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Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Band To Burn One To: Onoskelis

The demo from Stockholm, Sweden's, newest purveyors of psychedelic stoner doom heaviness, Onoskelis, is a mightly impressive listen. The three tracks on show offer a range from energetic stoner driven riffs, to heart pounding doom, all covered over with a cloak of psychedelic haziness that carry similarities with their fellow countrymen Monolord, in all the right areas.

We predict big things for these three dudes in the near future, and when you listen to a track like 'Atlantean Blade' for the umpteenth time, you will wholeheartedly agree! Go listen, download, and bang your head away to now!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Band To Burn One To: Slugpie

French three piece Slugpie have just released a Demo of four of the nastiest sludge punishments that we’ve heard all year, and we mean sludge in its heaviest, choking sense. Like a lot of today’s sludge bands, Slugpie has roots embedded into Blues and the grooving tones underpin the fuzzy claustrophobic riffs, especially on a track like ‘Mojo Drown’. The vocals come out like Dopethrone with a sore throat, and they’re as scary as they are addictive.

Slugpie are everything we like about Sludge in 2016: thrashingly fast and doomily slow, suffocating and relentless riffing, and heavy and nasty as hell! I need a shower. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Album Review: Megatherium - "Superbeast"

This shit is THICK.  So put in, turn it up, sit back, and hold on to your ass, cause you're in for a ride.  Just don't let "Prayer For the Ox" and all the creepy druids filing in around you fool you into thinking you are safe.  You, your speakers, and at least some of your windows are probably fucked!  In fact as I sit here in my car, my poor stock stereo system is shedding a single tear which is rolling down the dash as it tries hopelessly to cope with the massive fuzz and low tuned sounds emanating from every speaker.  If I close my eyes I can almost feel the impending doom of an insatiable mosh pit swelling up around me.  There is something familiar, something that makes me feel as if I'm there, in a sea of people, watching this foursome from Verona, Italy destroy it on stage.  There is just enough psychedelia in the vocals to make me flash back to a not so innocent time full of illicit substances, and late nights I'll never ever remember.

Megatherium describe their live show as unique and mesmerizing, with high volume, massive distortions, smoke, samples, neon lights, and video projections.  Just the fact that the recording made me feel as if I was at a live show is a testament to their efforts, and make me join my car with a single tear that I'm not closer to Italy.  The band formed in 2011 combining their experience from other Italian bands such as Aneurysm, Gen Marrone, Elicotrema, Mr. Wilson, and Tokio Conspiracy.  They spent the next few years perfecting their sound, their show, and writing new music, before finally releasing their monstrous debut album Superbeast.  Full of deep trance enducing riffs and hooks abound, this album will keep you interested from start to finish and leave you craving more.

Facebook || Bandcamp

Friday, November 25, 2016

Album Review: Ruff Majik - "The Fox"

Whew! Where are my asbestos gloves? This album is HOT!! Searing through the ionosphere from Pretoria, South Africa, screaming towards us cloaked in fuzz stuffed riffs, raucous runs, and joyous melody comes the latest release by one of Stoner Rock's new breed of jam masters, Ruff Majik. "The Fox" delivers six fibrous, rollicking delicacies of amplified fuzz close on the heels of their 2015 offering of "The Bear", itself bursting forth with six jagged metal edges of sharp and smoky stoner standards.

Ruff Majik are comprised of:

Johni Holliday - Guitars, vocals, and narratives
Benni Manchino - Drums and narratives
Jimi Glass - Bass guitar

As an EP of six, "The Fox" has little room and little time to waste in solidifying a sound that will attract the ear of discerning stonerheads. I can safely and securely report they have been quite successful in utilizing every bit, every note, every riff, every run, every song on this astounding release.

"King of the Badgers"  This opening track begins with what would appear to be a setup for a psychedelic riff trip, but before the initial minute has closed the band has unleashed fuzzy hell on our senses, and all out distortion through melodic amplification. Fittingly, Glass's bass begins the riffslaught, followed closely by Holiday's dextrous riff-fire and then Manchino's undertow of power. The tenor of the song is pure stoner bliss, with low tuned distortion and filtered fierceness throughout, before closing on a short, melancholy acoustic coda.

"Wax Wizard" begins with heads tilted simultaneously to the sky at the gargantuan sound and straight downward to the dark abyss of low tuned stoner perfection. This song is deliberate, dank, and darkly determined in its steady onslaught of hammer blows and husky sound detonations.

Third in line is "Canned Fruit Bats", which utilizes a very cool opening couple of minutes. The fidelity at the outset is low, simple, and melodically beautiful, almost as if being played through your portable hi-fi at the beach back in the day. But very cool soon gives way to awesome. Awesome in scope, delivery, and emotion. The band's now customary onslaught begins with, and sustains an up-tempo flow of fuzzy chords and dusty laser riffs wrapped in a vocal and lyrical masterstroke. This song is a treasure.

"Sodoom and Gomorah" is a dirge of dark delight, gloomy and certain in its trudging tempo through melodic muck before revving up its outboard amplifiers to cut a quick and deadly swath toward its riff laden conclusion.

Opening with a poetic reading that is a prelude to what's to come is "Coffin Dragger", another beautifully crafted up-tempo onslaught of fuzz and distortion in the same vein Ruff Majik have perfectly established to this point, but offering up something new and immensely compelling, burying your experience deep into exquisite riffs of bass, string, and skin.

The closer is an emotional ride told in two parts, each equally adept at portraying the darkness of emotion and loss. "Royal Forest" is a beautifully haunting tale, perfectly accentuated through low wailing riffs and woeful vocals.

bandcamp || facebook || documentary

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Green River Thrillers-Distorted Diva- LP/ Heavy Noise Rock

I asked Reg from Heavy Planet if I could review this album with him knowing its not Doom/Sludge/Stoner. Which it's not, it's a straight up heavy ass rock album with Punk, Metal and Noise Rock influence. I assured him that this album needs to be heard. He said. "no prob".

If you ever just need to put on an album that will kick you in the teeth and give you the feeling to kick the days ass and pound some golden throat charmers afterwards, then Distorted Diva is that album . Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith have created an album where every song is good  and has made it onto my most played this last month.

GRT are no slackers and have recently finished a west coast tour and have been playing a shit ton of live shows for years now and have been heralded as one of the Emerald City's most consistently kick ass live bands.

GRT recorded this beauty at Earwig studios with the help of Don Farwell bringing a great attack and overall tonal assault to the production starting right off with "shithead complex" and keeping you coming back for more all the way to the finish line. In a world becoming over-saturated with bad Sleep knockoffs, Green River Thrillers bring a much needed kick in the sludgy nuts. Now I'm not knocking Stoner/Doom or Sludge, my band taps into all 3 of those genre's, but GRT is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend this album.

So if you find yourself in Seattle go see them as they play regularly and will be playing Rachel the supreme overlord of Devil's Child Records b-day party tomorrow night (11-18) at the Valley in Tacoma Washington with a stellar lineup.

If you see me there lets have a beer and watch some killer rock and roll!


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