bitcho Split Al
04/15-Wiser Fool-"S/T" Justin
04/13-1000mods-"Valley of Sand" Lee
04/11-Desert Storm-"Horizontal Life" Al
04/08-Bruce!-"Bruce!" Justin
04/04-Bongripper/Conan 12" Split Al
03/28-Black Moth Cult-"The Fountain of Tantric Worship" Al
03/25-Mount Salem-"The End (EP)" Justin
03/21-Les Indiens-"Crane" Justin
03/21-Homoh-"Demoh" Al
03/18-Destroyer of Light-EP Justin
03/14-Blaak Heat Shujaa-"The Edge of an Era" Justin
03/14-Boudain-EP Al
03/11-Vestal Claret-"Bloodbath" Justin
03/08-Clutch-"Earth Rocker" Mark
03/07-Thalamus-"Soul" Justin
03/07-Tentacle-"Ingot Eye" Al
03/04-Ancient VVisdom-"Deathlike" Justin
02/28-Sideburn-"IV Monument" Justin
02/28-Crybaby Deathmatch-"Triumph of the Wounded" Al
02/25-Beast in the Field-"The Sacred Above, The Sacred Below" Justin
02/22-Void of Sleep-"Tales Between Reality and Madness" Mark
02/21-Honky-"421" Al
02/21-Early Mammal-"Horror At Pleasure" Justin
02/19-Alunah-"White Hoarhound" Al
02/18-The Curse of Wendigo-"Eclectic Tail" Justin
02/15-Neon Warship-"S/T" Justin
02/14-From Beyond-"The Color Out of Space" Al
02/12-Light Bearer-"Silver Tongue" Al
02/11-Amenra-"Mass V"-Al
02/09-Moghul-"S/T" (EP)-Al
01/31-Black Science-"A Echo Through the Eyes of Forever"-Lee
01/31-Wiht-"Harrowing of the North" (EP)-Misha
01/24-Dead Empires-"Witing in Waves"-Misha


12/27-Dapunksportif/The Quartet of Woah-Mark
12/13-Graveyard-"Lights Out" -Lee
12/13-Black Cowgirl-"S/T" -Zac
12/06-Bison BC-"Lovelessness" -Misha
11/22-Mos Generator-"Nomads"- Misha
11/15-Radar Men From the Moon-"Echo Forever"- Misha
11/03-Low Man-"Low Man"- Ken
11/01-Om-"Advaitic Songs"- Misha
10/25-The Sword-"Apocryphon" -Mark
10/13-Valis-"Minds Through Space and Time"-Lee
09/20-Source of Yellow-"The Said" -Lee
09/20-Miss Lava-"Red Supergiant" -Mark
09/17-Beastwood-"Alabama Spacewitch" -Zac
09/11-Black Shape of Nexus-"Negative Black"-Misha
09/06-Hopewell-"Another Music (EP)" -Lee
08/30-Triggerman-"Hail To the River Gods" -Ken
08/18-Feuerzeug-"Dead Wahines and Tsunamis"-Ken
08/16-High On Fire-"De Vermis Mysteriis"- Misha
08/11-Aqua Nebula Oscillator-"Third" -Lee
08/11-Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight-"Going Home" -Ken
08/02-Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound-"Manzanita" -Misha
07/26-Ufomammutt-"Oro-Opus Primum" -Misha
07/19-Kadavar-S/T -Ken
07/13-The Ocular Audio Experiment-"The Witch Whispering Tomes"- Lee
07/07-The Body-S/T -Lee
07/05-Mother Corona-"Out of the Dust" -Ken
07/05-Switch Opens-"Joint Clash" -Mark
07/05-Arc of Ascent-"The Higher Key" -Misha
06/23-Greenleaf-"Nest of Vipers"-Lee
06/23-The Shrine-"Primitive Blast" -Toby
06/21-Stoned Jesus-"Seven Thunders Roar" -Ken
06/21-Major Kong-"Doom For the Black Sun" -Misha
06/16-Telestrion-"Molecule" (EP) -Lee
06/14-NAAM-"The Ballad of the Starchild" -Lee
06/07-Steak-"Disastronaut" -Ken
05/31-Gandhi's Gunn-"The Longer the Beard, the Harder the Sound"- Ken
05/26-Buffalo-"Los Dias Lentos" -Ken
05/24-The Pimps-"Fuck This Shit, We're Outta Here"- Seth
05/19-Various-"Sonic Titans" -Ken
05/10-Snail-"Terminus" -Ken
05/05-The Midnight Ghost Train-"Buffalo" -Seth
05/03-Once-Ler-"Set For Departure" -Ken
04/26-Thunderfist-"S/T" -Ken
04/21-Asha-"Pleasures of Equality" -Ken
04/14-Mt. Olympus-"You're Welcome" -Ken
04/13-Mockingbird-"S/T" -Zac
04/12-Pelican-"Ataraxia/Taraxsis (EP)" -Seth
04/07-The Midnight Ghost Train-"S/T" -Ken
04/05-Cortez-"S/T" -Ken
03/29-Vile Red Falcons-"Under Your Skin" -Ken
03/24-Arenna-"Beats of Olarizu" -Ken
03/15-Mangoo-"Nevermind" -Ken
03/08-Summoner-"Phoenix" -Ken
03/03-Corrosion of Conformity-"S/T" -Toby
03/03-Black Space Riders-"Light is the New Black" -Ken
02/25-Stubb-"S/T" -Ken
02/23-Lord 13-"2013" -Ken
02/18-Ivy Garden of the Desert-"Docile"- Seth
02/17-Wizard Rifle-"Speak Loudly, Say Nothing" -Ken
02/11-Mother Mars-"Fossil Fuel Blues" -Ken
02/09-Junius-"Reports From the Threshold of Death" -Seth
02/02-Admiral Browning-"Battle Stations" -Toby
01/26-Truckfighters Fuzzomentary-Seth
01/20-King Giant-"Dismal Hollow" -Toby
01/14-Infernal Overdrive-"Last Rays of a Dying Sun" -Toby
01/12-Mountains of Blow-"Connoisseur II" -Seth
01/07-Sahara Surfers-"Sonar Pilot" -Toby
01/07-The Mound Builders- "Strangers in a Strange Land" -Zac


12/24-Skrogg-"Raw Heat" -Seth
12/17-Lonely Kamel-Dust Devil" -Zac
12/10-Freedom Hawk-"Holding On" -Toby
12/03-Elder-"Dead Roots Stirring" -Zac
11/26-MonstrO-"Self-titled" -Seth
11/19-Dinosaur Eyelids-"Down a River" -Zac
11/12-Sleestak-"Fall of Altrusia" -Zac
11/05-Super Giant-"Pistol Star" -Seth
11/02-Totimoshi-"Avenger" -Zac
10/29-I-Decline-"Time To Shine" -Seth
10/26-Zenith Myth-"Self-titled" -Zac
10/22-Olde Growth-"Self-titled" -Toby
10/19-Dixie Witch-"Let it Roll" -Seth
10/14-Iron Claw-"A Different Game" -Zac
10/08-Comets Ov Cupid-"Western Lands" -Toby
10/05-Mastodon-"The Hunter" -Zac
09/29-The Dive-"Self-Titled" -Seth
09/24-Catapult the Smoke-"Born in Fire" -Zac
09/17-Interstelar-"On Black Waves-EP" -Seth
09/10-Skraeckoedlan-"Appeltradet" -Toby
08/31-Beer Review: Clutch Dark Sour Ale -Seth
08/31-91's-"First Blood" -Toby
08/27-Carcinogenic Corpse-"Noise Farm" -Seth
08/19-The Gates of Slumber-"The Wretch" -Toby
08/19-Gustnado-"Hallucination Boulevard" -Seth
08/13-Planet of Zeus-"Macho Libre" -Seth
08/07-Barn Burner-"Bangers II: Scum of the Earth" -Zac
08/06-Ironweed-"Your World of Tomorrow" -Seth
07/30-City of Ships-"Minor World" -Seth
07/20-Wizard Smoke-"The Speed of Smoke" -Seth
07/16-Gentlemen's Pistols-At Her Majesty's Pleasure" -Zac
07/13-Lavagoat-"Self-Titled" -Seth
07/13-Nether Regions-"Into the Breach" -Zac
07/09-U.S. Christmas-"The Valley Path" -Toby
07/06-June Deville-"Swan Songs of the Coyote" -Seth
07/02-Across Tundras-"Sage" -Toby
07/02-New Keepers of the Water Towers-"The Calydonian Hunt" -Zac
06/29-Threefold Law-"Revenant" -Reg
06/25-Mean Mother-"Rock-N-Roll Shakedown" -Seth
06/22-Rival Sons-"Pressure & Time" -Zac
06/18-Kvelertak-"Self-titled" -Zac
06/18-Major Kong-"Orogenesis" -Seth
06/15-Elvis Deluxe-"Favourite State of Mind" -Zac
06/10-Borracho-"Splitting Sky" -Toby
06/08-Ethereal Riffian-"Shaman's Visions" -Seth
06/04-Liquid Me-"Self-Titled EP" - Reg
06/01-Ponamero Sundown-"Rodeo Electrica" -Toby
05/29-Orange Goblin-"Coup de Grace" -Seth
05/29-The :Egocentrics - "Love Fear Choices And Astronauts" -Zac
05/14-Using Bridge-"And I Will Be Heard" -Toby
05/14-Lo-Pan-"Salvador" -Zac
04/30-The Grand Trick-"Reminence Boulevard" -Toby
04/28-Ginger Tide-"Along With the Tide" -Zac
04/13-Blood Ceremony-"Living With the Ancients" -Toby
04/12-Palm Desert-"Falls of the Wastelands" -Zac
04/09-The Osedax-"Delayed Response" -Zac
04/04-Astrosoniq-"Quadrant" -Toby
03/29-Beehoover-"Concrete Catalyst" -Toby
03/12-Earth-"Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light, Vol. 1" -Zac
03/08-Alunah-"Call of Avernus" -Toby
03/05-Soul Manifest-White Season" -Zac
03/03-Tia Carrera-"Cosmic Priestess" -Toby
02/26-Devil Riding Shotgun-"Self-Titled" -Zac
02/23-Hypno5e: Des Deux L’Une Est L’Autre- Toby
02/19-Blue Aside-The Orange Tree-Zac
02/17-Herba Mate-The Jellyfish is Dead and the Hurricane is Coming-Toby
02/10-Dragontears-Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!!-Zac
02/09-Electric Wizard-Black Masses-Toby
02/02-Hull-Sole Lord-Toby
01/29-Green & Wood-Self-Titled-The Klepto
01/28-SardoniS-Self-Titled-The Klepto
01/27-High On Fire-Snakes For the Divine-The Klepto
01/27-Stone Axe-Stone Axe I & II-The Klepto
01/26-Electric Wizard-Black Masses-The Klepto
01/25-Cathedral-The Guessing Game-The Klepto
01/25-The Might Cloud-Self-Titled-The Klepto
01/24-Under the Sun-Man of Sorrow-The Klepto
01/23-Wino-Adrift-The Klepto
01/22-Wall of Sleep-When Mountains Roar-The Klepto
01/21-Pan Galactic Straw Boss-Reverberator-Toby
01/21-Stonehelm-Self-Titled-The Klepto
01/20-Wo Fat-Nache del Chupacabra-Reg
01/20-Bongripper-Satan Worshipping Doom-The Klepto
01/19-Agolloch-Marrow of the Spirit-The Klepto
01/16-Joe and the Jungle-Broken Amps and Fuzz Boxes-Toby
01/15-Redeemer-Global Exorcism-Zac
01/15-Second Gear Grind-Grayscale EP-Reg
01/13-Slugstain-Demo 2010-The Klepto
01/10-Horn of the Rhino-Weight of Coronation-The Klepto
01/09-Threefold Law-MMX-Reg
01/08-Albatross Overdrive-Self-Titled-Bufftbone
01/08-1-10's-Fighting For a Golden Age-The Klepto
01/04-Black Spiders-Sons of the North-The Klepto
01/01-The Grand Astoria-Omnipresence-The Klepto


12/29-Brant Bjork-Gods & Goddesses-Toby
12/23-Yawning Man-Nomadic Pursuits-Toby
12/22-Ghost-Opus Eponymous-The Klepto
12/21-Kylesa-Spiral Shadow-Zac
12/20-Ufomammut-Eve-The Klepto
12/19-The Ocean-Anthropocentric-The Klepto
12/18-The Ocean-Heliocentric-The Klepto
12/16-Clagg-Lord of the Deep-The Klepto
12/15-The Sword-Warp Riders-The Klepto
12/13-The Grand Astoria-The Grand Astoria I-The Klepto
12/12-Lionize-Destruction Manual-Reg
12/11-Barn Burner-Bangers-The Klepto
12/09-Sloath-Sloath-The Klepto
12/07-Powerhead-Celestial Frankenstein-The Klepto
12/05-Divine Baze Orchestra-Dead But Dreaming-The Klepto
12/04-Ogre-Dawn of Proto-Man-The Klepto
12/03-Burn Blue Sky-Celebrate the Decline-Toby
11/28-Loacrian-The Crystal World-The Klepto
11/26-The Swamp Session-The Klepto
11/22-VRSA-Old Man Gray-The Klepto
11/21-As We Draw-Lines Breaking Circles-Zac
11/20-Goliathon-Without Further Ado-Bufftbone
11/20-Cough-Ritual Abuse-The Klepto
11/06-Mississippi Bones-Mississippi Bones-The Klepto
11/04-Album Review - Tombstones: Volume II-Toby
11/04-Wheel - Wheel -The Klepto
11/02-Titan - Sweet Dreams-The Klepto
10/27-Album Review - Sahara Surfers: Spacetrip on a Paper Plane-Toby
10/27-Heavy Rotation:Black Rainbows-"Carmina Diablo" -Reg
10/26-Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip -The Klepto
10/23-CD Review: Lonely Kamel-"Blues for the Dead" -Zac
10/20-Heavy Rotation-Spiritual Beggars-"Return To Zero" -Reg
10/20-Album Review - Monster Magnet: Mastermind-Toby
10/19-Smoke This!-Swamp Comp. Volume 2-Reg
10/16-Poweraxe:Slaughter the Animals, Poison the Earth-The Klepto
10/15-Low Gravity:EP-Bufftbone
10/12-Heavy Rotation-Fu Manchu:Signs of Infinite Power-Reg
10/06-Heavy Rotation-Various Artists:Cowbells and Cobwebs-Reg
09/30-Crystal Caravan:Against the Rising Tide-Zac
09/29-Heavy Rotation-Valkyrie:Man of Two Visions-Reg
09/22-Heavy Rotation-Black Sleep of Kali:Our Slow Decay-Reg
09/15-Heavy Rotation-U.S. Christmas:Run Thick in the Night-Reg
09/01-Heavy Rotation-Tweak Bird:Tweak Bird-Reg
09/01-Blaak Heat Shujaa:Self-Titled-Bufftbone
08/25-Heavy Rotation-Gozu:Locust Season-Reg
08/19-Heavy Rotation-Droids Attack:Must Destroy-Reg
08/10-Heavy Rotation-Black Tusk:Taste the Sin-Reg
08/08-Geronimo!:Fuzzy Dreams-Bufftbone
03/25-King Giant:Southern Darkness-Toby
01/27-La Fin du Monde: Monolith-Toby
01/07-Blood of the Tyrant: Self-Titled EP -Toby
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