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Friday, May 1, 2015

Quick Hit: Red Mountains

Coming out this September on the German label Nasoni Records is a tremendous new band from Trondheim, Norway. Red Mountains play a slow, desert tinged brand of Stoner Rock glistening with a touch of psychedelia. At times the guitars have a western twang and the vocals arouse the aural cavity with their harmonies and soaring ability. The artwork almost appears to have a weathered look as if released in the past and screams to be issued on red vinyl-hint.

Check out the first single "Sun" off the upcoming release "Down With the Sun". 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Mountain Eater

Coming from Switzerland’s Le Chaux De Fonds, Mountain Eater offer every part of 90’s induced stoner and grunge into one neat bundle of sonic rawness that is both nostalgic and exciting to hear. With Raoul’s vocals falling somewhere between a John Garcia/Eddie Vedder hybrid, the influences of the band come screaming out, featuring most bands all stoners hold in high praise, the band still manage to carve out a section of the stoner music scene of their own. The production is very raw, but there’s enough present on the newly released Mountain Eater First EP to show that this could well be a band with something special up their sleeves on future releases. The EP is full of down-tuned low fuzzy riffs with heavy stoner hazed tunes, all enwrapped around solid song-writing. The future is exciting for Mountain Eater.


Monday, April 27, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: In Your Long Arms

Now this is interesting! It’s not often that there comes along much to shake up the musical genres that we talk about day in day out, not that we always want there to be, but when bonafide original concepts come along, they deserve the plaudits for the work they’ve done, if it’s good of course. May we present to you the sound of Brownsville, Texas’, In Your Long Arms, and their new record RUINR, seven songs of spellbinding shoe-gazing sludge!

The aggression of sludge, and the dreary atmospherics of shoe-gaze are possibly at the furthest ends of the musical scale, but somehow these Texans have made it work. They’ve slowed down the sludge so that the rawness becomes a droning overture to Xavier’s primal vocals as the songs fight their way through thick swathes of riff filled gloomy emotions, channelling a new style of death music, a sense of impending doom that is all encompassing.

RUINR is record which needs to be experienced in full, an album’s album, where no individual songs outweigh the others. The tracks work like a blanket, smothering its victim until you pull your way to the other side. It’s not music for the faint-hearted, but it’s a worthwhile ride for those brave enough to let the gloom take them on. In Your Long Arms have created something special here.

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