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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LP Review: Before The Shore by Bright Curse

London, UK, three-piece heavy psychedelic/stoner rockers Bright Curse signed with the excellent HeviSike Records to release their new album, and anticipation was high following the release of the band’s self-titled record and ‘Shaman’ single last year, and it’s with joyous relief that Before The Shore hits all of our expectations as it takes its, roughly, 100th listen in our ears!

The main standout point for the record is the incredible vocals of Romain Daut throughout, his vocal range has such power it can completely transfix you. Opening track ‘Lady Freedom’ sees Daut basically singing his heart out with long, loud, drawn out vocals masking over some quite damn heavy guitar licks that normally would be the standout for any track. ‘Lady Freedom’ is a slight misleading start perhaps for the record, as it’s the most simple heavy stoner rocking track on here, whereas the rest of the record begins its downward spiral into the hazy world of psychedelic layers and heart-wrenching passion. ‘The Shore’ is more of a Jekyll and Hyde beast as the vocals are delicate as the guitars gently pick away on a 60s psych beat, before the band explode into their impassioned best as the riffs run free and loud. It’s a combination which works perfectly, lulling you into a sense of piece before destroying your headbanging motions, because when the band decide to let loose with the riffs, boy do they go for it!

All of the tracks on Before The Shore are different from one another, never making the record stale: In amongst the riffs and psychedelia of ‘Cheating Pain’ is a spoken monologue about death, ‘Walking In A Graveyard (Bloody Witch)’ is the most 60s space rock vibe on offer here, ‘Candles and Flowers’ throws in the band’s doom influences, and the vocals on ‘Earth’s Last Song’ will send shivers down your spine!

Before The Shore is stunning! (The artwork is pretty stunning too). Possibly one of the best things about this album is that it is a grower! Each listen draws you deeper into the soul of Bright Curse, each time unravelling new layers and depths to the sound the band create, drawing you in, seeing things from a different angle. A proper album that requires, and deserves, your time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Album Review - 'Bless The Earth With Fire' by Allfather

Swift has been the rise of Allfather in the South-East England heavy music scene. Having previously released a 4 track EP ’No Gods. No Masters.' in 2015, they now return with ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’ via Portland’s Static Tension Recordings. Formed on the banks of the Medway delta in Kent, England, Allfather are a dark & brooding 5-piece who’ve been fed intravenously the likes of Eyehategod, High on Fire and drops of East coast hardcore, all to create a lethal dose of their own sludge-metal.

Adopting the slogan "Beards. Metal. Fuck You.” this record is the sound of a band refusing to be pigeon-holed into one style. Instead, fusing grooves and riffs in a way they want... whilst giving you the finger. Yet the songwriting craft manages to not only straddle the world’s of sludge, hardcore, metal and doom, but bring them together in one pissed-off and hairy package.

For a start, these guys love their riffs. There’s plenty to get your teeth into if you like guitar tones that could melt iron. Vocally, Tom Ballard’s ability across the screaming spectrum sits well on-top and adds those moments of energy and raw emotion just when required. And the production captures the heaviness of the band delivering a claustrophobic sense you're in the same room as them... ears ringing and surrounded with a stench of blood and sweat.

For me, Allfather own more menace and originality when they’re exploring the sludgy side of their personality, captured perfectly on slow-groove of ‘The Bloody Noose’ which opens with a signature lead riff setting the tone before stepping up a gear in a foot-stomping mid-section. Again, the opus that is ‘Death, And Hell Followed With Him’ is probably the highlight of the band’s career to date - an 11 minute monster which stretches the band’s sound further into more sludgy-doom territory.

If you like your NOLA-inspired sludge, you couldn’t go wrong checking out ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’. It's apparent Allfather have evolved their sound and have begun to hit their stride with this record. And it's brutal. Fuck you.

Check out the album bonus track 'Blood Red Sunset' below...

 Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Disenchanter Back to Earth C.D (re-master) Noslip records

Following an epic night of riffs, beer and tacos at the 2015 Coo Coo Nest Rocktober fest in Port Angeles Wa. I found myself standing in a graveyard a few blocks from my house under an October full moon smoking some sweet leaf with Joey, Jay and Sabine of the superb band Disenchanter, we went back to my house popped on the new Mad Max and I passed out. It was a great night but a fuzzy morning, pancakes were eaten and Lego's were built. I am always happy to spend time and stages with these fine people so I am beyond stoked to write this review for the re-mastered Back to Earth/On through portals C.D. Which was handled for Noslip records by none other then my good friend Tony Reed (Mos Generator/Stone Axe.) I could write for day's about Disenchanter's beautifully heavy live shows but we'll leave the writing for this release. 1. Back to earth starts with some foot stomping up tempo'd head banging riffage that puts the listener right in the mood to throw back some golden throat charmers and let fly the devil horns. 2. I am Alive is right where you really start to see Sabine's masterful vocal abilities shine only to be followed by her equally awesome axe skills while Joey and Jay stay locked in for the ride..I am alive indeed. 3. Rainbows-sit back with bong in hand relax and take the ride that is Disenchanter. On through Portals is where I was introduced to this bands music (thank you Cody Foster) and is on my list of favorite albums or ep's if you will. To sum it up, I've seen entire rooms of people stop and just listen with mouths agape while they play these songs, myself included. Only a few bands can pull off the longer "Doom" songs and keep you from losing interest or wandering off, Disenchanter is one of them, their use of dynamics and crescendo's is what makes this musical ride so fun. These 3 Portlandites have mastered their craft by trudging through the trenches of the Northwest and will be on many more stages this summer and fall, including Psycho Las Vegas and Erosion Festival in Missoula Montana. Do yourself a favor, buy all their music and go see them live. On a side note, Strange Creations will be released on Vinyl through D.H.U records later this fall. https://youtu.be/A1XBWd7brkg disenchanterpdx@gmail.com

Friday, May 20, 2016

Album Review: 'Dead Wilderness' by The Shooters

It’s high time I just come clean.  I am the terrible human who knows something special and never really wants to share it, with anybody.  Perfect example:

We had this restaurant that was drop dead amazing.  A meal so damn good that you would eat everything so clean off that plate they could put the dish back in the cabinet.  Spotless and you were so very happy.  That place…the food, the beer, the shit talking.   

Yeah, I never told anybody about that place, it was ours.  Amongst ourselves we called it our super-secret just to make sure the NSA wasn’t gonna be able to get a table before we were.  Seriously, we loved this place so much we never wanted anyone else to know about it.  

Clearly that is terrible in some eyes.  I get it.  That’s why I am coming clean right here.  I have a band that I know is amazing, have loved since their album came out and everyone doesn’t know about them yet.  You can still get a table anytime.  

So why share now you incorrigible bastard?  Because you good people deserve The Shooters. 

This four piece from the south side of Spain bring an abundance of heaviness.  Their album, Dead Wilderness, is one of the finest offerings one could give the gods of rock.  Gold, frankincense, myrrh…who the fuck needs some myrrh?  Give them The Shooters they will thank you for it.

The album is a compendium of everything that is good in rock and roll.  It is a chronicle of perfect riffs supplied in a tone that sounds like honey dipped satan.  The opener Lost In Time gives you a driving pulse supplied by the rhythm section of Dani on drums and Bo on bass.  Marcos on lead guitar chunks away with a riff that hits so hard you could probably file charges.  The song is tied together with the gambling rage and range of Carlos’ vocals.  

War On You is the next track, it’s got without question the greatest guitar riff Spain has ever exported.  Every track is good, I have had six favorite songs from this album and there are a grand total of six on it.
Listen, enjoy, you will be happy you did.  

All I ask is that you don't tell everybody about The Shooters, just the cool ones.   

- WM


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Band To Burn One To: Lords of Mace

A nice huge slice of heavy Southern bluesy stoner riffery comes this way courtesy of Winston/Salem five-piece rockers Lords Of Mace, with a sound to coat every whiskey soaked headbanging groove with that extra hint of raw power. The band have just released their self-titled EP, five tracks of groove-laden riffs and gruff vocals to slam your fist to and long for the sunset at the roadside bar on the way to hell. The band join a stellar list of contemporaries such as Corrosion of Conformity, Geezer, and The Midnight Ghost Train with a thick heavy sound we think you’re going to want to get yourself in amongst!

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