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Friday, April 29, 2016

Band Submission: Gorazde-Heavy Psychedelic/Doom Metal From Washington, D.C.

Band Name: Gorazde
Genre: Heavy Psychedelic/Doom Metal
Location: Washington, D.C.
Brief Bio/Description: Washington, D.C.’s Gorazde is the dark blues/psych studio project fronted by sole musician Jeremy Moore. Gorazde’s initial demo recordings began in 2005 with the debut album “This Carrion Underground” surfacing in 2010. “Telepathic Psalms” (2011) and latest album "The Catechism" (2016) continue the fusion of dark blues, doom, and psych rock—a template that remains at the fore.
Band Members:
Jeremy Moore: Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Percussion/Effects.
Links: Bandcamp

Band Submission: Thundering Herd-Biker Metal/Junkyard Rock From Durham, NC

Band Name: Thundering Herd
Genre: Metal
Location: Durham NC
Brief Bio/Description: Built from the only salvageable parts from multiple defunct bands in a garage on a dead end street full of hot rod parts and liquor stills. Thundering Herd are poised to bring the world a brand of hard rocking biker metal that oozes 50 weight oil and reeks of white lightning. A three piece beast of blistering guitar, hammering drums, and pounding bass, from the Bull City of Durham North Carolina that is ready to throw one back, dump the clutch, and rip up the streets of your town. With odes to turning laps, running from the law, and livin' the way they choose, Thundering Herd will leave you wanting more.
Band Members:
Mark Binion: Drums, Vocals, Harmonica
Mike Goodwin: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Skully: Bass, Backing Vocals
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | ReverbNation | YouTube

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Band Submission: Jusska-Progressive Rock/Metal From Belgium

Band Name: Jusska
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Location: Belgium
Brief Bio/Description: Jusska is the brainchild of guitarist Leander Verheyen (BEAR - Atmospheres). He envisioned a band where guitar walls of sound collide with crystal clear singing. Armed with an array of vocal-less downtuned tracks he found his counterpart in
Iason Passaris. Who perfectly adds the finishing melodic touch.
These two are quite the groovemongers!

The first testament of this collababoration manifests itself in their debut 3-track L'homme de l'ombre. Self released and made available for free download at their bandcamp page, Jusska gained the support of the djent community with some
outstanding reviews...

In January 2016 they released their second endevour Tsuki which featured none other than Mike Malyan (ex-Monuments & Disperse) on drums. Jusska really took a step up with Tsuki, heavier grooves & mesmerizing melodies take your thoughts to the moon.

Jusska aims to develop their sound, without losing the somewhat pop-like approach and feel of their debut : Grinding grooves with harmonised vocal layers as icing on the cake are coming, in the form of a new release every trimester to keep the juices flowing.
Band Members:
Leander Verheyen - Guitars
Iason Passaris - Vocals
Servaas Steurbaut - Drums
Benny Huysman - Bass
Links: Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | EPK

Band Submission: Devotion-Heavy Rock From Seattle, WA

Band Name: Devotion
Genre: Heavy Rock
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Brief Bio/Description: In the fall of 2008 a ten song LP entitled Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues was recorded with Jesse Gander at The Hive Creative Labs in Burnaby, British Columbia and released the following year on Rivalry Records. Recorded as a project between only two musicians, upon release of the album a full lineup was assembled and live performances ensued. After touring the West Coast of the United States extensively as well as a cross country full American tour and a many shows in Canada the band began work on the follow-up album to Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues. The recording and mixing process stretched across many sessions in multiple studios throughout 2012 and 2013. However, after the album was complete all went quiet from the Devotion camp and many wondered if the new album would ever see the light of day. Finally, after years of delays, the second Devotion album was made public in April of 2016. The new record, Headspace Astronaut, is a massive collection of music, clocking in at nearly an hour long, and it finds the band fully embracing the heavy rock sound that was hinted at on the debut album.
Band Members:
Mark Palm
Aaron O'Neil
Sean Meyer
Bob Reed
Adam Vernick
Links: Bandcamp | YouTube | Facebook

Band Submission: The Fighting Keegans-Heavy/Stoner Rock From Lancaster, UK

Band Name: The Fighting Keegans
Genre: Heavy/Stoner Rock
Location: Lancaster, UK
Brief Bio/Description: Formed a billion billion billion years ago in the heart of an exploding star, sent forth to Earth to gather the blood of the minotaur, the egg of a velociraptor and the nervous sweat of a closeted MP and combine them to create one seriously worrying omelette.
Band Members:
Keith Calvert - Drums/Vocals
David Mackness - Guitar/Vocals
Links: YouTube | Facebook | Bandcamp

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Band Submission: Bardus-Psychedelic Sludge Noise Rock From Philadelphia PA

Band Name: Bardus
Genre: Psychedelic Sludge Noise Rock
Location: Philadelphia PA
Brief Bio/Description: Bardus formed in 2011 and has self released an EP and full length. Our new album entitled Stella Porta was released on April 1st 2016 by Solar Flare Records out of Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Band Members:
Kyle Pierce- Drums
Justin Tuck- Guitar/Vocals
Ari Rosenberg- Bass
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Buy Album | Solar Flare

Band Submission: Black Lung-Doom Blues From Baltimore, MD

Band Name: Black Lung
Genre: Doom Blues
Location: Baltimore, MD
Brief Bio/Description: In the brutally cold winter of 2014, Black Lung emerged from Baltimore's underbelly with unprecedented volume. This trio of Adam Bufano, Elias Mays Schutzman (both of The Flying Eyes) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Cavalier, moves air with sonic pain and bliss. After releasing their self-titled debut and being named "Best New Band" by the Baltimore City Paper, they embarked on a European tour in 2015, including a performance at the Rockpalast Crossroads Festival in Germany. Black Lung’s new album, See The Enemy, was produced by J. Robbins (The Sword, Clutch) and is scheduled for release on April 29th, 2016, on Noisolution. They will be supporting the album with a European tour in spring, including an appearance at the Freak Valley Festival with Graveyard and Dead Meadow. The storm is coming…
Band Members:
Dave Cavalier- Vocals and Guitar
Adam Bufano- Guitar
Elias Schutzman- Drums
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

New Band To Burn One To: Intet

If you like your riffs played with a thousand-ton hammer, with your face dragged along broken skulls on a gloomy dark night, with the constant feeling of paranoia and impending death, the holy shit, we have found the band for you! Stockholm, Sweden’s, droning doom newcomers Intet have crafted a demo of epic proportions! Mixed in amongst the slow drone of the apocalyptic backdrop comes absolute killer riffs to melt the heartiest of metallers faces, and vocals spewn from hell itself. The songs are layered, unnerving, and exciting, covering all corners of metal/doom to keep everyone happy.

This is a seriously impressive demo that shows that Intet are going to be creating something masterful with their debut record. Watch this space!

Band Submission: Gypsy Chief Goliath- Stoner Metal / Rock From Windsor/Toronto Ontario Canada

Band Name: Gypsy Chief Goliath
Genre: Stoner Metal / Rock
Location: Windsor/Toronto Ontario Canada
Brief Bio/Description: In the bloodthirsty arena of heavy metal, riddled with competition constantly on the rise, Gypsy Chief Goliath stands alone. This musical brotherhood is comprised of former members of benchmark Canadian rock n' roll groups and flagship metal acts Georgian Skull, the Mighty Nimbus, Mr. Bones and Blood Runs Cold.

GCG casts a shadow over all that is heavy like a lumbering giant by forging a thunderous sound dark swamp infused sludgy riffs. Their unforgiving work ethic allows their scorching hunger to promote their debut album and their explosive sophomore record New Machines of the Night on the road making them Canada's premiere stoner rock act. Mia Tyler, daughter of legendary Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, described GCG by saying, "This could seriously be your favorite band ever."

Gypsy Chief Goliath plays twenty-first century blues that's the hybrid son of greasy stoner rock chops, the sonic density of killer 70's classic rock delivered with a punk rock attitude. Their blazing signature sound contains searing twin guitar attack flies over top of bruising bass lines, machine-gun drumming, guttural vocals and scorching harmonica to keep their blues roots alive. Their savage sonic assault is born of the unholy Black Sabbath, the timeless licks of Thin Lizzy and the intoxicating soulful sludge of Down. Through their unforgiving work ethic in the studio earned them an international distribution with the landmark independent label Pitch Black Records.

When the band unleashed their sonic sorcery on their newest album New Machines of the Night, the record revealed that they elevated their sound to daring new heights that the dark depth of their sound. Lead vocalist Al "the Yeti" Bones refined his barbaric vocal attack by combining his vivid lyrics, ferocious delivery and pulverizing guitar to create a voracious performance in the studio and on stage.

"Gypsy" Dave Ljubanovich plays his guitar like a blacksmith smacks an anvil; with devastating precision and primal strength, that creates diabolic dynamics with Al or soaring over top the band with his fiery leads. Adam Saitti intertwines his pummeling percussion with the slithering bass lines of Darren Brush alongside Steve Dugal rhythm guitar to forge an enduring musical foundation that provides the framework for the band to create their signature sonic atmosphere in every song.

For those that think the spirit of the blues is a relic of the past, GCG's very on Reverend Brodie Stevenson resurrects the bands' enduring love of the genre that's shaped their sound and influenced their musical heroes in order to bring the harmonica by integrating it with modern metal. Brodie adds a distinguished layer of soulful synergy to the band that honors their love of the blues legends that came before them while giving their sound a distinct flavor.

The combustible musical alchemy of the band is comprised of the individual flare and undisputed style of every member, but when they are brought together they create an unforgiving musical force of nature. By creating a sound that pays homage to their influences while pushing themselves to edge of their creative limits collectively, the band creates an original sound that distinguishes itself from the ocean of other metal bands out there.

Their single "Black Samurai" reached #15 on iTunes Canada, which got into rotation on over 200 radio stations across North America including slots on prestigious stations like Direct TV & Sirius Satelite Radio. Revolver Magazine New Machines of the Night to #4 in their Readers Poll for "Album of the Week" which beat out Stone Temple Pilots.

The album held the #15 spot on the North American CMJ Loud Rock Charts for six weeks straight & peaked at #2 on the Earshot Loud charts for three weeks in a row. Canadian Musician Magazine showcased GCG with a feature article & Exclaim! Magazine listed them as "one band to watch out for" in 2014.

Their lethal live performance allowed them to share the stage with some of the most prolific acts in stoner rock and heavy metal, solidifying their honored place in the pantheon of greatness within the genre. Gypsy Chief Goliath has toured with influential underground titans Corrosion of Conformity, Kill Devil Hill (ex- Pantera), Sons of Otis, Fifty Watt Head, Cryptopsy & Kittie.

Gypsy Chief Goliath also earned themselves sets at benchmark festivals including Canadian Music Week & KoiFest 14 featuring Danko Jones, Foxy Shazam & Every Time I Die among others. Prepare yourself for a musical beast of an entirely new breed when you encounter the colossal roar of Gypsy Chief Goliath.
Band Members:
Al 'Yeti' Bones
Darren Brush
Adam Saitti
Links: Album Stream | Website | Facebook

Band Submission: Forming the Void-Stoner Rock From Lafayette, Louisiana

Band Name: Forming the Void
Genre: Stoner Rock
Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Brief Bio/Description: FORMING THE VOID is a stoner rock band based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. The band has been performing regularly since October of 2013 and released their second album, "SKYWARD" in August 2015. Their unique blend of atmospheric stoner and progressive rock with a doom metal influence places a heavy emphasis on textures and layers.
Band Members:
James Marshall - Guitar/Vocals
Shadi Omar Al-Khansa- Guitar
Luke Baker - Bass
Jelly Boyd - Drums
Links: YouTube | Bandcamp | Facebook | Website | Twitter | Soundcloud

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Band Submission: North-Sludge From Tuscon, Arizona

Band Name: NORTH
Genre: Sludge
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Brief Bio/Description: In the decade plus they’ve been a band, Tucson, AZ’s North has ebbed and flowed their way into being one of the most respected outfits in the underground metal scene. Line-up changes and personal setbacks just saw North return stronger, more focused and adding additional weapons to their arsenal.

Originally starting off in 2005 as an instrumental act, North explored the heavier side of post-rock. Formed by Evan Leek (bass) and Zack Hansen (drums) and rounded out by guitarists Ty Engle and Matt Mutterperl, the band’s first recordings were done in Hansen’s bedroom and self-released. They soon made a name for themselves in the AZ scene, supporting others in the genre such as Caspian, Tera Melos and This Will Destroy You in those bands’ SW tour stops.

Towards the end of 2007, the group decided to expand the sound of the band, adding razor-throat vocalist, Kyle Hardy into the fold. Hardy made his debut on 2008’s What You Were which was met with critical acclaim and expanded touring throughout the US. When it came time for the band to begin work on their next record, numerous line-up changes occurred. Writing stopped, started, stopped again and at times the band wondered if it would ever restart again. Amazingly enough, this turmoil produced their best material to date. The Great Silence, released in the summer of 2012, was the band’s best fusion of post rock and metal and garnered their finest reviews to date. The band toured for a year to support it and when it came time to stop, Hardy and then guitarist Kyle Szostek left the band, leaving North once again questioning their future.

The three remaining members, Leek, Hansen and Mutterperl, regrouped and sat down to write, the first time as a three piece and found the chemistry the best it’s ever been. Four tracks came together quickly which was released as the Metanoia EP and the guys did what they do best; play live. There seemed a genuine rebirth in the band, they guys had no desire to stop and this was their most extensive touring to date. It was shortly after this they signed to Prosthetic Records and quickly began working on new material, not wanting to lose the momentum they were feeling. The two track single, Through Raven’s Eyes was recorded in early 2015, which saw the band at possibly its darkest and heaviest, musically speaking. Later that Spring they began work on their first full length as a three piece.

Light The Way shows a path for the future. With clear heads, the strongest bond the band has ever had and appearing more focused than ever, the band’s first full length for Prosthetic Records is without a doubt their finest. The album has the dichotomy of each song standing entirely on its own while the record as a whole is an extremely cohesive unit. Light The Way was recorded by longtime producer, Dana Fehr and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts). With North being an ever-evolving entity, for better or for worse, over the years, the stability and attentiveness they now exist leaves the future wide open with the best yet to come. The path is lit.

Band Members:
Evan Leek - Bass and vocals
Zack Hansen – Drums
Matthew Mutterperl - Guitar
Links: Facebook | Website | Instagram

Band Submission: Hedonist-Stoner, Sludge, Metal From Genk, Belgium

Band Name: Hedonist
Genre: Stoner, Sludge, Metal
Location: Genk, Belgium
Brief Bio/Description: Hedonist, a hard rockin', hard groovin' power trio from Genk, formed in the summer of 2010 when Roel Paulussen (Sardonis, Solenoid, Barabbas) and Frederik "Cozy" Cosemans (Serpentcult, Hemelbestormer, Death Penalty) decided to have a few jams together. Riffs and songs kept pouring out and soon a third party jumped on the train to wreak havoc upon the land. The thunderous bass and roaring vocals of Frank "Frenz" Homolka (Solenoid, The Killbots) were the perfect fit for Cozy's maniacal beats and Roel's neckbreaking axework and so the "power of three" was complete.

On their first release, a split with stoner/sludge giants Your Highness, Hedonist delivered an exciting, energetic and compelling mix of Motörhead, High On Fire, Karma To Burn and Monster Magnet that suckerpunched audiences straight in the face. No nonsense, no bullshit, no fancy gimmicks, just pure, honest, kick-ass rock-n'-roll.

Now, in the year 2016, the time has come to release the equally staggering full length "The Collapse". Once again recorded at Studio Jonathas under the watchful eye of Xavier Carion (ex-Channel Zero, Sons Of Jonathas, …) "The Collapse" is nothing more than the equivalent of a battering ram. From the pounding opener "The Urge", to the monstrous sludge assault of "Black Lungs" (featuring Ben from Your Highness on vocals) and the swampy, bluesy heaviness of "Beecher", Hedonist simply goes all the way on this one. Thirty-seven minutes of sheer rockin' mayhem coming your way. All killer, absolutely no filler! So brace yourself, open up a cold one and join the fun 'till you… collapse!
Band Members:
Roel Paulussen
Frederik 'Cozy' Cosemans
Frank 'Frenz' Homolka
Links: Website | Facebook | YouTube | RuffStuff | Bandcamp

Band Submission: Magic Chicken Fudgetoe Sludge, Stoner, Grunge, Noise From Perth, Australia

Band Name: Magic Chicken Fudgetoe
Genre: Sludge, Stoner, Grunge, Noise
Location: Perth, Australia
Brief Bio/Description: Magic Chicken Fudgetoe are a Perth (Australia) based metal band. They play their unique style of metal taking influences from the heaviest, hookiest and darkest bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Band Members:
Josh - Vocals, Bass
Andy - Guitar
Rory - Drums
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Monday, April 25, 2016

Album Review: 'Midnight Cometh' by Wo Fat

For the uninitiated, Wo Fat are Dallas Texas 3-piece riff-lords whose sound is buried deep in desert rock, under the influence of bluesy doomy psychedelia, who've been tripping to Sabbath, Hendrix and Kyuss records for years. They return with their latest long-player 'Midnight Cometh' out on 20th May 2016 - and first on Ripple Music - that features 6 tracks that entrenches their signature sound beyond 2014's The Conjuring (review here). As firm favourites over here at Heavy Planet, Wo Fat's records have regularly been featured in 'top album of the year' review posts... so it's safe to say our collective expectation has been set pretty high in recent years... Have I just jinxed it?

Well, whoever hears the first 30 seconds of opener 'There's Something Sinister In The Wind' and is not stomping their feet, has cold blood in their veins. This record grabs you by the balls from the outset and there’s little let-up. The first two tracks are a frenetic 'Friday night' groove before stepping off the gas for the more expansive and standout track 'Of Smoke And Fog', clocking in at over 11 minutes, but who's counting? Album closer “Nightcomer’ is a majestic mid-tempo groove that slinks like a desert snake, with a sneaky sting in the tail as the record combusts in on itself only drowned out by your screams of MORE MORE!! There are huge moments peppered throughout this record that surprise you which you only pick up on further listens, that compels you to hit the repeat button. And rising those waves of tempo throughout the record never feels self-indulgent on the bands part - just great riffs that get you high and bring you down again. You can already hear how ‘Riffborn’ and ‘Three Minutes To Midnight’ will be making their way straight into Wo Fat's live sets.

Production-wise Midnight Cometh is everything we've come to expect from a WoFat record - ear bleeding levels of fuzz, sweat-drenched Bluesy lead guitar, relentlessly pounding drums, and riffs for days. Is there a greater guitar virtuoso than Kent Stump in the stoner rock world right now? Wo Fat have certainly honed their craft over a six album career to today where the band are embarking on a second European tour that includes appearances at Desertfest (London, UK) and Hellfest (Clisson, France).

The band and album are epitomized by the lyric on Riffborn - ‘We live by the old ways, we know what came before. Build ourselves a purple haze. We are the Riffborn’ - and it's a statement of intent which holds true throughout. Wo Fat are a melting pot of influences, taking the best bits from the stoner rock pantheon through the ages and melding them together to forge their own style. They continue to work their voodoo, keeping us captivated under their sonic spell. You need this record in your collection...

Order the album | Like on Facebook | Band Website

Band Submission: Weed Bug-Stoner Hardcore Punk From Spain

Band Name: Weed Bug
Genre: Stoner Hardcore Punk
Location: Vigo (SPAIN)
Brief Bio/Description: Weed Bug starts in summer of 2013, few months after public his first job "No other way" in Desamparados studios, 7 songs of stoner hcpunk, looking for a wall mass sound.
Semilla Ep appear in January of 2016, 5 songs recorded in Cabral studios. Members come from underground scene of Vigo like, Carcomedhi, Atlantic Valley, Viridiana and Kids Pantera(Barcelona) and Mostros (Mallorca).
Band Members:
Macky- Vocals
Manurro- Drums
Victor- Guitar/Vocals
Goiko- Guitar/Vocals
Aku- Guitar
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Band Submission: I, Captain Psychedelic Stoner Rock From Finland

Band Name: I, Captain
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner Rock
Location: Finland
Brief Bio/Description: Psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Turku, Finland. Recently released our second EP called "Mantras for Mindlessness" containing 3 demo-tracks.
Band Members:
Axel Vienonen - Bass & Vocals
Lukas Åström - Guitar & Backup Vocals
Andreas Österlund - Guitar
Viktor Österholm - Drums
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook

Band Submission: Viridiana-Psychedelic Stoner From Spain

Band Name: Viridiana
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner
Location: Vigo (SPAIN)
Brief Bio/Description: Viridiana starts 1 year ago, are an instrumental duo guitar and drums, from beginning trying to do some different.

Trying be raw and primitive. Members come from Unojo and Weed bug both bands of Vigo too. Viridiana published his first ep in February of this year with the name " Eram qoud es eris quod sum ", the ep appear in one track with five themes all recorded in a rehearsal , in cabral studios.
Band Members:
Manu- Guitar
Juan - Drums
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook

Band Submission: Grenadeers-Desert Rock From Amsterdam

By Rob Billy Kooymans

Band Name: Grenadeers
Genre: Desert Rock
Location: Amsterdam
Brief Bio/Description: Grenadeers consists of six men with love for anything raw. Or in their own words: “Our take on rock ’n roll sounds like the love baby of Robert Fripp and Josh Homme playing in an empty trashcan in a deserted alley of old town Sin City, while he’s doing just fine.” With no less than three guitarists, the band tends to play angular riffs which contrast sharply with the dragging vocals from front man Siep van Rijswijk. Their debut EP has been mixed by none other than Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age / Them Crooked Vultures) and will be released in September 2016.
Band Members:
Siep van Rijswijk - Vocals
Guy Pek - Drums
Stijn van Rijsbergen - Guitar
Vincent Sibum - Guitar
Leon Sibum - Guitar
Bronco Kuijt Bass
Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | Bandsintown 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Band Submission: Burn Blue Sky-Heavy Rock From Akron, Ohio

Band Name: Burn Blue Sky
Genre: Heavy Rock
Location: Akron Ohio
Brief Bio/Description:
Burn Blue Sky is set to release their new EP on MAY 13TH 2016 through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBABY. “Godzimoth” is the third release from the northeast Ohio metal quintet, who have been performing and recording nationally since 2000.

Recorded at Tangerine Studios in Akron, Ohio, “Godzimoth” is the first BBS recording to feature vocalist/frontman Jeff Fahl as a full-time member of BBS. The EP comes off the heels of the band’s second album, “Celebrate the Decline,” which garnered praise from various publications, including Heavy Planet, DangerDog Music Reviews, Metal Bite, and others.

Burn Blue Sky cites the likes of Pantera, Crowbar, Dax Riggs, Black Sabbath as influences, but the band is firmly seeded by blues and southern rock roots as well. The massive wall of sound and sheer weight of the de-tuned guitar riffs puts BBS in lock-step with both current and past masters of metal.

Band Members:
Jeff Fahl (Vocals)
Jason Stone (Guitar)
Mike Carlton (Guitar)
Beau McGranahan (Drums)
Gabe McGranahan (Bass).
Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Band Submission: The Druids-Psychedelic/Doom From Silver Spring, Maryland

Band Name: The Druids
Genre: Psychedelic/Doom
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Brief Bio/Description: Formed in 2016 with members of D.C's stoner underground,(Weed Warlock)(Mondo). Inspired by Maryland's Legendary Doom/Rock scene, and fueled by psychedelic drugs. We're up and coming and stoked to jam.
Band Members:
Earth Druid (Eli) - Lead Guitar/Vox
Space Druid (Danny) - Auxiliary Guitar
Elder Druid (Jeremy) - Bass
Mountain Druid (Branden) - Drums
Links: Bandcamp | YouTube 

Band Submission: The Weekenders-Rock From Salt Lake City, Utah

Artwork by Sri Whipple

Band Name: The Weekenders
Genre: Rock
Location: SLC, UT
Brief Bio/Description: The Weekenders are a raw rock n’ roll band. Boasting a sound hearkening back to the days when Rock N’ Roll legends reigned supreme over the radio waves, Salt Lake City-based The Weekenders aren’t in the business of treading lightly.
The fuzz groove four piece has honed the ability to pull from some of the best elements of Rock n Roll from Muscle Shoals to Grunge. They have supported a handful of national acts including Blitzen Trapper, Band of Heathens, The Stone Foxes, Lukas Nelson and many others.
Band Members:
Rob Reinfurt – Guitar & Vocals
Mike Sasich – Guitar
Shaun Thomas – Drums
Mike Torgerson – Bass
Links: Facebook | Soundcloud

Thursday, April 21, 2016

EP Review: Wizard Bloody Wizard by Wizard Bloody Wizard

Heavy fuzzed doom metal spews forth from Iowa’s Sleep/Sabbath worshipping Wizard Bloody Wizard on their three-track self-titled EP, with a dark mix of horror film sound-bites, slow chugging deep riffs, and enough bass riffs to knock you off your feet.

The EP is woven with themes of the occult, witchcraft, horror films, and cannabis that sees the short record showcase three quite different tracks. Opener ‘In The Depths…’ is a slow doom-heavy track that menaces along with muffled vocals stalking its prey, sending shivers down your spine. ‘Children of the Night’ steps up the tempo, and volume, as the riffs come in crushing and heavily, and the vocals become more audible with a more worn-out approach to their sound. Wizard Bloody Wizard like to keep their riffs heavy on the fuzz, but still cutting like a knife to your core, a sound akin to their peers in Electric Wizard and Sleep alike. Closing track ‘Nocturnus Sainturnus’ is an instrumental sludging metal track which is littered with film sound-bites echoing desperation and haunting overtones, the perfect way to end this statement EP.

Wizard Bloody Wizard’s self-titled EP is a dark, heavy warning of things to come, so prepare 

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