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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - Birch Hill Dam / Cultura Tres

Birch Hill Dam: Colossus

"Now check this out!" proclaims Birch Hill Dam's lead man Mike Nygard on Colossus' title track. Birch Hill Dam are a four piece from Gardner, Massachusetts, but generate a groovy sound suggestive of southern metaler's Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, and Pantera. Vocals are sung cleanly throughout Colossus, but Mike will release a Massachusetts hardcore scream sporadically [and perfectly timed]. Sam Barrett [guitars], Matt Neely [drums], and Pete Gelles [bass] accent each other and Mike's vocals, resulting in a colossal noise. A noise that can only lead to one, beer, two, head banging and three, driving ridiculously fast. If you are looking for some heavy southern inspired metal, a drag of stoner rock, and catchy hooks Birch Hill Dam will not disappoint.


Mike Nygard - Vocals
Sam Barrett - Guitars
Matt Neely - Drums
Pete Gelles - Bass


Cultura Tres: El Mal del Bien

Cultura Tres, from Venezuela, are the sound of South American sludge. Heavy Planet introduced Cultura Tres back in July of 2010, with the release of their debut album 'La Cura'. Well, Alejandro, Juan, Alonso, and David are back with their sophomore release 'El Mal del Bien', meaning 'The Evil from Good' in Spanish. A fitting title for this concept album, conjuring dark themes dealing with witchery, slavery, and oppression in South America. The music seethes these painful and passionate themes. Cultura Tres sound meddles somewhere between doom, sludge, and progressive while adding a touch of South American native drumming. Allow them and Cultura Tres will give you a glimpse of an apocalyptic world, a haunting experience. Be sure to head over to their bandcamp to give the tunes a listen!


Alejandro Londono - Vocals, Guitar
Juan Manuel de Ferrari - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alonso Milano - Bass, Backing Vocals
David Abbink - Drums

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Concepticus Experimenticus Sludgecus-New Band To Burn One To: EARTH BURNT BLACK

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Earth Burnt Black.


Based in Northern Colorado, Earth Burnt Black is an amalgam of sound, never content to repeat itself. They shun the current trends and the "more-metal-than-thou" attitude associated with a lot of growing metal bands. They don't attempt to be the darkest, the fastest or the most extreme. They don't rely on an image, or anti-image to show who they are, instead preferring to let their music explain w...ho they are. The easiest way to classify they is simply to call them heavy.

Lacking easy classification hasn't stopped them from gaining fans and building a reputation as a tight and explosive live act. Whether opening or headlining, with a month of preparation or 48 hours, Earth Burnt Black lives on stage and holds back nothing. In 2011 they will release A HARROWING CATHARSIS, their debut album, a genre defying concept album that will drop jaws and get people talking even more. (Earth Burnt Black spent 2009 and early 2010 performing, touring and releasing material as Last Tragedy, they have won the respect of fans, bands from all over the country and are a recognized of the Colorado music scene, having played with dozens of CO's finest.)


"On their latest CD "Harrowing Catharsis", Colorado band Earth Burnt Black cracks open your chest plate with an iron fist of sludgecore lunacy in epic proportions. The mountainous rumble transcends into scorched rhythms, dynamic song structures and haunting bass lines as the tormented death growl and calming clean vocal seemlessly play off each other as if in a battle between good and evil. As intended, this album is to be listened to in it's entirety and the band wants each listener to take away something different from this atmospheric, devastating, and thought-provoking 54-minute concept album. Check this one out for sure!" 


Monday, November 28, 2011

For Chryst's Sakes-New Band To Burn One To: JESUS CHRYSTLER

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Jesus Chrystler.


Jesus Chrystler was formed in 2009 by a group of friends that had been in bands together for more than a decade (Blood In/Blood Out, Right Arm Death, Crosstown Rivals). With a style sounding like a Stoner/Doom metal version of a hardcore band on our debut album, "Burn in Heaven, Serve in Hell", released September 2010. With a lyrical direction encompassing cartoons, Star Wars, the Devil, and Destruction. We are moving toward a more melodic, jam, metal band with hardcore tendencies, and a focused lyrical direction.


"Indiana's Jesus Chrystler steps on the gas upon the very first note and doesn't let up. Drawing from their influences the band meshes elements of Stoner and Doom into a slow headbanging barrage of sharp punishing old school Heavy Metal. The buzzsaw crunch of the guitar rips at your flesh as the thick doomy riffs lie beneath your skin awaiting their release. The hoarse hardcore/death vocal hollers out as the slow penetrating groove intensifies. Standout tracks include :"The Pit", "With Sword and Shield" and "Like a Fiery Golden Hawk". Who am I kidding, they are all killer! Check out their Bandcamp link below to download for free or better yet the first 3 readers that contact me at heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com will win their very own copy of "Burn in Heaven, Serve in Hell".

*Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sludge: SUMMONUS

To all you Aussies reading this, I'm sorry. Maybe we could also call today's feature our "Monday Mire." I failed to realize you guys live anywhere from 16 to 19 hours ahead of us ugly Americans. Today we're celebrating Sydney's Summonus, a sludge/doom four-piece that'll have you wishing you'd spent the extra cash and gotten those Ground Hawg tires. Good luck crawling from this thickness.

Formed in 2007, Summonus have compiled an impressive resumé as a supporting act of metal giants Mastodon, Baroness, and Black Cobra, to name a few. On 2011's Zeichen Der Hexe, they demonstrate their case for top-billed status. Characterized by low, riff-based girth, the eight slabs contained herein are a perfect companion to having your teeth knocked into your throat.

From the onset of Novacula, you gather Summonus have meticulously honed their moss-caked, apocalyptic rhythms by cranking the fuzz, riding the wind, and embracing more than a hint of madness. Lumbering and stomping through this cloaked opener, the band picks up the tempo on The Road Less Travelled. Even grimier than the sticky cadence is Rod Hunt's burly growl. Flattening all it can, the song plods and slows to a bass pluck/riff marquee. Summonus won't kick in your door. They'll just knock down every wall.

The influence of Sabbath and Cathedral is evident on tracks like Embodiment and Black Sun Dying. The swinging pendulum marches through foggy timber, as Keith Livingstone (bass) and Nathan Millett (drums) set a tone that grows slower and hits harder with each note. Hunt's vocals are peppered with wet gravel and Trav Byron's guitar will leave you indifferent to your bubbled, blistered skin.

Sandwiched between the dirge and the drone is the southern-guitar roll of Wasteland. And when you think about it, Sydney can boast to being far more southern than just about every southern-fried hillrod band we already love. The song is fuzzier and friendlier than its predecessors, with a quick romp through Thunderdome that kicks sand into your eyes and shatters any argument that Summonus won't shift into high gear.

Translating to "Mark of the Witch," Zeichen Der Hexe's title track best encapsulates the band's sound. Though slightly more accessible than the album's endless doom stomp, licks grind as a spooky bass thump holds down listeners with a steel-toed boot. You'll sink in quicksand just until a stoner breakdown pulls you free and Byron lays down solos that'll pin your jaw to your chest.

Crusty, medieval, and darker than your girlfriend's hidden past, Zeichen Der Hexe is Summonus stepping from the shadows and stating their case as a band you need to hear. They'll share your lament, they'll embrace the imminent cloud cover, they'll moan as you plow rain-soaked fields. But they won't laugh at your shit-caked boots. Their doom/sludge hybrid is filthier than anything you'll step in today. And it sounds awesome.

bandcamp | Facebook | Myspace

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Album Review: MonstrO

Three months ago, Heavy Planet introduced you to Atlanta's "hazy, heady" quartet MonstrO (Click the tag at the bottom of this post). We've finally managed to peel our faces from the carpet and give a fair shake to the band's self-titled 2011 debut. Don't let the band's pedigree fool you; though MonstrO is comprised of accomplished musicians, this is that rare product whose sum is greater than its parts.

There's an element of escapism to these ten tracks, which should serve as no surprise (Monstro, you may recall, was the whale who swallowed Pinocchio in Disney's butchered version of the tale). Perhaps the belly of the whale is a metaphor for conformity. Perhaps the band's name means little more than "monster" in Portuguese. Perhaps this entire discussion is bullshit; these songs are inspired and inspiring, cosmic and debased. Heavy as the disc is, it's also uplifting and freeing.

There's no drawn-out psychedelic introduction. Fantasma and Anchor's Up! serve a formidable tandem of fuzzy, lightning-quick cruisers. You'll never hear a band be so rapid and so atmospheric all at once. The melody is refreshing, Charlie Suarez's vocals are clean and classic, and the band's push to achieve elevation is blatant and confident. Trying to grasp Juan Montoya's guitar proficiency is an exercise in futility. The licks may as well be slipping through narrow mountain passes, combining precision, speed, and a destination we're not quite privy to.

The speed is only half the balance, though. MonstrO will take you in unexpected directions without bothering to turn down the volume. Olympia is seven minutes of foggy, floating buzz. The track moves from the rainiest of days to the deadest of winters, wandering through a gorgeously painful dream. The song ends up on its knees, and you'll likely do the same.

Elizabeth's distant hum pairs with Suarez's windy whisper to form an unsettling, captivating take on abduction. Staying slow and incendiary, the message is one of strength. Equally spooky is the fog of Helios, a cautious, down-tempo scratch at answers. Bevan Davies breaks the warble with a drum assault (speaking of drum assault, don't miss Stallone) and MonstrO collectively demonstrate killer instrumentation. Listeners think they'll burn out, but a crawl through the sand is just the beginning. These guys can pound, shred, and surprise as well as anyone.

MonstrO flirt with moonshot ambition, though their patient fuzz helps strike a balance. The epic march of Concertina turns itself inside out, buzzing to a lullaby of repetition. Solar's backyard pick-up stomper is furry, deliberate, and will leave you twitching. Kyle Sanders lays a low bass roll that's impossible to enjoy sitting still. Oh, and that guitar shoots up from the basement and hits the clouds in a matter of seconds.

MonstrO's coup d'état is timed perfectly, as Apollo is a slowed, dusty reprieve before the otherworldly April. Circling vultures may as well accompany Apollo's distant bass drone. Crunchy, impulsive fits characterize this intermission that sounds like you've just thrown a box of old photos into the fire. April's steady morning stroll is what I'll wake up to every morning. Guitar rises, rhythm drops, and the choral shift perfectly executes metaphors. You're better off without this girl, difficult as that may be. She's just not worth the mess.

You'll wanna give this one more than a quick listen in your car. These songs are layered, psychedelic, thick, and drunk with emotion. Desert wanderlust and stoner repetition have their moment in the sun, but shoe-gaze introspection and the awe of oceanic expanse will stamp your belly. Wherever you wanna go is where this album's gonna take you. And if you don't have a destination, that's even better. Start here.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Southern Fried Weed Rock-New Band To Burn One To: BAY OF PIGS

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Bay of Pigs.


Hailing from Central Texas, Bay of Pigs was formed in 2007 when the boys got tired of hearing the same old Sh*t in today’s music scene. Fans of 70’s hard rock, yesterday’s and today’s stoner / doom, they did what came natural. ROCK!! Just jamming for the first couple of months, Bay of Pigs stumbled on to something special. Taking influences from Clutch, CORE, Fu Manchu, Earthride, Pentagram, Goatsnake, St. Vitus, Orange Goblin, Lucifer’s friend, Captain Beyond,  Led Zepplin  and of course Black Sabbath.  Bay of Pigs mixed it all up, put their own flavor in, and created their own version of “Southern Fried Weed Rock”. Kick ass Solid driven guitar, Fuzzy bass, thumping drums and catchy/ melodic vocals, these boys are in for the kill.

Bay of Pigs have shared  the stage with bands such as Orange Goblin, Kylesa, The Gates of Slumber, NAAM, Zoroaster, Blood of the sun, Asylum on the Hill, Split Hoof, Dixie Witch, House of Broken Promises, Superheavygoatass, WEEDEATER, EHG, Honky, The Roller, Iron Age, Sasquatch and several other National/regional and local Acts.

The Harvest is a DIY album which was recorded two years ago and is finally released recently. They are in the works to go into the studio and record a new album this fall. “It’s going to be heavy and yet have a flavor no one’s done before.”, lead singer Shaggy says. They have created quite a Buzz in the Texas music scene.  By the way, MAKE SURE you catch Bay of Pigs live! They are energetic, give it all they have and love to have fun getting the crowd going. If you want something new, fresh and hard rocking, Listen to Bay of Pigs………….420 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE!!!!


"Now that you've engorged yourself with tons of turkey and all the fixin's, seen the Pack smack the Lions in the mouth, and watch Nickelback embarress themselves on national TV, it's time to loosen your top button, crack open a Black Label, and rip into some smokin' (as the band puts it) Southern Fried Weed Rock!! Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeve, Texas band Bay of Pigs plasters your face to the wall with slow penetrating riffs, a slow steady groove and tons of southern swagger."



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - One Inch Giant / Enchantress

One Inch Giant:Malva

"Just a band, trying to make its why through the universe..." A humble quote pulled from the Gothenburg stoner metal band "One Inch Giant's" Facebook page. Sweden has delivered so much to the heavy music community and One Inch Giant is no exception. One Inch Giant's monumental sound and influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Mastodon will surely secure them as a favorite at Heavy Planet.

A humble introduction by "One Inch Giant's" instantly won my ears over. As I meander over to their bandcamp page I am completely thrilled by the initial notes of the first track "Ripe and Bold", an uplifting drone of everything rock was supposed to be and a euphonic chorus evocative of Alice in Chains' Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. Heavy, yet light... controlling, yet calming... One Inch Giant delivers a sound similar to that pioneered by early nineties Seattle rockers all while remaining authentic and original. Plus, how can you ignore that extraordinary cover artwork?!" -Zac


Gabriel Ek - Mammoth hide pummeler
Gabriel "Abbe" Lugo Méndez - High frequency channeler
Axel Berglund - Low frequency channeler
Filip Åstrand - Cave man grunts


Enchantress: Volume 1: The First Few

"Jams don't get much fuzzier and rawer than what 'Enchantress' has delivered on their debut EP 'The First Few'. Enchantress is a new three piece group from Toronto, ON. Formed in the spring of 2011 Enchantress recorded 'The First Few' in July 2011. The most remarkable trait I noticed immediately after listening to 'The First Few' was the sheer contrast in lead vocalists Thomas Gainer's pipes. The man must have the range of Freddie Mercury! The treble of this thunderous voice merged with the fuzzed out guitars will certainly vibrate your skull for days! If that isn't enough to win you over, Enchantress has added the missing link... These jams are free (via download at bandcamp)! Be sure to take a listen to 'Heavy Air' (my personal favorite). If you dig this as much as we do at Heavy Planet, please support the band by ordering the CD (only $4.00)." -Zac


Thomas Gainer
Addison Rushlow
Matt LeDrew

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Are One-New Band To Burn One To: MAZE OF ROOTS

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Maze of Roots.


In 2007-2008 I played guitar and sang in a doom stoner band called inrveted (still active in one form or other) but our roads departed in very early 2009 due to the lack rehearsal place & motivation for some of the members...so naturally I kept on playing my guitar, I own an 8-track recording "studio" and soon discovered a drum set at school I was working as a janitor at the time, so it didnt take very long to piece together a couple of songs... less than five copies of those demos went around some selected hands.

In the winter of 2009 I had got back to school studying the magical world of printing presses and in early 2010 I recorded the drums for what was to be my first ep. The drums tracks fell into several digital fragments when my 8-track crashed a couple of times, it wasnt ´till summer I had got the drum tracks mixed back together and during a couple of weeks finished the whole 6 track self titled ep. Shortly after I abandoned the 8-tracker and got a new, better one. this ep got released the same autumn on Satanica Productions (a cdr label from New Zealand, mine is the only doom metal band on the roster) by today they have sold one copy. I also sold 50 copies my one printing at gigs during autumn.The same time I was composing new stuff, a three track demo was recorded in early 2011.

In august of this year I re-recorded those demo tracks and threw a new one in as well, I am slowly burning cdr´s up to 100 copies eventually of this second ep called "Earthen Castle". I'm selling it on gigs and while killing time at pubs and so on. It has a couple bonus tracks fom the s/t ep to fill up the space. Maybe I will send it to some record labels as well.


"Hailing from Southern Finland, Hyvinkää to be precise, comes Doom metal giant Maze of Roots. Maze of Roots is the brainchild of one Joel Aukusti Peksujeff. The music is a more traditional style of doom. Very minimalistic, creepy, slow and solemny. The mournful cries rain over the plodding drum beat and chugging guitar. Eerie sound effects lend to the haunting atmosphere as power chords ravage your soul."

Maze of Roots has generously given the readers of Heavy Planet permission to download both or their releases for FREE. Download at the links below.

Download 1|Download 2


Monday, November 21, 2011

With Awe and Respect-New Band To Burn One To: THE SHRINE

The Shrine is today's "New Band To Burn One To".


"On the night of November 6th, 1979 Black Sabbath was at their most drug addled and explosive standing. They were on tour supporting their newly released Never Say Die album and had a night off in Los Angeles. After knocking back a few drinks at the infamous Rainbow Bar, they decided to check out the local rock scene at the Whiskey A-Go-Go. Arriving late, they caught the tail end of a set by Th...e Circle Jerks. Feeling intimidated yet inspired, they rented a rehearsal space and spent the rest of the night jamming. For an unknown reason they exclusively played Thin Lizzy material and Keith Moon was sitting in… These events never took place. But if they did, the results may have sounded similar to Los Angeles's The Shrine. Formed in 2008, The Shrine play a houserocking breed of heavy, psychedelic, riff based Rock n’ Roll. Their debut, recorded on vintage reel-to-reel tape, by local hero Dave O. Jones and under the auspices of the notorious Chuck Dukowski, is the perfect soundtrack to any debaucherous gathering of longhairs. If you and your rag-tag group of riff-raff friends are planning a road trip to Humboldt County to “Score”, this is the album you need to be listening to on the way. The Shrine is Josh Landau on guitar/vocals, Courtland Murphy on bass, and Jeff Murray on Drums. Dig It. "-Harley Rother



"Garage, punk, doom, psychedelic...I guess those are terms you can use to describe The Shrine. Actually these guys are just about having fun and rocking out. The raucous riffing and fast unorthodox tempos will have you reaching for a beer and the volume on your (insert favorite playback device here) because you will want to crank this shit up! The band possesses a raw and vintage sound which corresponds well with their seventies rock influences. The band is currently on the road playing a few dates with the legendary Fu Manchu. Check them out now!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sludge: RUE - "Thorns"

As we approach the holidays, let's not forget there are some who don't have much to smile about. Suicide rates spike in winter months, and perhaps Akron, Ohio's RUE fully understand what some of the world's loneliest, most despondent souls are experiencing. The full-length Thorns arrived on November 15th to highlight and soothe those feelings of hopelessness and suffering. As the album's awesome artwork would suggest, this sludge is as weathered and cracked as the wind-burned faces of alley-dwelling vagrants seeking scraps behind restaurants.

Thorns won't corner listeners with thickness and plod, though there's more than a lion's share of grimy sludge on this disc. The immediate crunch of Brown is balanced by a ribbon of spacey licks and choking despair. Jeff's vocals shift from toilet gurgle black metal to matter-of-fact Henry Rollins, remaining rabid and passionate throughout the track (and entire disc, for that matter). What sets apart RUE from their sludge contemporaries is their accessibility, with rhythms and grooves that are borderline anthemic on Brown and Strong Will Evolve (which somehow manages to exude confidence as a sludge storm backs us into a wall).

Rather than drowning audiences in quicksand, RUE administer their sludge in smaller doses. Sadaver is slow, cool, and deliberate with its mire. The lethargic stomp seems to enter its own realm of the beaten and dejected until the low fuzz succumbs to an angry demise. Faucher sets a bass rhythm, changes his mind, and is confident his bandmates will pick it up, slow it down, and do so with seemingly little effort.

That RUE's guitarist goes as "Burns" is only fitting. The stoner groove on For Thousands of Years is only as steady and warm as his guitar wants it to be. The hot buzz wears off when dark themes ("It only gets more painful") again creep in, but a desert cruise with this album wouldn't be too bad.

Pace quickly morphs on Pressures, a stoner-sludge romp that chokes on guitar fuzz. Dusty and determined, Faucher's low-end hitchhiker's thumb is met with Greg's drum blister to form the album's most pleasant surprise. Desert roll adopts death-metal vox on the trailing song, Choice. Intermittent guitar pauses, scorches, and slows down to march toward death rattle.

Take into account all the dried-up stoner dirge held in Thorns, it's hard to envision the album being successfully parenthesized by two Terry Reid-esque guitar sleepers. Agonizingly beautiful and pensive, the leading title track and it's closing reprise are simplified and haunting, with the latter employing backmasking and a sample that appears to encompass all that a lifespan holds. Reality sets in sooner than we'd like and the innocence of childhood is countered by the acceptance of eternal sleep. This is one that'll stick with you.

RUE fail to sugarcoat things. It's been eight years since the band's last LP, and those years must have been perilous. Luckily for us, RUE funnel their grief into thirteen divergent and indulgent clouds of breathtaking grime. Punctuated by a few moments of clarity, the whole of these parts is still grim and honest, pummeling senses with an organized attack that hits every nerve from every angle. Thorns hits your jaw with the butt of a rifle and drags you into an unmarked car. You'll welcome with open arms a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Facebook | Myspace | Shifty Records

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Album Review - Dinosaur Eyelids: Down a River

Dinosaur Eyelids were introduced back in October 2010 here at Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop with their debut 'Winter Solstice'. Based in New Brunswick, NJ, Dinosaur Eyelids strike their listeners with an alternative approach to stoner rock. Evan Staats' vocals call to mind that of Kurt Cobain- on steroids. Scott Staats (bass), Patrick McKnight (guitar), and Rich Eick (drums) mold a groove that lies somewhere between early heavy metal, grunge, and punk, adding a taste of fuzz.

Dinosaur Eyelids are now back with their sophomore effort 'Down a River'. Down a River starts with a punch. The opener 'Maelstrom of Malevolence' runs a vicious three minutes. Evan's vocals have that Cobain-esque whine, yet so much more aggressive (I guess that's where the Cornell comparisons come in). Patrick McKnight's guitars are groovy and distorted and bolstered by Staats and Eick. 'Paranoid Schizophrenia' is an exceptional track, as well as my favorite. The intro packs a wallop. Dinosaur Eyelids tone it down with 'Across the Sea'. Which leaves just enough time to catch your breath and realize how well written these songs are... instrumentally catchy as well as lyrically imaginative. 'Further Down a River' is gradual but scorches with the chorus and McKnight summons his inner [Jerry] Cantrell. Fantastic. Down a River concludes with a blues inspired jam called '21 Gram Salute'. The eight minute long track saunters from blues, to grunge, to (what I'm calling) a funky reggae, and apexes into a heavy guitar driven rock song. Now that's some progressive rock.

Dinosaur Eyelids describe themselves as alternative rock for a new generation and have, I quote, "...earned a reputation for their incendiary live performances." I have not had the pleasure of experiencing these guys perform, but by the energy that is put into their music, I can image the ferocity of Dinosaur Eyelids live. That ferocity and creativity can easily be found here on 'Down a River'. Get your copy at iTunes, Amazon, cd baby, or better yet, if you are somewhere in between Philly and NYC catch a show!

Solid and dependable rock!

7 out of 10


Evan Staats - Vocals
Scott Staats - Bass
Patrick McKnight - Guitar
Rich Eick - Drums

Friday, November 18, 2011

Greece is The Word-New Band To Burn One To: LIZARDIA

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Lizardia.


 THE BEGINNING-The band was founded in 2003 when Jeje (guitar) and Bluff (vocals) decided to compose a few acoustic songs. Soon the acoustic performances acquired structure that turned into a heavier electric sound more influenced by the 70's scene and most modern complexes of stoner / heavy rock...

THE FIRST TRY- In 2004 with the coming of Pijo (drums), the ideas acquired a comp...leted form with the first rehearsals of the band. In little time interval the first songs were written after repeated rehearsals. The bassist has not been mentioned so far because even if there was enough jamming per periods with the band, no one could constitute it's fourth member. After a capable number of rehearsals and with a lot of appetite, the band under the name "Innersoul Trip", decided to enter the studio for the recording of the first demo, summertime 2004. However during the recordings, there was a weakness in the record tracks (couldn't create the willing sound that would support the songs) and was decided to interrupt the process. The songs that would constitute the demo were four, from which a cover of "Hybrid Moments" by Misfits...

THE FIRST DEMO-The group however was not disappointed and continued the rehearsals with a view to re-enter the studio in 2005, this time with more pieces. The result of this effort was the "Innersoul Trip demo '05". It contained 9 songs, including a cover of "The Drowning " by Christian Death. Even if the writing and executive progress was obvious, the demo was wronged by feeble and mediocre sound. The bass was recorded by Jeje because of the existing weakness to find a capable bass player. The pieces have character that refers in groups as: Trouble, Pentagram, Kyuss, Budgie, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, Hawkwind...

THE SECOND DEMO-After recording the demo, the band began intensive rehearsals in new henceforth material but also indulged in covering songs from bands as Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Orange Goblin, Blue Oyster Cult, Trouble... Also, the name changed to Lizardia.The new songs have moved in the wider heavy rock sound and they lend in the group a more personal style. Afterwards and in a new studio, the band decided to write it's second demo. The process was proved time-consuming in the sector of sound so that is attributed the best possible result. The recordings began in the fall of 2007 and were completed in spring 2008. It is named "The Serpent's Trace" and it is composed from 7 pieces from which also a cover of "Be Forewarned " by Pentagram. The final sound result elects and supports the compositions of the band. Jeje decided to record the bass for one more time. At the time of the recordings, "Lizardia" gave the first live with other local groups, of course without a bass player! Finally, sometime in winter 2008, Toji joined the band and started rehearsing as a bassist. There was another live performance (quite a succesful one) on the european music day on June the 19th of 2009! After a year in the band, Toji left with consensus. On the 19th of May 2010, Lizardia was the support group for Paul Dianno's show in Volos. After some live performances, with various(!) bass players, Gary joined and became Lizardia's 4th member. The band is currently rehearsing some new songs!! keep in touch everyone!! Lizzy Cheers!


"Lurking through a pillow of thick ominous smoke comes Volos, Greece Stoner/Doom juggernaut Lizardia. Heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin and seventies classic rock, Lizardia are not out to reinvent the wheel, instead they embrace the music they love and play it with reckless abandon. Layering riff upon riff, down-tempo groove and a Wino-like vocal, your ears will be ringing with delight as the last song fades out."

You can listen to the latest EP as well as contact the band through the links provided below.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - THE HOLLOW MEN


"The Hollow Men were founded in 2001 by four music lovin' friends from the Dutch towns of Goes and Zierikzee and raised on a steady diet of Heavy Metal, Punk, and Classic Rock. They played their first shows as "The Speed Kings" but since there are a bunch of other bands and artists with similar names they rapidly changed it into "The Hollow Men" [after their first self-written tune]. Two demos were released, despite the fact that they're both clearly recorded with no budget to speak of. The reactions in the music press are mostly positive. Comparisons have been made with Hüsker Dü, Screaming Trees, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and Entombed. A very big and well-known Dutch Rock & Metal-magazine even calls 'em 'potentially' the new Aerosmith(!!?). Many shows are played, including supports for some of their heroes like Peter Pan Speedrock, Dead Moon, a mini club tour with NWOBHM legends Diamond Head, and even a gig at Antwerp State Prison."


Hailing from The Netherlands, "The Hollow Men" have created "Food Chain". This album is full of sick hooks and harmonizing vocals, reminiscent of Alice in Chains. The production is raw, but never takes away from the excellent song writing and instrumental and vocal performance. Must listen songs from "Food Chain" include, but not limited to, "Euphoria", "Out in the Cold", and "Bleeding". -Zac

Remko - Guitars, Vocals
Robbert - Bass
Martin - Drums, Vocals

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Sludge Podcast

November's Sludge Podcast is comin' at you faster than a three-piston ass-hammer and twice as heavy! Check out Grip of Delusion Radio this Sunday for two murky hours of the best sludge metal in the universe on Heavy Planet's second podcast. Whether you're a seasoned sludge purist or a goofy, buck-toothed rookie, we've got you dialed in with a track list that's sure to satisfy your thirst for all things thick and down-tuned. These featured bands have romped and lumbered through damn near three decades, with many having been featured on Heavy Planet. Grab a beer, loosen your belt, and strap on some goggles.


1. Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed (Sunday Sludge)
2. Rue - Reek of Human
3. Acid Bath - Dope Fiend (Sunday Sludge)
4. Swamp Witch - Emerald Serpent (New Band to Burn One To)
5. Shroud Eater - Cyclone (New Band to Burn One To)
6. Bottom - Lifer (Sunday Sludge)
7. Dopefight - Baby Goat Sick (Sunday Sludge)
8. Leechmilk - Imbalance
9. Concrete Sun - Junkyard Dog (Sunday Sludge)
10. Melvins - Lizzy (Sunday Sludge)
11. Noothgrush - Crawl (Sunday Sludge)
12. Eyehategod - 99 Miles of Bad Road
13. Undersmile - Cutters Choice (Sunday Sludge)
14. Rwake - Inverted Overtures (Sunday Sludge)
15. Seahag - Count Your Dead (Sunday Sludge)
16. Neurosis - Crawl Back In
17. Fistula - Dirt Bath (Sunday Sludge)
18. Fudge Tunnel - Grit
19. Treehorn - Black Mirror (Sunday Sludge)
20. Buzzov*en - Junkie
21. Limbic Riot - Grey Beach
22. -(16)- - Sleep Forever (Sunday Sludge)
23. Soilent Green - Her Unsober Ways

Tune in this Sunday (11/20/11) from 4pm to 6pm EST and be sure and let us know what you think! Hey, we're open-minded!

Grip of Delusion Radio

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose": The Vivisectors/Young Hunter

Welcome to a new feature on Heavy Planet that we like to call Zac's "Double Dose"! Every Wednesday two bands that have albums available on Bandcamp will be given a "mini-review". This week we feature two completely awesome bands from different parts of the world. The Vivisectors from Russia and Young Hunter from Arizona. Enjoy!


The Vivisectors started as a one-man instrumental band and became famous with the project "Gulag Tunes" (the combination of sunny surf music and chthonic Russian prison songs).

"Paranoia, despair, sudden joyous snapshots, are conveyed by the repetitive and catchy melodies and hooks that the Vivisections generate and are destined to stick in ones memory. Today, they keep researching the dark side of rock'n'roll and the haunting guitars are sure to captivate."


"Moscow, Russia's The Vivisectors have conjured up a hauntingly gloomy version of California surf rock with their latest release "Creatures". Here the listener can find a truly original sound; heavy, guitar driven, doom groove, tremolo picking, spoken, sung, and screamed Russian lyrics, and an impression of a sunny surf at the Arctic coast. Deranged... possibly. Authentic... definitely." -Zac

Mike "Vivisector" Antipov - Guitar
Ivan "Cousin ITT" Antipov - Bass
Mitya DHS - Drums
Engineer Ferris - Vocals "Rat King" and "Angels"
Youriy Hater - Vocals "Creatures"
Dasha Kalashnikoff - Vocals "Redemption", "Eclipse", and "Snake Mistress"

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"Young Hunter are a seven-piece apocalyptic desert band. We consisting of two drummers, three guitarists, a bassist, and a keyboardist... We're strongly influenced by the desert that we live, as well as the ways the city we live in relates to (and doesn't seem to truly acknowledge) it. We also listen to a lot of different kinds of musics, but our love for stoner metal in particular is what gave birth to 'Young Hunter'. We have plans to release a full length album and tour relentlessly in the springtime."


"These Tucson nomad's have taken their love for the righteous sounds of doom, psychedelia, and stoner rock and combined it with the arid environment of an Arizona desert. The result will certainly leave you parched, thirsty for more. The atmosphere 'Young Hunter' produces is immense. The duo of drummers will barrage, while the female vocals enchant you. The band is also kind enough to offer two free songs, "Cities of Black Mesa" and "Children of a Hungry World" over at their bandcamp page. Stay thirsty." -Zac
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Monday, November 14, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: THE BUFFALOS

The Buffalos are today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO".


"Entrancing like an opium vertigo, hard and dark like ebony but velvet
like a geisha's silken panties, THE BUFFALOS illegally distill music for
doomed pirates, and freedom addicted basterdz.

After years of roving around the world from Thailand's old opium dens
through the heated bordellos of East Africa to the desperate yet divine
landscape of Antarctica, The Duke, El Bavo, and The Breton decided to
transcribe into music what it is like to live like a pirate (according to
their own convenient definition).

This is how the infamous adventure of THE BUFFALOS started in 2008…

The infernal crew defended its first EP (In Hell We Dwell - 2009) on more
than fifty gigs, opening for legendary bands such as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.
They are standing by to board and scar the world again with their new five
track canon ball: The Mahogany Secrecy.

Behold your outrageous kings, thou ravenous whores and thieves ! Hide your
virgins and be ready to rock for THE BUFFALOS are in town to burn it all
down !"


"System of a Down with a Stoner metal groove, well not exactly. The wavering soft vocal style is similar to that of Serj Tankian but gets very grimey complimenting the barrage of breakneck heaviness rather well. The Buffalos stampede their way through five rockers that blend endless groove, a driving metal crunch, drunken pirate sing-a-long choruses and a quirky rock and roll punch. Listen now!



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Sludge: Black Cobra - "Invernal"

Alright, kids... Finish picking out the skin from underneath your fingernails and let's talk about what we just heard. This is Invernal, Black Cobra's fourth LP and first since 2009's Chronomega. I'm sure you're all still a little stunned, a shade confused, and perhaps completely fucking drained. Let's stay focused and steer this Sunday Sludge so we can all go home, lick our wounds, and hope tomorrow's less overwhelming.

Bookended by two of the fastest, filthiest tracks in Black Cobra's catalog, these eight poison darts leave no ambiguity in Black Cobra's position as one of America's premiere metal acts. Jason Landrian and Rafael Martinez seemingly place every note, every sound exactly where they were originally envisioned. What results is a brutal attack of skull-denting sludge (with a whisper of doom) caked with still-steaming shit. If you haven't already checked out this disc, decorate your evening with a bottle of anything and keep the aloe nearby.

Balancing the thick and the quick is second nature for Black Cobra, immediately evidenced by Avalanche's swarm of locusts hitting your heels on a downhill. That the band can balance such precision with such flurry is staggering. As riffs escalate and encompass everything in sight, the double kick-drum throttles your chest and scares the shit out of your pets. Landrian's vocals summon Al Jourgensen's caged challenges, marking the whole of the song as exhausting.

Where Avalanche fades out, Somnae Tenebrae immediately stomps in. Pairing impressive fretwork with rhythmic stamina, the blistering sludge creeps and swallows like an unidentifiable black mist. A muddy grind does its best to steal the spotlight, but the ribbon of spiked riffs is absolutely undeniable. Obliteration finishes the disc (and likely finishes everything else), as the band establishes they're done fucking around. The hi-hat swarm of arrows nicks our helmets and we're left with no option but to tap out. If we don't, who knows what Black Cobra may do.

Corrosion Fields begins as a tentative piss-break, but you'd be a fool to miss where the listener's quickly led. The subdued, doomy fuzz submits to crushing, crunchy chainsaw grind. Guitars are laser-precise and vocals do more to seep rather than saturate. This is an increasingly deliberate chug of the finest, grimiest order. Clean licks introduce The Crimson Blade, though buzz-laden doom riffs drop to leave listeners bleeding in the alley. Grinding, chopping, and churning out black smoke sludge, the track builds on its own successes with shifting tempos and effects. Guitars flick spent ash in your eyes, the groove gets cool, and deathbed picking marries feedback fadeout to carry us away.

Hollow corridor echoes on the awesome Beyond are slammed with frantic, pounding tempos to spread the album's best song. Gears lock up at halfway, but don't think you can lift your head just yet. The pregnant, smoldering pause lulls you into a coma until a return to distemper bludgeons your ears, your expectations, and your thoughts on how an epic metal track should unfold. Erebus Dawn comes out spitting blood as Martinez holds a drum clinic. Landrian's guitar walks past the trees to have a smoke and provide parity. The instrumental Abyss drops sludge with freedom and frequency after uneven signatures and doom atmospheres had us thinking we'd go in a much different direction. Imagine an old man staring at a sea of faded passions and unmet potential. I suppose Abyss would be his soundtrack.

You probably love reserving your Sunday to relax, clean the vomit from your car's upholstery, or watch the Jets pretend to play football. Forget it. This riff-oriented collection is far too immense and far too fast to serve as background music while you wash dishes. Give it your full attention. Let it wear you out like the drunk whore at your block party, and make sure you ask for seconds. Invernal will burn and blister, but it's gonna heal a lot better than the stupid tribal tattoo you just sat through.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Album Review - Sleestak: The Fall of Altrusia

I like concept albums. Allow me to reiterate, I love concept albums. There is something very rewarding in an album that intertwines a theme throughout its run-time, lyrical content, instrumentation, and artwork... something that pulls you in for more than a mere three minutes and forty seven seconds... something that tells a story... something that, when done well (see concept albums: Pink Floyd; The Wall, Animals, Queensryche; Operation: Mindcrime, Mastodon; Crack the Skye), draws you into an intimate relationship with the piece of music.

Sleestak's "The Fall of Altrusia" is outstanding and has completely taken me by surprise. It is exactly what I want in a "concept album". From the moment the first notes graced my ears, I was captivated. Sleestak fuses hulking grooves with cosmic psychedelia. I consider Sleestak a "jam band", but in the most positive way. "Jam bands" will tend to get carried away with a drawn out jam session and the listener can become bored, Sleestak is nothing of this type and their influences from Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd are noticeable, but never define their sound.

"The Fall of Altrusia" runs approximately fifty minutes as one song. The song is broken into seven chapters, which I find refreshing and new in concept, metal albums. This, in addition to the excellent artwork and lyric notes should completely pull us into Sleestak's story "The Fall of Altrusia". The songs, or I should say chapters, run fluidly into and through each other. "The Fall of Altrusia" intensifies and diminishes with heavy guitar driven moments and cosmic interludes and so goes the vocals. Matt Schmitz vocal presence must be noted. His overpowering roar compliments Sleestak's orchestration during the vehement scenes and recedes into a cleanly sung tone with the transition into a placid soundscape. The Fall of Altrusia climaxes with "Chapter 6 - The Marshall Prophecy" and subsides into obscurity in "Chapter 7 - Pakuni Shaman Chant of The Altrusian Moth". "The Marshall Prophecy" is tremendous in depth and texture as it is in run-time (closing in around 17 minutes). A track this magnitude could easily be compared to Pink Floyd's "Echoes".

I must apologize to these 'gents from Milwaukee, Sleestak. I've taken too long to get the word out about "The Fall of Altrusia". Hell, I've been missing out on this album for too long! Without further ado, the best concept album of the year (and undoubtedly in my top ten) , "The Fall of Altrusia".

**10 out of 10**

Matt Schmitz - vocals / guitar
Dan Bell - bass
Marcus Bartell - drums
Brian Gresser - guitar
Jon Landis - violin (session)

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: KOSMOGRAD

Kosmograd is today's "New Band To Burn One To".


Station operators:

Yegor Zakharov - Guitar/Vocals
Todd Moffat - Guitar/Vocals/Tiny Shirts
Phil Miller - Drums
Kevin Yip - Bass

-Kosmograd is a band from Toronto, Ontario. It formed in winter of 2009, when Yegor, Todd and Phil decided to jam after a Boris/Torche show. Kevin played guitar in Todd’s previous band and joined on bass a couple of months later.

-The name Kosmograd comes from a Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle book FOOTFALL, but also has a lot of other science fiction and space technology tie-ins.

-All the members come from a punk/hardcore background but are influenced by a wide variety of music, from doom and sludge, to post-rock and noise, as well as a wide variety of science (fiction), especially space and dinosaur related.

-Released 3 digital demo songs throughout 2010, 2 of which were re-released by the local tape-only record label Delicate Artifacts.

-Played dozens of shows around Ontario/Quebec and have shared the stage with touring acts such as Junius, Caspian, Kayo Dot, Krallice and Withered, as well as up-and-coming locals such as Titan, Vilipend, Alaskan, Mountains Unfold (QC), Eyeswithoutaface, Kraken (QC), Teethmarks, Godstopper, and more.

-The Self Titled EP was recorded in March 2011 by Sean Person at Boxcar Sound Recording studio in Hamilton, Ontario and mastered by Ryan Mills. It was recorded live off the floor with minimal overdubs.

-The artwork for the record was hand drawn by close friend of the band Matt Poch, it is a 2’ by 4’ poster that is going to be printed for a limited run in the near future

-The record was released digitally on Bandcamp in September 2011, stream or download it now!


"On their latest self-titled EP, Toronto-based band Kosmograd create a chilling and diverse brand of heady metal. Within the somewhat raw production lies a spectacular sense of calm and devastation. The fuzzy crunch of the guitar gives way to soft and subtle interludes only to have a disconcerting vocal rip into your aural passage. "Cheeseburger Picnic" floats through the galaxy with an airy guitar tone and then unmercifully collides into the next track "Velossaraykin", a textural mindfuck that thrashes about through the exploding asteroid particles. Kosmogard has released an EP that is aggressive, cerebral and fluid. The songs are well placed and thoughtfully structured. Check these ambient post-hardcore sludge-merchants out today!"


Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: The Fërtility Cült

The Fërtility Cült is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO".


Tampere, Finland in late 2008 was a very special time and a place to be a part of. Sadly, it was nothing like San Francisco in the middle of the 60s though. But it was a time when young men born several decades too late could team up to bring sacred offerings to the altars of the Ancients, the Old Ones, namely mainly Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, whilst burning the incense of Electric Wizard, Sleep and Monster Magnet.

Two such men, old friends, joined forces to generate fuzz-laden psychedelia-packed jams. They recruited a drummer, and a mutual acquaintance of equally corrupt tendencies and a proficiency in saxophony completed the troupe. Tunes were formulated, grooves generated, jams and incantations performed.

But it all came together magically, when during the late summer of '09 an old friend was summoned to take up drum duties. His spirit soared high amongst the Gods of percussion. The Force was strong with him. It was this foursome that worked like the Black Lotus/Channel/Fireball combo of ancient legend, due in part to having played together before in various circumstances and music styles. New tunes and jams took shape in songs, molded during live shows through the autumn of 2009 and spring of 2010. And so the studio beckoned again in October 2010. A full length by the name of Eschatology emerged, with 47 minutes of theme-befitting material, reinforced by another old friend donating organs.

Recorded live in the studio, as was their modus operandi on their demo-EP as well, to capture the rawness and liveliness of their jam-oriented playing. The album was self-published and released free and copylefted on the 23rd of November 2010. The first print sold out in early 2011. Some negotiations have taken place with a few small labels for a release, but the band is looking for a more reliable companion. That aside, the band is set to perform assorted live shows, while focusing on new material, with several new songs already shaping up nicely, pushing the envelope further.

Kaila – bass/vocals
Ryhänen – saxophones
Kimmel – guitar
Mäkinen – drums


"If you are looking for something that has 70's prog/space rock heydey written all over it then Tampere, Finland's The Fërtility Cült may be just the band you are looking for. The classic production of their latest CD "Eschatology" has you licking at your chops as the Sabbath-inspired riffs dance around a ménage à trois of sultry saxaphone, proggy organ jabs and psychedelic guitar solos. The music overrides the vocal giving the album an almost all-instrumental feel. "Rheopolis" guides you along with a lumbering bass line and ultra fuzzed-out guitars. "Völkerwanderung" starts out insanely slow and fuzzy then parlays into a jazzy interlude only to thrust you into the swirling fuzz of the intergalactic haze once again. This is a very cool band that wears their influences on their sleeve and adds their own unique touch, The album can be downloaded for free on their Bandcamp page. Check them out!"


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy Planet Updates

Hi all! I just wanted to give everyone an update on what has been going on around Heavy Planet as of late. Our main goal is to give as many bands exposure to as many people as possible and to expose fans to as much music as possible. One way we are trying to achieve that is through our Facebook page. Each day we will feature as much cool music as we can, this can include Bandcamp links, YouTube videos, exclusive streams, etc. To maximize daily exposure for our "New Band To Burn One To" or our CD reviews, we like to give the band or album featured a full day of exposure on the main page. Facebook is a great way for us to feature much more music whether it be new or classic. So "like" us today to hear something new or something you may not have heard in a while.

Back on Sunday October 16th the innagural Heavy Planet podcast premiered on Grip of Delusion Radio. The podcast will be monthly and will be available to download 24-48 hours after airing. Next podcast will feature some new, classic and obscure Sludge bands with Seth handling "DJ" honors. It will air on Sunday November 20th from 4-6 pm EST.

Heavy Planet has also opened up a new merchandise store. The artwork was designed by my wife. Get yourself some new threads and help support Heavy Planet while your at it. We are currently looking into a European version of the store as well for our international readers.

That's all I have. Thanks for your continued support and making Heavy Planet so successful.

\m/ ~Reg


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Band(s) To Burn One To: URANIA/WHOREDIESEL

Today's "NEW BAND(S) TO BURN ONE TO" are Urania and Whorediesel.


Urania is a one-man project. Aiwass writes and plays the songs alone. The sound of Urania is a mix of stoner, psychedelic, space rock. Whorediesel is another project from Aiwass! Both come to you from the Hungarian label Stone Rise.


"This dude simply known as Aiwass is a one-man wrecking crew. Releasing two different projects on the Hungarian stoner label Stone Rise, Aiwass has managed to immerse the listener into two entirely diverse slabs of riff-drenched stoner tuneage. One project known as Urania and the other as Whorediesel. Let's start with Urania first shall we? Urania's latest "Carphatian Woodoo" is filled with tasty grooves and wah-wah smacked riffs. The grinding fuzzed-out guitar tone takes prescedent over the steady rhythm and piercing bass line as the funky grooves blast you into intergalactic heaven.

Whorediesel is more bottom heavy and sets the tone with a low and slow desert groove. With song titles such as "Acid Blaze", "Acid Sun" and "Solaria" these Kyuss-inspired jams will rattle your skull and sizzle your soul."

Urania-Carphatian Woodoo by stoneRise

Whorediesel by stoneRise

Stone Rise|Urania Facebook|Aiwass
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