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Monday, December 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: ROWSDOWER

Rowsdower is today's "New Band To Burn One To"


We are from St. Louis. The four of us met in college. We would get together as lazy college students, ingest toxins, spend the day BBQing and the night playing loud, slow, bluesy doom music, mainly because we were too fucked up to play anything else.  On the demo we are Eli D (vocals), Steve S (bass), JB C (drums), Zak J (guitars). We're heavily influenced by the same bands most stoner rockers are into:  Sabbath (of course), Clutch, Kyuss, Isis...etc. We are currently working on our full-length with an additional guitarist named Big Mike who is a long time friend. Please download and pass along our demo.



"Combining powerful vocals, bluesy doom riffs and post-metal dynamics St. Louis-based band Rowsdower glides through four groovy tracks on their latest EP. Although the band cites influences such as Kyuss, Clutch and QOTSA, I really do not hear it. What I do hear are some laid back tracks which progress around  heavy blues riffs, scorching guitar freakouts, and a hint of Alice in Chains gloominess. The band layers it on thick with a very seventies vibe, even covering heavy psychedelic blues legend Robin Trower's classic tune "Bridge of Sighs". ...Hey its that crazy fuck Rowsdower, why the hell are we in Canada anyway??? The band is offering their EP for free in both MP3 and CD formats, go get it now!"

Facebook|CD Quality Demo|MP3 Quality Demo

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