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Monday, February 20, 2017

MOTHERSHIP/ High Strangeness LP- Ripple Music

 The pre order for the new Mothership has landed!
Mothership brings 8 new songs of ass shaking, beer downing, riff rippin' ditties.
Ride the Sun and Speed Dealer bring the uptempo boogie while songs like Midnight Express and Crown of Lies call on the heavy. It moves into a more thought provoking trance with Eternal Trip, which is a great song to reflect on life while staring at your black light posters thinking and honoring friends lost before letting life rip with some proper rock and roll right into Wise Man.
If you like straight up badass rock and roll with a party attitude, Mothership won't let you down! 

Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Lee at Fire Station Studios In San Marcos TX and Mastered by none other then Rock Wizard Tony Reed of Mos Gen  at Heavy Head Studios in the Pacific Northwest.
Catch Mothership on tour and buy some vinyl!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Band To Burn One To-King Father Baboon

Everything about this Nuremberg, Germany band screams rock and fuckin' roll.

-Passionate vocal delivery-✔
-Wailing guitar lead trade-offs-✔
-A definite prowess for making a catchy song-✔

"Voodoo" is a nice little 3-song introduction to the band. I love all three songs. I'm guessing that a full album from these guys would be in the works, if not then one should be.

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