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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zac's Favorite 10 of 2011:

Wow, another year come and gone... I've accomplished a lot in this year to remember "2011". From getting married to a wonderful woman to walking the cobble-stone streets of Poland and Czech Republic. I've drank some good brews, attended some excellent shows (including experiencing 3 phenomenal cellist covering Zepplin on the Charles Bridge in Prague, CZ), listened to some good tunes, and some... not so good. One thing is definite, my knowledge (and library) of music has grown... exponetially. Most of that is thanks to Reg and Heavy Planet.

Soooo, anyone interested to see my favorite picks of this bountiful year for music? Continue on...

10.) MonstrO
I'm just going to pull an excerpt from Seth's awesome review: "These songs are layered, psychedelic, thick, and drunk with emotion." How could this not be a favorite of mine?!
Favorite Track: Stallone

9.) Black Cobra - Invernal
Seth sum's it up pretty well. "I'm sure you're all still a little stunned, a shade confused, and perhaps completely fucking drained." Listening to Black Cobra's 2011 release is a taxing exercise, and I mean that in the best possible way. Think twice about listening to Invernal with a hangover.
Favorite Track: Beyond

8.) Machine Head - Unto the Locust
I know this one might not be up everyone's 'alley', but Machine Head have produced and delievered, consecutively, three excellent albums. Unto the Locust is the third and not quite as good as their magnum opus The Blackening. None the less heavy as hell, and carrying the American thrash torch.
Favorite Track: I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)

7.) Borracho - Splitting Sky
Take Toby's recommendation on this one, "...is that you get onboard with this one right now…because chances are, you’ll be paying good money to hear Borracho play it “in its entirety” ten years from now. Splitting Sky is an instant classic. It’ll blow your mind that this whole thing started out as a side project."
Favorite Track: All In Play

6.) Gentleman's Pistols - At Her Majesty's Pleasure
Looking for a refresh of the sound of classic rock? Luckily Gentleman's Pistols release "At Her Majesty's Pleasure". Chock full of excellent rockin' grooves lets raise a pint to these Englishmen. Favorite Track: I Wouldn't Let You

5.) Liturgy - Aesthethica
I could make some enemies with my number five, Liturgy's Aesthethica. Somehow, over the years, hipsters got into black metal... I don't know how it happened or why, hell I'm really not into black metal (and I've been devout in my metal faith). Just as rare as hipsters getting into black metal, a hand-ful of Brooklyn hipsters got together and made a black metal band (kinda...), and it works... really well. Although coming off slightly pretentious, Liturgy have pushed forward a somewhat stale genre.
Favorite Track: Veins of God

4.) Totimoshi - Avenger
After listening to Avenger I knew this was something special and immediately hoped I'd see Totimoshi on more Best of 2011... lists. To sum this one up, "Totimoshi has delivered a taste of every genre on this inventive and versatile record."
Favorite Track: Snag

3.) Sleestak - The Fall of Altrusia
The Fall of Altrusia came to me as a surprise left hook. I wasn't ready for journey the guys in Sleestak were takin' me on. Enthralled by the orchastration and intensity, I knew this was "Best of 2011" material, for me.
Favorite Track: The entire damn album!

2.) Elder - Dead Roots Stirring
"For the music nerd in me, this album has everything. Great song writing, check. Mammoth riffage, yep! Cosmic psychedelia, got it. Clean production, yes. Extraordinary artwork, check." I was almost positive, upon listening to Elder's Dead Roots Stirring, that this was the best we were going to hear all year. Well, the youngsters in Elder came awfully close and it was extremely difficult placing them second on my favorites of 2011...
Favorite Track: Again, the entire damn album!

which bring us to my #1...

1.) Atlas Moth - An Ache for the Distance
I didnt' stumble onto Atlas Moth's An Ache for the Distance until late October. Honestly, the artwork caught my attention first and I slowly began to recall (well before I started writing for HP) Reg introducing the guys from Chicago's first album A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky and all the positive points. Well, needless to say, after many "Jackyl and Hyde" arguments inside this rattled skull of mine of who to give my #1 spot to it came down to the forward thinking, genre bending, Atlas Moth.
Favorite Track: Perpetual Generations

I must say again, that list was extremely difficult to put together. There have been multiple Earth-shattering records released this year in metal, and as a whole the genre has been pushed into a new direction, leaving us excited to see what's coming in 2012. Thanks for the awesome year to all the musicians, bands, fans, blogs, and readers!


Yes, I'm long winded, but I thought I would also share some other musical treats that I have been digging in 2011 (in no particular order). Take a look, let me and the other guys at Heavy Planet know what you dug this year.

Barn Burner - Bangers II: Scum of the Earth

Butch Walker & the Black Widows - The Spade

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

Cynic - Carbon Based Anatomy EP

The Dive

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fran Capitanelli - Kave Talk

Ginger Trees - Along with the Tide

Lo-Pan - Salvador

Mastodon - The Hunter

40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seth's Top 11 of '11

Hell. I just spent nearly six seconds scribbling a list of 2011's top albums and it somehow caught fire. I managed to salvage the wreckage and now struggle to read my own handwriting, but here's the juice: 2011 was one fuckin' fat year. My world of metal expanded far beyond the reaches of my most reliable belt. From thick, murky, crust-vomit sludge to soaring atmospheric soundscapes, this year stretched boundaries and broadened the spectrum. When I wasn't pretending to love my day job, I was casually admiring dozens of the finest heavy albums the year offered. I'll do my best to scale back the dick-suckin' diatribes, but these albums had me at "dude... you gotta hit this shit."

1. Rwake - "Rest"

"This sludge/doom opus is so broad in vision and scope, I can make no promise this discourse will suffice in validating the exhaustive (and exhausting) beauty of these six tracks. I almost feel like a violator of someone's very personal, metaphysical glaze; this haunting roll through layers of pensive fog is gonna leave a mark."

2. Ironweed - "Your World of Tomorrow"

"Ironweed have struck an incredible balance between their instruments, creating a sound that is confident, honest, and ultimately indisputable. The production of the album is slick, the track selection is dead-on. Ironweed have put together an album that's meaningful without being pretentious, heavy without being over-stuffed, and precise without being clean. What a cool vibe."

3. Vultures At Arms Reach - "+)))((()))((()))((()))-"

"+)))((()))((()))((()))- is 25 haunting and atmospheric minutes that soar, drift, and march to the beat of an otherworldly ocean of sound. Spend some time with this one and see where you're taken. You may find yourself losing track of time, needing less sleep, and fantasizing about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell. The mood grows ominous and you begin to wonder just what impact this solid three-track EP is gonna have on your frame."

4. Black Cobra - "Invernal"

"This riff-oriented collection is far too immense and far too fast to serve as background music while you wash dishes. Give it your full attention. Let it wear you out like the drunk whore at your block party, and make sure you ask for seconds. Invernal will burn and blister, but it's gonna heal a lot better than the stupid tribal tattoo you just sat through."

5. The Dive - Self-titled

"From the album's ashy lead-off stroke to the final breath of the hidden track's primal, organic, and effortless amalgam, The Dive roll through smoky psychedelic jams that no debut album should rightly boast. Soaring, moon-shot riffs, grooving tempos, and a brilliant vocal high-five make this self-titled the perfect soundtrack to a snakebite hospital rush. Enjoy this; it may not happen again."

6. Wizard Smoke - "The Speed of Smoke"

"From beginning to end, The Speed of Smoke oozes otherworldly psychedelia, doom/stoner grooves, and prog-rock leanings. This is one of the better albums you’ll hear this year. The track placement is perfect, the sounds are jaw-dropping, and the heavy is incessant. Put The Speed of Smoke on your “must-hear” list of 2011 and sit back as you’re guided through a black cosmos."

7. Swamp Witch - "Gnosis"

"Ridiculously slow, heathenistic sludge from the bowels of some clandestine swamp located in Oakland, CA., Swamp Witch decimate your ears with eerie bellowing howls, slipshod grooves, mind-numbing feedback, and a daunting unholiness." - Reg

8. Ethereal Riffian - "Shaman's Visions"

"These thirty minutes have plenty to offer, and you won't be disappointed. Whether it's sludge, doom, stoner, et cetera, you'll find it here. What you'll also find is a trip to a dense, sweltering, untouched world of groove and mist. Bring a backpack, a canteen, and a useless map. Ethereal Riffian is taking you deep into some pretty cool places."

9. City of Ships - "Minor World"

"This album is evanescent. You'll think this is a two-way street, you'll buzz from the stomach-pit butterflies, and then you'll have the rug pulled out from under you. But, of course... you'll go back for more. On Minor World, this trio manages to deliver an effort of staggering thickness, congenial sadness, and wandering cosmic acceptance."

10. Shroud Eater - "ThunderNoise"

Shroud Eater is the reason I write for Heavy Planet. Reg featured them, Toby interviewed them, I bought their cd and t-shirt. ThunderNoise sounds like a spring morning, if spring mornings are cloudy, wet, and fraught with brilliant sludge/doom descent. Few bands play this hard.

11. Belzebong - "Sonic Scapes and Weedy Grooves"

"This twice-baked sack o' ditch is packed with serious sludge and gorgeously fuzzy feedback. Don't bogart it; Belzebong brought plenty of supplies on Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves. Your parole agent is gonna be pissed, but Belzebong can take you somewhere he'll never follow. Their Kansas Grass ain't no schwag, son. This swirling, thumping kush frolic is the perfect, uh... score to an after-school session with your pals. Clear your calendar.

I won't call this honorable mention, that sounds terrible. Let's call it "Ten More Albums That Blistered Your Ass":

Weedeater - "Jason The Dragon"
Carcinogenic Corpse - "Noise Farm"
Borracho - "Splitting Sky"
Ponamero Sundown - "Rodeo Electrica"
Giantrider - Self-Titled
Elvis Deluxe - "Favourite State of Mind"
Using Bridge - "And I Will Be Heard"
Archon - "The Ruins At Dusk"
BOAR - Self-titled
Mastodon - "The Hunter"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - Low Sonic Drift / Madam Trashy

Low Sonic Drift: Shadows of the Titan

Let's begin our Double Dose today with the Scottish metaler's Low Sonic Drift. Low Sonic Drift takes a "psychedelics minded" approach to heavy metal, with influences drawn from the desert scene (Karma To Burn) to Scandinavia (Opeth), and all over this ellipsoid we call Earth. The tunes are driven by extravagant instrumental passages and colossal thrash infused groove riffage. I quote, “Combine that with relentless energy and a keen sense of adventure” and we have quite the recipe for an incredible live show. Low Sonic Drift have shared the stage with some of Heavy Planet’s favorite acts, Orange Goblin, Weedeater, and Brant Bjork, as well as Humanfly, Black Sun, and Stinking Lizaveta. Check Low Sonic Drifts debut album Shadows of the Titan now!

**Low Sonic Drift have been kind enough to offer the Heavy Planet reader's a late Christmas gift, a free download of the song Shadows. Be sure to check it out and send the guys at Low Sonic Drift a big Thank You!


Javaud Habibi - Drums
Omar Aborida - Guitar / Vocals
Paul Wilson - Bass

I bandcamp I facebook I myspace I store I web I


Madam Trashy: Book of Dead

Today's second helping are Brooklyn trio Madam Trashy and their debut album Book of Dead. This one is a genre smasher, melding "creativity and spontaneity". Madam Trashy are built on influences such as The Melvins and King Crimson. The music is heavily guitar driven with a progressive-grunge aura and beautifully sung harmonies. Their "Kickstarter" campaign was successful, drawing fans from around the USA, thanks to their energetic live performances and "startling visuals". Be sure to watch for a show near you!

**The Christmas season has been very good to us here at Heavy Planet. Madam Trashy has also been kind enough to offer Heavy Planet reader's a gift... the entire Book of Dead album, for free!


Brian Murphey - Bass / Vocals
Garth MacAleavey - Drums / Vocals
Jake Bloomfield-Misrach - Guitar/ Vocals

I bandcamp I facebook I tumblr I twitter I web I

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - Kingsnake

I had the good fortune of representing Heavy Planet recently at the Borracho vinyl LP release party in Washington DC, where I got to spin some killer stoner/doom tracks between bands. It goes without saying that the guests of honor nearly tore the roof off the venue during their headlining set, all the while rocking their audience with their intensely deafening groove. What wasn't quite so expected however was that said audience would already be worked into a sweaty mess before the party hosts ever even took the stage thanks to four dudes out of Philadelphia, PA. Dear readers and followers, allow me to introduce you to Kingsnake.

Go ahead and hit play on the nine tracks the band has available through ReverbNation and treat yourself to their sleazy, gritty swagger. The sound will immediately bring to mind the more bluesy side of Clutch…think keyboard era stuff from Robot Hive or Beale Street. And vocalist/guitarist Bill Jenkins' delivers his tales of women and woe in a gruff, raspy tone that will certainly draw comparisons to Neil Fallon. It'll come as no surprise then that Jean Paul Gaster handled pre-production duties on Kingsnake's debut Book of Promise…how about that for some street cred?

Listening to the album, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that all four of these guys are seasoned musicians who feel right at home behind their respective instruments. But it's the live setting where that fact is truly brought home and if you have an opportunity to see them…do not miss out. Lead guitarist Brian Merritt jams like a man who sold his soul a long time ago to obtain that talent. And drummer Matt Farnan is having so much fun laying down the beats, he'll have your head nodding up and down involuntarily before you even realize it…the shit is trance-like. And lest you think Matt Kahn is just another rock n' roll bassist who idly stands in the corner plucking out the backbone of his band's sound, not so friends. The man has no problem strutting right out to the center of the stage to let you witness his slap and pop "hammer ons" and "pull offs" in all their funky glory.

But enough of my rambling about how great this band is and how much you're gonna love 'em. Go grab yourself a six pack, crank up the Kingsnake and pony up to the Christmas tree for a killer fucking light show. Consider this a belated present from Heavy Planet. You're welcome.


Kingsnake is:

Bill Jenkins - Vocals/guitar
Brian Merritt - Lead guitar
Matt Kahn - Bass
Matt Farnan - Drums

Facebook|ReverbNation|My Space

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Heavy Planet!

While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...

In MY head, I'd drawn up a killer sludge manifesto on how to spend your Christmas, slugging to obscure metal covers and licking candy canes to pointy spines.

Then I realized I should do some Christmas shopping. My kids are hoping to open chainsaws and kittens in roughly four hours, and I'm scrambling. Problem is, I don't take Christmas seriously enough. Fortunately, neither did Type O Negative.

Go love your family this holiday, but not before loving this animation to Type O's bleak yuletide perspective. Sunday Sludge returns 1/1/12. Why? Because my kids are fucking crazy, that's why!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Album Review: Skrogg - "Raw Heat"

We've just passed the winter solstice and I'm hoping against hope that Santa soon leaves me a bottle of Buffalo Trace under the tree. If he doesn't, I'll just crank Skrogg's Raw Heat and sweat 'til I stink. The EP gives listeners five chances to sneak out of that lame-ass Christmas gathering to steal your neighbor's car, trash a hotel room, or just spill double-fisted libations all over the shag carpeting you can't stand anyway. You don't want your kids to see you listening to Skrogg.

Straight outta hell by way of New Hampshire, this doomy-blues trio has a sound that's thickly bearded, whiskey-soaked, and strangely southern. A bouncy bass gurgle guides Cajun Lady from one end of the bar to the next, flirting with sludgy plod and slow-rolling singalongs until The Reverend's guitar discharges sticky brilliance. Thick, hot, and perfectly uncomfortable. Watch your step.

The stripped-down, honest, and boner-driven Anita Ride has the feel of a throwback homage to Skrogg's 70's influences, though it's heavier, fuzzier, and a little spooky. A psychedelic warble is perhaps the track's defining trait, but sun-caked riffs and a slow tempo keep us from wandering into traffic. And you've recognized the sophomoric humor, no doubt. But it does nothing to detract from this crusty hitchhiker anthem.

Raw Heat's title track keeps things hazy as a smoke-filled garage. Slow, drawn-out, and dirty as things can get, lyrics like "smooth as molasses and sweet as candy rain" evoke visions of fat, naked bikers fuckin' in the woods. Felix's thunderous drums blend with Jasper's sex-lube funk in perfect rhythm, punctuated by riffs doused in napalm. Rolling out on a cherry ashtray, lint-pickin' buzz, this is the album's best seven minutes.

Picking up tempos with a highway bass roll, Cosmonaut's entire sound is low, wide, and viscous. Guitars manage to soar as the loose, bouncy low-end does its best to drag them into the cornfield. Cops show up just as you think the track is ending, leaving you and your buddies no choice but to swallow your stash, squeeze into the back of a pickup, and try to remember the names of the topless bar whores sitting next to you. The next time you run into Skrogg, remember to thank them for the brilliant thirty seconds that carry out Cosmonaut.

Skrogg get heaviest on Evil Eye, beginning with a morbid, warbling black-metal gurgle. Vocals drift and encompass listeners, but it's hard to notice. The muddy, shit-caked stomp shares the marquee with pore-penetrating solos. Wavering groove knocks us back thirty-five years and The Reverend complacently reminds us "You can't take nothin' when you die." Grinding out the last minutes of an all too short EP, this final track trudges and buzzes nearly as much as your head.

Skrogg have clearly spent some time on the road, and they've certainly enjoyed a lifestyle of equal parts Sabbath, Deep Purple, Schlitz, and Jim Beam. Raw Heat's marriage of grit and gravel makes for the perfect road trip soundtrack, and the cock-butter glaze of these five songs is enough to make you clutch your girlfriend's waist a little tighter. Maybe this is something you and your old man can finally agree on. And maybe this is why your mother says shit like "Y'know, I'm kinda worried about you."


Facebook | Reverbnation

Friday, December 23, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: MACHINE KING

Machine King is today's "New Band To Burn One To".


Originally formed in 2007, the band went under the name Stone Gods until an unfortunate renaming incident with an international band left them without enough hair. Machine King was born in February 2008 as a result. A blend of blues, stoner rock and psychedelic influences the live set is dynamic and huge and the studio work just keeps going from strength to strength. Influences include The Obsessed, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Type O Negative, Pink Floyd, Cream, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Hawkwind.

Machine King have played gigs with many NZ stoner/doom bands including Made In China, Osmium and a Kyuss tribute band called "Sons of Kyuss". They have played at some interesting venues including a couple of gigs on an Air Force base.

In 2008 some original music was laid down at local recording studio Creative Sounds aka 'The Stomach' and released on student radio with one track 'Where I've Been' appearing on the b-net station Control 99.4fm compilation album 'Control freaks rule the world'. Since then guitarist Dave Allan has built a recording studio (Chocolate Mud Recordings) and the band have released their self-produced, self-titled debut EP. They are currently working on a full length album for release in 2012/13.



"With piercing bass lines, solid soloing and a steady rythym, New Zealand's Machine King create a mesmering laid back vibe. The band plays seventies-spiked psychedelic blues with heavy stoner rock sensibilities. Using slow tempos, quiet passages, and a warm fuzzy tone, Machine King is the perfect elixer for a long hard day."
Band Website|Facebook|Myspace|Twitter

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The Neptune Power Federation is today's "New Band To Burn One To"


The NPF are an Australian d.i.y outfit that harken back to a simpler time when bands like Motley Crue were considered Satanic and the PMRC were seriously worried about the effect Twisted Sister would have on a child’s upbringing.

The NPF perform fuzzed up old school metal with a subtle stoner flavour richly lathered in the occult. Riffs are typically judged successful if they roughly evoke the manner of a large inbred man-child chopping down a tree.

The band features an international lineup of players who all have the shared ambition of building a time machine, travelling back to 1982 and doing a gig with Angel Witch.

The Black Plagums [vox]
Search and DesTroy [gtr]
Inverted CruciFox [gtr, vox]
Ritual [bass, vox]
Mr Styx [drums]



"Australia's spaced-out occult rockers The Neptune Power Generation mix it up with an unlikely blend of eighties hair metal, seventies classic rock and fuzzy stoner rock all done with a punk rock attitude and interesting band member names. Think Motley Crue meeting up with Deep Purple in an intergalactic fistfight. The band has made their first single "Wizard Lovin'" available for free download on Bandcamp."


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - Electric Mammoth / Serious Beak

Electric Mammoth

New to the scene, Electric Mammoth, are a progressive four-piece from Philadelphia, PA. Electric Mammoth formed this year (2011) and rapidly released their self-titled debut. It is difficult to describe the sound Electric Mammoth form. The music is melodic, driven by "dual guitars, dynamic vocals, and a relentless rhythm section." Quite simply, solid rock!


Billy Pandola
Brian McClure
Dan Vincenti
Russ Posluszny

I bandcamp I facebook I reverbnation I twitter I


Serious Beak: Huxwhukw

What we have here is an Aussie quartet of avant, instu-metal genius. I honestly cannot sum this up better than Serious Beak already has…

""Huxwhukw" is an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and poly-rhythmic discordant music, sure to please fans of Meshuggah, Mastodon, Botch, The Mars Volta and King Crimson."

Now, don’t run away just because Serious Beak is an instrumental band. The album is so well orchestrated a listener will ignore the so called “missing” vocals. The music twists and turns unendingly… there are moments of intense math-timed chaos and calming ambience. In my opinion, Serious Beak is the deranged spawn of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Sigur Rós. If your ears are looking for diversity, look no further than Serious Beak’s Huxwhukw, now streaming at bandcamp.

For those interested… the Huxwhukw is a mythical, supernatural bird that used its long beak to crack open the skulls of men to ear their brains or pluck out there eyes. The creature on the cover is artist Caitlin Hackett’s rendition. More of Caitlin’s work can be seen here.


Andrew Mortensen – Bass
Gene White - Drums
Lachlan Dale – Guitar (Les Paul)
Tim Brow – Guitar (Telecaster)

I bandcamp I facebook I myspace I

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: BLACK ACID DEVIL

Black Acid Devil is today's "New Band To Burn One To"


Black Acid Devil started in the Winter of 2008 as the band Warriors on the Edge of Time. Changed our name and released tape in summer of 2010. finished two small tours of the midwest and played a number of shows in the Denver area. after a brief hiatus we are back with more amps and a desire to bring the thunder.  "Mountains of Madness" is Black Acid Devil's first official album released digitally in November of 2011.


"People always ask me why I wait so long to release my Top albums of the year (usually mid-January) and I always tell them that you never know when you may find a hidden gem at the end of the year. I think I may have found that hidden gem in Boulder, Colorado's Black Acid Devil. The band plays a fierce as fuck blend of Stoner/Sludge metal. By blending monsterous riffs, monumental time changes, furious bass lines and gritty vocals the band beckons the ominous sky like a rolling metallic thunder. As the band states...Black Acid Devil Slays...INDEED!"


Monday, December 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: ROWSDOWER

Rowsdower is today's "New Band To Burn One To"


We are from St. Louis. The four of us met in college. We would get together as lazy college students, ingest toxins, spend the day BBQing and the night playing loud, slow, bluesy doom music, mainly because we were too fucked up to play anything else.  On the demo we are Eli D (vocals), Steve S (bass), JB C (drums), Zak J (guitars). We're heavily influenced by the same bands most stoner rockers are into:  Sabbath (of course), Clutch, Kyuss, Isis...etc. We are currently working on our full-length with an additional guitarist named Big Mike who is a long time friend. Please download and pass along our demo.



"Combining powerful vocals, bluesy doom riffs and post-metal dynamics St. Louis-based band Rowsdower glides through four groovy tracks on their latest EP. Although the band cites influences such as Kyuss, Clutch and QOTSA, I really do not hear it. What I do hear are some laid back tracks which progress around  heavy blues riffs, scorching guitar freakouts, and a hint of Alice in Chains gloominess. The band layers it on thick with a very seventies vibe, even covering heavy psychedelic blues legend Robin Trower's classic tune "Bridge of Sighs". ...Hey its that crazy fuck Rowsdower, why the hell are we in Canada anyway??? The band is offering their EP for free in both MP3 and CD formats, go get it now!"

Facebook|CD Quality Demo|MP3 Quality Demo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Sludge: LEECHMILK

Plaudits for bands that carve their own paths are seldom in short order. Sure, there's much to be said for doing things your own way and sticking to your greasy guns. Atlanta's Leechmilk, however, entered a thicket so riddled with thorns that keeping up with them often resulted in a bloody fucking mess. Today's Sunday Sludge highlights a band thick and dark enough to give you a twitch and give your family a guarded approach.

It's been damn near a decade since Leechmilk last played, but the sores are still raw. In their far-too-brief existence ('96 to '01), the band took an avenue that even the crustiest sludge enthusiast would find unnerving. Themes of hatred and death perfectly complemented the weathered plug of slow, mangy rhythms and Dan Caycedo's cauterized growls.

Leechmilk themselves released their 2000 demo Worthless, while that same year saw Starvation of Locusts cement the band's status as grinding malcontents that cared nothing for what the world thought. Fast-forward ten years and Leechmilk still ooze disdain and make you forget other bands that sound, by comparison, just far too sunny. You don't wanna soil your couch, so make sure you scrub those hard to reach places after listening.

Just before crawling to their demise, Leechmilk's stripped-down, straightforward brand of hanging moss appeared to be picking up steam. A split with Sofa King Killer (Guilty of Sloth/Crusty Mother Fuckn Rock and Roll) on Tee Pee Records held promise of a broader audience, while whispers of the band's emotional and intimate live shows had spread far beyond the south. Sadly, Leechmilk disbanded shortly after and left fans wishing more bands followed the blueprint.

You may need a flathead shovel to dig up the band's material (or even a damn photo), but the blisters are worth it. In an era where sounds are more watered-down than ever, rewinding to Leechmilk's foul sludge contribution seems to effectively accompany winter's lament. The ground is frozen, cabin fever is inevitable, and you're running low on both patience and booze. You can't be sure if this band is the solution to your misery or just another contributing factor. But you won't be able to pull yourself away from it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Album Review - Lonely Kamel: Dust Devil

Lonely Kamel's second album "Blues for the Dead" was one of my first review's here at Heavy Planet (although not one of my best, Lonely Kamel was the first of the bands I would write up that truly impressed me). Their heavy blues inspired groove rock was just the shot in the arm I needed to have faith that new bands could make classic rockin' jams.

Fast foward a year... Lonely Kamel has signed with Napalm Records, hit the road.. a lot (thanks to S.O.L.), and released their third album Dust Devil. Lonely Kamel, doing what they do so well, kept with the hard rockin', stoner blues and added depth with (and I quote) "two spoonfuls of doom and psychedelia". Don't worry though, the doom and psychedelia did not make the guys too serious. Dust Devil is a bag full of fun!

Grim Reefer kicks things off in typical Lonely Kamel style, with a catcthy blues driven riff, a drag of fuzz, and some southern soulful rock. No show-boating here, just something to bob our heads too. Seventh Son is one of the (few) darker tracks Lonely Kamel have released. A frightening bass-line and eerie sound of wind blowing greet us, while Tomas croons for the top, "away from the Seventh Son". Lonely Kamel's dabbling in doom have paid off greatly, adding a new variety to the drinkin', smokin', and partyin' tunes. Speaking of drinkin', smokin', and partyin'... where would be without a little something to get the blood flowing? That's where Roadtrip With Lucifer comes in... and it rocks, simply rocks! "Like a two-headed bison" Lonely Kamel run us over with a melodic groove, fiercely spit lyrics, and enough hooks to keep cruisin'.

I'm glad to be here again, writing about an excellent band that knows how to have a good time... and luckily writes the soundtrack. So, go out and grab a bottle of your favorite poison (I suggest a Vermonster), Lonely Kamel will provide the blues and the grooves.

Solid... 8 out of 10

"Blues, grooves, and a bottle of booze!!" -Lonely Kamel


Espen Nesset - Drums
Lukas Paulsen - Lead Guitar
Stian Helle - Bass
Tomas Brenna - Vocals, Guitar

Friday, December 16, 2011


The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Venomous Maximus.


Houston's Venomous Maximus gurgles with the sounds of proto-metal gods Pentagram and Blue Cheer as well as new-school leaders like High on Fire. The headspace of this band falls somewhere between a Alejandro Jodorowsky film and a New Orleans voodoo den. Hail Satan and pass the chicken feet.



"When I first saw the name of the band I was expecting something much different. Heavy, slow, dreadful doom perhaps. But as I delved into Houston's Venomous Maximus a little more, I realized that these guys have a really awesome vibe. Combining hair-raising riffs, a skull-crushing gallop a la The Sword, and a somewhat retro feel, the band's bite will no doubt poison your soul and mystify your mind. Check them out!"


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heavy Planet Podcast #03: DECEMBER DOOM

The riffs are humongous, the grooves are thick, and the tempo is slow. We invite you to listen to the Heavy Planet Podcast this Sunday December 18th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST on Grip of Delusion Radio as we feature some of the most evil, epic and skull-crushing Stoner/Doom the "world" has to offer.


01. Devil-"Welcome the Devil" (Norway)
02. Orchid-"He Who Walks Alone" (San Francisco, CA)
03. Electric Wizard-"The Devil's Bride" (UK)
04. Stoned Jesus-"Red Wine" (Ukraine)
05. Wizard Eye-"Psychonaut" (Philadelphia, PA)
06. Church of Misery-"Megalomania" (Japan)
07. Bongripper-"Sex Tape" (Chicago, IL)
08. Sardonis-"It Walks the Mountain" (Belgium)
09. Clagg-"The Harvest" (Melbourne, Austrailia)
10. One Inch Giant-"Echoes in the Night" (Sweden)
11. Dopethrone-"Dark Foil" (Montreal, Canada)
12. Ramesses-"The Weakening" (UK)
13. Stoner Kebob-"Superdoom" (Italy)
14. Ufomammut-"Satan" (Italy)
15. Witch Mountain-"South Sugar" (Portland, OR)
16. Black Pyramid-"Cauldron Born" (Boston, MA)
17. Heavy Lord-"Gods of Doom" (Netherlands)
18. Belzebong-"Bong Thrower" (Poland)
19. Stonehelm-"Towers of Black" (Ventura, CA)
20. Major Kong-"Witches on My Land" (Poland)

Go here to download previous podcasts.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - Goran D. Sanchez / The Heavy Eyes

Goran D. Sanchez: Diaul

Anyone interested in hearing some Italian sludge-core? If not, get in the mood, because what we have here is a prime example in Goran D. Sanchez. Milano, Italia's Goran D. Sanchez have been meddling with sludge and hardcore... and I must say, they have perfected the formula with their album 'Diaul'. The jams are heavy (very heavy), distorted, chaotic, and yet somehow melodic. The vocals are intense, like Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan intense. Give the opener 'Weed or Weedout You' a listen at the group's bandcamp, and let us know what you think.


Bambino - Drums
Checco - Vocals
Cic - Guitar
Dead*Man - Bass
Simoncino - Guitar


The Heavy Eyes

Memphis, Tennessee's The Heavy Eyes are filled with the spirit of '60s blues rock. Heavy Planet introduced The Heavy Eyes as a NBTBOT last December. The band was also part of March Bandness 2011. It is apparent The Heavy Eyes sound is heavily influenced on the hard rock movement of the late 60's and early 70's, as well as Memphis' famous blues. Tripp Shumake's vocals and guitar style are soulful, enhancing the southern feel of the record and Eric Garcia's drums and Wally Anderson's bass will have your feet stomping, The production quality is raw and very fitting, Stand out tunes include Iron Giants, Voytek, In Need, and Drifter. Hear my favorites, as well as the entire album at The Heavy Eyes' bandcamp.

**A physical copy of the album (CD) can be purchased, for $10 plus shipping and handling, by contacting The Heavy Eyes at Theseheavyeyes@gmail.com.


Eric Garcia - Drums
Tripp Shumake - Guitars / Vocals
Wally Anderson - Bass

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