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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Marasme

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Marasme.


1-Extremely slimness or weakening of the human body.

2-Moral or physical hanging, motionless.

Marasme was born in January of 2008 when five musicians from different styles met to form a musical project with more personal, twisted , and definitely, different ideas: Jeroni (vocals; ex-Strangled), Tomeu (guitar; TeCorrs, ex-Venus Inferna), Manuel (guitar; ex-Stones From The Sky), Jaume (bass; ex-Dogma) and David (drums, ex-Dogma).

In the end of that year, they self-released their first recording, "Marasme" EP. In 2009, they polished their style as well as the visual aspect of the shows, including video projections. In the winter they started recording their first album, "Mirroir", and in the beginning of 2010 Higinio joined the band to take care of all the visual aspects and video projections.

The influences of Marasme are extremely wide, from Sludge to Progressive Rock as well as Post-Rock, Drone, Metal, Hardcore or Avantgarde. The band cites influences such as Neurosis, Red Sparrowes, Isis, Wolves In The Throne Room, Opeth, and Mastodon.

In listening to the songs posted on their MySpace page, the band has some potenial. I particularly like the tune "Waves". It starts off with a bit of a jazz beat, then wallows around a while until this enormous "wave" of crushing guitars destroys your very being as the vocalist growls at you with sincere anger. Worth your time to check them out.

Marasme MySpace

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Orange Oven

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Orange Oven. Orange Oven is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The band just recently released their new CD "Stormy Sky". The band consists of Carey - (Keys, Synth, Organ and Vocals), Correy - (Drums), Oren - (Bass), and Alex - (Guitar, Effects).

The music of Orange Oven can be described as mostly keyboard driven, hypnotic, psychedelic rock with an ode to Pink Floyd circa 1972. Spooky, mezmerising, and most importantly accomplished quality musicianship. Are you ready to take the trip?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exciting News From Heavy Planet

This may not be as exciting to you as it is to me, but I will now be a contributor to StonerRock.com. I will publish the feature "New Band To Burn One To" on StonerRock.com as well as Heavy Planet every Tuesday and Thursday as long as I don't have anything else going on. Bands will now have double the exposure through the "New Band To Burn One To" feature. I will also be able to publish CD reviews and concert reviews as well, so if you are willing to contribute a review or submit your band, you can either get in touch with me at heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com or through the contact links on StonerRock.com. I will learn more in the upcoming weeks, but for now please send in your requests.

*Sorry I did not post a NBTBOT this week, I was busy watching the Pens lose to the Sens in triple OT. Let's Go Pens!!

News For Week Ending 4/24/2010

Here are the top news stories for week ending 4/24/2010.

SOUNDGARDEN: Audio Of Entire Seattle Reunion Show Posted Online

BISON B.C., HOLY GRAIL Members Interviewed On 'The Metal File'

RHINO: New Album Track Listing Revealed

CATHEDRAL Frontman Discusses New Album; Audio Available


HIGH ON FIRE Bassist Interviewed On 'Saturday Night Scream'


NACHTMYSTIUM: New Song Available For Streaming

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: New Best-Of Collection Due In June

CANDLEMASS Pulls Out Of Germany's KEEP IT TRUE XIII Festival

WOLFMOTHER Parts Ways With Drummer, Announces Replacement

ROSETTA Announce Album Details; New Song Ready For Consumption



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Wynken Delirium

The "New Band To Burn One To" is Wynken Delirium.

How do you soak South East Asian culture and tradition into heavy, sludgy, and groovy music? Wynken Delirium from Johor Bahru, Malaysia is twisting necks in conducting the experiments. Arming Semar with electric guitar has never been this serious. Taking its cue from the unceremonious break-up of metal band Gobling in 2005, Wynken Delirium has since established itself by adding Javanese/Sundanese/Balinese influences, odd tempo/beat counts, and unusual arrangements on top of its grunge/doom/metal music foundation. The resulting combination is summarized by the band’s two lowly tuned guitars and bass guitar, frequent switches between growls, clean notes, and high-pitched shrieks in the vocal department, full drumming, and interspersion of traditional instruments such as Javanese/Balinese/Sundanese gamelan and Minangkabau’s cak lempong. The band has been labeled as everything from grungecore, progressive/hard rock, metal, stoner rock, to ethnic metal. Call it what you want, the band maintains its deep respect of Indonesian, Malaysian, Bruneian, Filipino, Thai, and Cambodian musical heritage, while at the same time acknowledging the western roots of noisy, sludgy, and hard-hitting music.

The above bio pretty much says it all. If you are into trying something a little different, then give Wynken Delirium a listen. You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Dirt Communion News

Hello everyone!

We have a new free song up on our Bandcamp site. It’s the first track off our full-length version of “Antique Mechanic,” now available everywhere online. In fact, three songs from the album -- “The Trapdoor Into Hell,” “Rebuilt for Speed,” and “A Trip to the Slaughterhouse” -- are all free on Bandcamp.

Here are the relevant sites:

http://www.reverbnation.com/dirtcommunion - we like these guys better than MySpace and all…..
http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/antique-mechanic/id365638754 - the album on iTunes
http://www.amazon.com/Antique-Mechanic-LP/dp/B003ESSPAW - Amazon version

Also, we are really excited to be playing the first Doom in June festival in Las Vegas. It is on Saturday, June 5 at the Cheyenne Saloon and features a lot of national and regional bands we love in the groove/doom/sludge pantheon. Here’s a link to their site as well:  http://www.myspace.com/doominjune.


Fresh off of their massive tour alongside Weedeater, Black Tusk and The Gates of Slumber, Ohio-based hardcore/sludge crossover masters STRUCK BY LIGHTNING are currently seeking a full-time, permanent bassist to join the band's roster.

Requirements for STRUCK BY LIGHTNING's bassist position:

-Must be ready and willing to tour heavily.

-Must own/be able to purchase necessary gear for recording/touring.

-Must be willing to relocate to beautiful Columbus, Ohio.

Prior studio/touring experience would be greatly preferred. Interested parties should contact Gregory: worshipthestorm@hotmail.com

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING's debut full-length Serpents was released in late September 2009 via Translation Loss Records. The band's intensely brutal and varied song structures on the record have continuously sucked in new listeners, garnishing amazing responses from the media as well as from anybody who has witnessed this beast on the prowl across the country over this past year's live actions.

"...less proggy than Mastodon and less brooding than Baroness, but still as intense as both. We're headbanging!" - Alternative Press

"I'm talking about D-beat anthems that are sad yet huge - funerals, revenge killings, and the wars that follow... Let's hope lightning strikes again." 8/10 - Decibel

"...sounds exhilarating, like a weight-relieved Mastodon." 8/10 - Terrorizer

"...whatever the music's path, the results are the same -- annihilation you can almost hum." 4/5 - Revolver

"Dexterous and occasionally quite complex music, it's also got its share of anthemic choruses, pit-friendly breakdowns..." - Signal To Noise

"...a terrific middle ground between High on Fire, Mastodon, and Disfear. Punk song structures with driving tempos, great metallic guitar work, and stellar vocal parts make this record hard to pass up." - Lambgoat.com

Translation Loss

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Adrift For Days

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Adrift For Days.

Adrift for Days are a new psychedelic stoner doom band based out of Sydney, Australia. The band cites influences such as  Baroness, Electric Wizard,  Eyehategod, Isis, Monster Magnet, Om,  and Orange Goblin, just to name a few. The band is currently working on songs for a new demo which is currently untitled. In the meantime, there is a tune on their MySpace page called "Bury All Thats Chosen" that you can check out now. From what I heard, I am very interested in hearing more. The band is currently playing a few dates around the Sydney area so be sure to check them out.

Band Members:

Lachlan R. Doomsdale - guitars
Ron Prince - guitars
Steve Kachoyan - drums
Mick Kaslik - vocals, drone flute, effects
Matt Williams - bass

Video-Adrift for Days - Bury All That's Chosen (debut gig at the Lansdowne)



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Deathbeds

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Deathbeds.

Deathbeds are a four-piece band from Philadelphia, PA. One part Entombed, one part Integrity, they combine sludge-fueled metal and riff-oriented hardcore in a way that’s appalling, yet reassuring. Taking cues from doom and sludge but lacing it with the sensibility of the most visceral hardcore they know that to be the man you’ve gotta beat the man.

Formed in 2007, the 'Deathbeds' EP was released digitally in 2008, and laid the groundwork for 'No Funeral.' 'No Funeral' was recorded in the summer of 2009 at Red Planet Studios and was co-engineered by Joe Smiley and Chris Grigg (Woe). 'No Funeral’ is out now as a 7inch, courtesy of Young Lungs Ltd and is limited to 300 copies on green vinyl. Both the 'Deathbeds' and 'No Funeral' EPs are available digitally on a "pay what you want" basis through Communitas Media.


"Deathbeds from Philadelphia have one of the most entertaining bio write-ups on their Myspace site, so extreme it can't possibly be true but i kind of hope it is because that might explain why this band is so off the rails. They have released this 7" on the Young Lungs label but its also available as a free download, make sure and check their site for details. "No Funeral' was recorded in the summer of 2009 at Red Planet Studios and was co-engineered by Joe Smiley and Chris Grigg. The EP contains three tracks, all of which are guaranteed to rip your head off with a sound thicker than your fat aunt's hips. The band play heavy duty sludge/doom rock with a sound that blends the sound of everyone from Iron Monkey, Cathedral, Sourvein to early Entombed. One thing that is clear from the opening track "No Funeral" is the band is beyond heavy but has a incredibly catchy groove. "No Funeral" is a mid-tempo burner that stomps its way through 3 short minutes and is catchy just as much as it is a neck-snapping bone-crunching exercise in dirty sludge metal. The guitar's and bass sound's are thick but clear, drums pound in a energetic but tight style. The vocals are pure beef with a bellowing almost death metal sound and it compliments the riffing perfectly. Deathbeds don't mess around, they keep songs short and to the point, they make their statement and leave you searching for that repeat button. "Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death" kicks off with a traditional doom riff, slowly grinding with slothful fuzziness. The vocals range from sick, tormented screams to bellowing and groaning. There is a fine balance between out and out brutality and a traditional riffing style making a blend that is undeniably infectious but still will slay you every-time. Stuck in the middle of these two tracks is "Tyranny Of Will" and its another winner,a crunching riff and more filth ridden vocals from Mike Murro. The guitar duo of Stephen Edelson and Eric Sac are top-notch brutal exponents of the monster riff, they are totally locked into the groove at all times and play with some real passion. The rythym section of Chris Cherasaro (bass) and (i am assuming its his brother) Dave Cherasaro (drums) are totally solid. No Funeral in some ways harks back to the days of sludgy doom and metal in the late 80's and early 90's. There was a certain quality to the sound of the bands back then and Deathbeds also have that sound. The EP is over and done with in around 12 minutes so needless to say this band needs a full-length album out ASAP. If this is anything to go by, it will crush posers everywhere." 9/10 (Doommantia)



Buy the 7inch

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-One Slack Mind

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is One Slack Mind.

One Slack Mind is a thick, detuned, body shot to the solar plexus, doubling you over with the impact of its memorable riffs and original hooks. Hailing from the Washington DC area, One Slack Mind is comprised of regional rock veterans, Rich Wilson (vocals), Blake Metzler (guitar), Rick Leith (drums, backing vocals) and Steve Fletcher (bass).

One Slack Mind is sponsored by Jagermeister, and is steadily touring the mid-Atlantic region, expanding their fan base, pedaling their wares and exposing the glassy-eyed masses to their unique brand of heavy music.


“One Slack Mind $2 Demo” (EP) – 2000

“What was the Question?” – Erayce Records – 2001

“Isosceles” (EP) – Jagermeister/Sydney Frank Importing – 2003

“80 is the New 100” – Town Drunk Records (Release Date 8/26/2005)

“Scalene” – Massive Aggressive Marketing (Release Date 1/19/2008)

“The Earliest I’ve Ever Been Late”-Massive Aggressive Marketing  (Release Date 12/18/2009)

The band cites influences as Down, Clutch, Black Sabbath, Meshuggah, Kyuss, Bad Brains.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Band To Burn One To- Chapstik

Today's "New Band To Burn One To" is Chapstik.

Detroit is home to a fifty-megaton nuclear warhead. It's name? Chapstik.

Chapstik is a wasteland for mastermind/guitarist/vocalist Leighton Mann. It's where his art-damaged mind and sarcastic wit collide with the demons of doom metal. Where a three guitar sonic attack, led by Mann (Glori5, FistFuck USA), Erin-Elvis (BONK!,Glori5) and HoChi (MotorCityBurgers) is paired with low end bass wrangling from Dan G (Paradise, Novadriver) and V8 powered skin bashing from John Lehl (Diegrinder). It's where the balls of tortured souls are rocked into oblivion.

Chapstik began in the mid '90s in San Antonio and cycled through eight members before Mann got a case of wanderlust and decided to move his base of operations west of Detroit to Ypsilanti, MI. While in Ypsilanti, the band cycled through another eight members and released its first full-length, "Whiskey Time" on Baltimore's Reptilian Records in 1998.

A second disc, "Chimingo" was quietly released to friends and supporters in 2002 and a permanent line-up was settled in 2005, taking the band through eleven years, twenty-three members and a musical evolution from the garage type punk of its humble beginnings to its current status as the world's angriest party band.

Armed with an album of newly recorded material, the warhead of a band finds itself on the verge of detonation. With their third release "Barnburner" now complete, do they choose to keep the uneasy peace of mutually assured destruction intact, or let the prophesy of Armageddon fulfill itself? Only the bowels of the Motor City know the answer.

Dare you push the button?

The band has toured with luminaries such as Neurosis, Bad Wizard, Supersuckers, Alabama Thunderpussy, Bible of the Devil, Orange Goblin, Valient Thorr, Nick Oliveri, Devil to Pay,  and many more!


"We get dozens of unsigned bands’ releases every day, submitted for review. Here’s how to make yours one of the few that rises to the top of the pile: a) come up with a song title as ridiculously funny as “Egregious Philbin”, b) tour with Tesco Vee and THE MEATMEN and live to tell about it, even if your frontman is a soft-spoken vegetarian who looks like a mill-town librarian, and c) crank out barbed-wire bricks of stupidly catchy, surly, abrasive rock and roll that boogies while it kicks your head in, like a less overtly hostile BOULDER or a nerdier 16 with a sense of humor.

Compare it to whoever you want, but these hardscrabble Detroit-area lifers dish out this deceptively simple riffage, somewhere between sludge and stoner on the classifi-o-meter, and they deliver it at a volume and intensity designed to scour your eardrums like steel wool pads. Vocals are bellowed, snarled, or delivered in a mock-theatrical Valhalla yell, depending on what the none-too-serious subject matter at hand… but nothing about the music suggests these guys are kidding for an instant. This is heavy, punishing, bruising stuff, from the blast beats of the title track, to the meth-crisped boogie of “Mustache”, right down to the shambling crunge of eleven-minute closer “Goat Justice League”, which outdooms SLEEP and spends its latter half crumbling down the mountain in a finale that will leave the listener physically exhausted.

CHAPSTIK have been around for years, in various incarnations, flying under just about everyone’s radar. But their viscous, ear-bleeding rockin’ sludge would lay waste to your favorite stoner/doom/whatever band without even trying. If you worship at the altar of the riff and you like your metal sandblasted of all pretension and delivered with the subtlety of a cement truck, then CHAPSTIK’s self-described “turbo-crust” deserves a chance at making the rest of your record collection look like ass." (Keith Bergman, Blabbermouth.net)


Check them out now!

Official Website
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