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If you are looking for new Stoner Rock, Doom, Heavy Psych or Sludge Metal bands, then you have come to the right place. Heavy Planet has been providing free promotion to independent and unsigned bands since 2008. Find your next favorite band at Heavy Planet. Thanks for stopping by!


We will no longer be accepting band submissions for reviews. We will however still accept submissions to feature on our Facebook page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Band Submission Rules

What genres of music do you cover on Heavy Planet?

Your submission must fall into the Stoner Rock, Doom, Heavy Psych and Sludge metal categories. We will consider anything that we deem "heavy" enough for Heavy Planet. We will not, however, consider Thrash, Death, Mathcore, Black Metal, Industrial Metal, Goth Metal and their sub-genres. Nor will we consider Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock or Indie Singer/Songwriter submissions or any band that sounds remotely like Nickleback, Three Days Grace or Five Finger Death Punch.

How do I get my band's music reviewed on Heavy Planet?

Once your band's submission is accepted according to our rules, it is then passed along to our reviewers at which point it is entirely up to them as to which albums/EPs get reviewed. Please keep in mind that we are incredibly busy at Heavy Planet HQ and unfortunately, we are not able to review everything that we receive.

Do you accept downloads for reviews?

You bet. That is the preferred way to receive promos these days. However, please make sure the tracks are titled, tagged and ordered correctly.

Do you accept streams for review?

That is actually up to the reviewer. If possible, please provide a link, or code to download the album.

Do you accept physical promos for review?

We will no longer be accepting physical copies of promos for review. This is to save the bands the cost of postage and time that it takes to mail the package. If you do get your album reviewed and would like to extend your gratitude to the reviewer, you may contact them for their address.

Ok, so how do I submit my album for review?

If you feel that your band falls into the scope of what is covered on Heavy Planet and would like to submit your recording for review, please fill out our contact form and supply the following information:

1. Name of Band/Artist and Title of Recording.

2. Band Bio or Press Release. We will not accept submissions that are unprofessional and provide a one line description. We are very serious about our work and you should be just as serious about yours.

3. Record Label (if applicable) and release date.

4. Any pertinent web links. Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.

5. Link or code to download the album.

We sent in our submission and it has never been reviewed, what gives?

We appreciate every band that sends in a submission to Heavy Planet, however, we do have other obligations such as our real jobs and other life events that prevent us from reviewing. Also, with the influx of albums being sent in it is impossible to review everything. Please keep in mind that what gets reviewed is entirely up to the review staff. Also, it could be a number of things such as your music did not fall into Heavy Planet's scope, it wasn't submitted correctly, etc. If your album is accepted for review, it could take anywhere from the next day to the next month depending on the reviewer's availability.

Do you accept submissions on Facebook?

Simple answer, no.

Artist Submissions

I am an artist/design company and would like to be promoted on Heavy Planet, how do I go about doing that?

Easy. Just fill out our contact form with any and all pertinent information. We will add your name to our growing community of artists. A link will be created to direct people to your website. Also, if interested let us know and we will run a feature on you or possibly ask for an interview.

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