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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Band To Burn One To- Chapstik

Today's "New Band To Burn One To" is Chapstik.

Detroit is home to a fifty-megaton nuclear warhead. It's name? Chapstik.

Chapstik is a wasteland for mastermind/guitarist/vocalist Leighton Mann. It's where his art-damaged mind and sarcastic wit collide with the demons of doom metal. Where a three guitar sonic attack, led by Mann (Glori5, FistFuck USA), Erin-Elvis (BONK!,Glori5) and HoChi (MotorCityBurgers) is paired with low end bass wrangling from Dan G (Paradise, Novadriver) and V8 powered skin bashing from John Lehl (Diegrinder). It's where the balls of tortured souls are rocked into oblivion.

Chapstik began in the mid '90s in San Antonio and cycled through eight members before Mann got a case of wanderlust and decided to move his base of operations west of Detroit to Ypsilanti, MI. While in Ypsilanti, the band cycled through another eight members and released its first full-length, "Whiskey Time" on Baltimore's Reptilian Records in 1998.

A second disc, "Chimingo" was quietly released to friends and supporters in 2002 and a permanent line-up was settled in 2005, taking the band through eleven years, twenty-three members and a musical evolution from the garage type punk of its humble beginnings to its current status as the world's angriest party band.

Armed with an album of newly recorded material, the warhead of a band finds itself on the verge of detonation. With their third release "Barnburner" now complete, do they choose to keep the uneasy peace of mutually assured destruction intact, or let the prophesy of Armageddon fulfill itself? Only the bowels of the Motor City know the answer.

Dare you push the button?

The band has toured with luminaries such as Neurosis, Bad Wizard, Supersuckers, Alabama Thunderpussy, Bible of the Devil, Orange Goblin, Valient Thorr, Nick Oliveri, Devil to Pay,  and many more!


"We get dozens of unsigned bands’ releases every day, submitted for review. Here’s how to make yours one of the few that rises to the top of the pile: a) come up with a song title as ridiculously funny as “Egregious Philbin”, b) tour with Tesco Vee and THE MEATMEN and live to tell about it, even if your frontman is a soft-spoken vegetarian who looks like a mill-town librarian, and c) crank out barbed-wire bricks of stupidly catchy, surly, abrasive rock and roll that boogies while it kicks your head in, like a less overtly hostile BOULDER or a nerdier 16 with a sense of humor.

Compare it to whoever you want, but these hardscrabble Detroit-area lifers dish out this deceptively simple riffage, somewhere between sludge and stoner on the classifi-o-meter, and they deliver it at a volume and intensity designed to scour your eardrums like steel wool pads. Vocals are bellowed, snarled, or delivered in a mock-theatrical Valhalla yell, depending on what the none-too-serious subject matter at hand… but nothing about the music suggests these guys are kidding for an instant. This is heavy, punishing, bruising stuff, from the blast beats of the title track, to the meth-crisped boogie of “Mustache”, right down to the shambling crunge of eleven-minute closer “Goat Justice League”, which outdooms SLEEP and spends its latter half crumbling down the mountain in a finale that will leave the listener physically exhausted.

CHAPSTIK have been around for years, in various incarnations, flying under just about everyone’s radar. But their viscous, ear-bleeding rockin’ sludge would lay waste to your favorite stoner/doom/whatever band without even trying. If you worship at the altar of the riff and you like your metal sandblasted of all pretension and delivered with the subtlety of a cement truck, then CHAPSTIK’s self-described “turbo-crust” deserves a chance at making the rest of your record collection look like ass." (Keith Bergman, Blabbermouth.net)


Check them out now!

Official Website

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