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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Band(s) To Burn One To: URANIA/WHOREDIESEL

Today's "NEW BAND(S) TO BURN ONE TO" are Urania and Whorediesel.


Urania is a one-man project. Aiwass writes and plays the songs alone. The sound of Urania is a mix of stoner, psychedelic, space rock. Whorediesel is another project from Aiwass! Both come to you from the Hungarian label Stone Rise.


"This dude simply known as Aiwass is a one-man wrecking crew. Releasing two different projects on the Hungarian stoner label Stone Rise, Aiwass has managed to immerse the listener into two entirely diverse slabs of riff-drenched stoner tuneage. One project known as Urania and the other as Whorediesel. Let's start with Urania first shall we? Urania's latest "Carphatian Woodoo" is filled with tasty grooves and wah-wah smacked riffs. The grinding fuzzed-out guitar tone takes prescedent over the steady rhythm and piercing bass line as the funky grooves blast you into intergalactic heaven.

Whorediesel is more bottom heavy and sets the tone with a low and slow desert groove. With song titles such as "Acid Blaze", "Acid Sun" and "Solaria" these Kyuss-inspired jams will rattle your skull and sizzle your soul."

Urania-Carphatian Woodoo by stoneRise

Whorediesel by stoneRise

Stone Rise|Urania Facebook|Aiwass

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