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Friday, May 6, 2016

Band Submission: The Lunar Effect-70's Rock/Fuzz/Psychedelic/Riffage From London, England

Band Name: The Lunar Effect
Genre: 70's Rock/Fuzz/Psychedelic/Riffage
Location: London, England
Brief Bio/Description: Born in late 2013, The Lunar Effect was originally a solo project of tour hardened ex Deep Sea Green guitarist Jon Jefford. After releasing three records and touring internationally with Deep Sea Green, the London born songwriter was signed to 3 Ravens Records and released a self-titled debut "The Lunar Effect".

After receiving widespread praise, alongside national and international radio play for his self-titled record, Jon decided to make The Lunar Effect a fully-fledged touring band. He recruited brother and ex Deep Sea Green drummer Daniel Jefford, guitarist Jim Harris of UK Garage Rock act The Ladykiller’s and eccentric solo artist Mark Fuller on Bass.

The band has been performing material from the debut record throughout 2014/15 whilst refining their sound and experimenting with 60’s and 70’s psychedelic desert elements. Due to certain disagreements with their record label, The Lunar Effect went back to basics and decided to record, mix and master their own EP "Strange Lands" themselves, which was released 01/05/2016.

Band Members:
Jon Jefford - Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Harmonium
Dan Jefford - Drums
Jim Harris - Guitar
Mark Fuller - Bass
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Band Submission: Crud-Sludge From Miami, Florida

Band Name: CRUD
Genre: Sludge
Location: Miami, FL
Brief Bio/Description: "Conceived in the eye of well whiskey, CRUD started down the bowels of South Florida in 2015. Built on drums and bass alone, Mariel and Julie sold their souls to Steve Buscemi-- possessed ever since. Aiming for taller rigs and menacing riffs, Kris joined the group. On the Black Alligator tour Carl slashed his pipes for doom, solidifying CRUD as a four-piece. Give 'em tequila and they sound like pythons choking on sawgrass"

RESIN will be available on Vinyl sometime this fall with French label-Totem Cat Records
Band Members:
Julie- Bass
Mariel- Drums
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp 

Band Submission: The Welzeins- Garage Rock From Orlando, Florida

Band Name: The Welzeins
Genre: Garage Rock
Location: Orlando, Fl
Brief Bio/Description: “We try to be as loud as we can - everything else after that is an accident.

The Welzeins are two loud dudes on a mission to make your ears bleed and your ass shake. Filtering elements of surf, noise rock, and psychedelia through a wall of fuzz can only lead to one thing: Rock and Roll Annihilation. If sledgehammer guitars, hurricane drums, and torn throat vocals sound like your kind of thing, then The Welzeins are not to be missed.”

Band Members:
RJ Nordstrom
Matt Wassum
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp 

Band Submission: Domboshawa-Psychedelic Rock From Stockholm, Sweden

Band Name: Domboshawa
Genre: Psychedelic
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Brief Bio/Description: Psychedelic Space Rock from the North
Band Members: Anders Broström
Links: Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

Band Submission: Sülfür Ensemble-Stoner Doom Sludge From Istanbul -Turkey

Band Name: Sülfür Ensemble
Genre: Stoner Doom Sludge
Location: Istanbul -Turkey
Brief Bio/Description: Born from the ashes of Turkish veteran bands radical noise-nitro-uck grind. Frankly speaking İstanbul is a wrong location to start a stoner doom sludge band. Anyway we did it :)
Band Members: 
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

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