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Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Updates This Weekend

Sorry dudes, I will not be updating the blog this weekend. I simply do not have enough time. To my U.S readers, have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! See you Tuesday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

SWALLOW THE SUN: 'Plague Of Butterflies' E-Card Available

An e-card for "Plague of Butterflies", the new EP from Finnish doom metallers SWALLOW THE SUN, can be accessed at this location. The CD is due on September 17 in Finland, September 22 in the UK and September 23 in the U.S. via Spinefarm Records.

A video interview with singer Mikko Kotamäki and guitarist Juha Raivio regarding the EP can be viewed below.

Commented the band: "'Plague of Butterflies' is a story about an old hermit, deep woods, loneliness and the plague. It's one song in three parts and holds about 35 minutes of crushing gloom, beauty and despair. Music was originally ordered from us for a really interesting and big project, but the project was sadly abandoned. Because of this we are planning to use the music in different context — namely in a short movie — and we are in search for suitable partners to make this happen. We'll give more info on this later as things move on and wheels start to roll."

"Plague of Butterflies" track listing:

01. Losing the Sunsets
02. Plague of Butterflies
03. Evael 10:00

The album also includes the rare "Out of This Gloomy Light" demo. There were only three demos sent out, so this is really rare stuff and holds some of the darkest and coldest moments ever recorded by SWALLOW THE SUN.

"Out of This Gloomy Light" demo track listing:

01. Through Her Silvery Body
02. Out of This Gloomy Light
03. Under the Waves
04. Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)

"Hope", the third album by SWALLOW THE SUN, entered the Finnish national chart at position No. 3 back in February 2007. The follow-up to 2005's "Ghosts of Loss" was recorded at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki and was mastered at Finnvox studios with Minerva Pappi. The LP features a vocal appearance by Jonas Renkse of KATATONIA on the song "The Justice of Suffering".

MIDDIAN Calls It Quits; YOB Reformation In The Works

AGE ETERNAL (formerly MIDDIAN), the band featuring former YOB leader Mike Scheidt, has issued the following update:

"AGE ETERNAL (MIDDIAN) is fucking dead.

"Our lawsuit [involving a Milwaukee-based band called MIDIAN over the use of the MIDDIAN name] is finally coming to a close. It has been a hard year, and we could not have done it without the support of the metal community world wide and the time and money people donated to our cause. We are eternally in your debt.

"Sadly, the lawsuit came with a high cost to us personally and interpersonally. Scott Headrick is quitting the band and moving. Mike S felt he needed to back off from touring due to family and work/lack of work issues, cutting his touring commitment from 60-70 shows a year to a handful of shows, mostly local to the West Coast, for an indefinite amount of time, maybe permanently.

"This extreme change in direction, coupled with the immense stress of our lawsuit and inner conflicts in the band resulted in Scott's decision to move on with his life. Scott Headrick is the highest caliber of person. We mourn his loss, and support his need to take care of himself.

"We are very sad to share this news about AGE ETERNAL, but are confident that it must and will open the doors for new music creation and growth.

"Will Lindsay and Mike S will continue to write music with the goal of recording and doing some shows, under another name, as a new band and not AGE ETERNAL. And with Will's now full-time commitment playing guitar with the immaculate WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM, people should be expecting to see him in their hometown in the USA and abroad very soon.

"News regarding the reformation of YOB, including a small number of shows and a new recording, shall be announced officially soon.

"Once again, we cannot thank the metal community and people who donated their money and time enough. We feel extremely fortunate to be a part of such a quality group of people, and we will pay your kindness and generosity forward."

Album Of The Day-We're All Gonna Die-"Go To Hell" (2003)

The Album Of The Day is "Go To Hell" by We're All Gonna Die.


"This is the fourth release by Boston's WERE ALL GONNA DIE. They’ve taken all of the best elements of metal, removed all cheese, and unleashed an album that knocks me on my ass every time I hear it. This CD is dark, heavy, and full of depth and great songwriting. It provides spectacular vocals (ranging from Ian Astbury-style wailing to earsplitting screams) and fresh, original-sounding walls of riffdom.

One thing that really impressed me was the way these guys can balance all of these elements. For example, “Afraid” is basically a brooding ballad that alternates between sparkling guitar voicings, soulful vocals and devastating metal crunch calling to mind obscure classics like MENTAL HIPPIE BLOOD or the s/t LOUDMOUTH album from 1999. The tension between the verses and the slamming chorus is downright spellbinding, and singer/guitarist Jim Healey crosses back and forth between the changes with the deftness and grace of a deadly spider.

Another track that demands mention is the closer “Twelfth Step”. The track is recorded live, and after spinning it at least a half dozen times, I’ve decided that this band is officially added to my “must-see” live list. A low, rumbling bassline that you can just feel in your chest starts things off slowly, building gradually as violent, intermittent guitar punishment creeps in and joins with Healey’s screams and wails. The bassline is prominent throughout, acting as a blank tapestry and backdrop for the full eight minutes as the guitar and voice intertwine, separate, fade, return…until it all finally ceases (then I hit the ‘repeat’ button). Fans of stuff like SUPAFUZZ or FU MANCHU need to grab this one. Fucking spectacular."

(Marchman, Peacedogman.com)

Track Listing:

01. Loss and Shame
02. And Everything Went Black
03. No Roof
04. Afraid
05. Nine Holes of Fire
06. The Things I've Forgotten
07. I'm Sick Again
08. Goodnight, Goodbye
09. Save the Bones for Me
10. Twelfth Step (Live)



Underdogma Records

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CANDLEMASS: New Photos From The Studio Posted Online

New photos of Swedish doom legends CANDLEMASS in the recording studio have been posted online at this location.

CANDLEMASS recently spent time in the studio recording a new EP, "Lucfer Rising", for a tentative early October release via Nuclear Blast Records. It will include two brand new tracks — "Lucifer Rising" and "The White God" — plus re-recorded version of "Demon's Gate" live in the studio. As a bonus, you will get an audio recording of most of last year's gig from Athens, Greece: "At The Gallows End", "Solitude", "Emperor Of The Void", "Devil Seed", "Under The Oak", "Mirror Mirror", "Of Stars And Smoke", "Black Dwarf" and "Samarithan".

A new CANDLEMASS album will be recorded in the fall for a spring 2009 release.

HEAVEN AND HELL To Guest On This Weekend's 'Headbanger's Ball'

An exclusive interview with HEAVEN AND HELL will be featured this weekend on "Headbanger's Ball", which airs Saturday nights on MTV2 from 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 1:00 a.m. (technically early Sunday morning). Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice will be speaking about their Metal Masters Tour with JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD, and TESTAMENT, the new Dio-era BLACK SABBATH box set "The Rules Of Hell" as well as future plans for HEAVEN AND HELL.

WITCHFINDER GENERAL Prepares To Release New Album

Legendary NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal ) band WITCHFINDER GENERAL will release its new album, "Resurrected", on August 30 in the USA and September 2 in the UK via Buried In Time And Dust Records.

The Stourbridge, UK doom legends' first recording in over 25 years features the original lineup from the "Live '83" LP — Phil Cope (guitar), Rod Hawkes (bass) and Dermot Redmond (drums) — and adds new vocalist Gary Martin in place of original singer Zeeb Parkes.

"Resurrected" track listing:

01. The Living Hell
02. The Gift Of Life
03. Final Justice
04. Bryn-Y-Môr
05. Brutal Existence
06. Euthanasia
07. A Night to Remember
08. The Funeral / Beyond The Grave

Album Of The Day-Blutch-"Materia" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is "Materia" by Blutch.


Sludge, shmudge! Belgian trio Blutch have always transcended the fundamental trappings of classic sludge by infusing their songs with unexpected twists, running the gamut from avant-garde atmospherics to traditional, pure doom. Their third album, 2006's Materia, quickly makes a statement in this regard, lurching into action with a forty-four-second song fragment, sardonically named "Smile," and then keeping the listener guessing by way of frequent experiments — both brilliant and atrocious — through to the end. For example: "Cut a Hand" is a mere interlude but a memorable one at that; "Beguiling Comer," a painfully tuneless dirge that occasionally combusts into fierce percussion; "Burst," a comparatively lightweight staccato riffing exercise of stupendously tension-building proportions until whispered vocals finally set in; "The Black Caped Man," another mere snippet that's surprisingly fully formed. Now arriving at its grand centerpiece: eerie murmurings of Brahms's famous bedtime lullaby precede the ungodly heaviness of "Masamune"; a direct descendent of Sunn O))) or Boris built on minimal, but sustained riff rumbles that takes the crown as this disc's most seismic reverberations…and that's saying something. Unfortunately, no subsequent song stands a chance by comparison — not the widespread feedback and hyperactive drumming heard in "Stigma"; not the quasi-industrial dissonance and stutter-stomping engines of doom driving the overlong "Slaughterhouse," nor the refreshingly brief schizo-bursts of "Moving Ground"; not even the bowel-loosening drones and amusingly appropriate submarine beeps comprising the album's Earth-inspired finale, "Confutatis." Inconsistency, in the end, is Materia's Achilles' heel, but the overall balance still leans towards the upside thanks to a handful of truly peerless tracks. (Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Smile
02. Cut a Hand
03. Beguiling Comer
04. Burst
05. The Black Caped Man
06. Masamune
07. Stigma
08. Slaughterhouse
09. Moving Ground
10. Confutatis


Official Website

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


UK doom legends have been confirmed for the Damnation Festival 2008, set to take place Saturday, November 22 at England's Leeds University. Also newly added are progressive metallers DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL and THE MIRIMAR DISASTER.

According the organizers, this year's festival has been expanded to a full three-stage, 3,500-capacity event.

Rock Sound magazine will sponsor the third stage with rising post-metal talent SHELS, LATITUDES and doom merchants RAMESSES taking the stage, with more to be announced.

Festival director Gavin McInally said: "With more tickets sold for this year's Damnation Festival in the first month than we managed in the whole of last year, it was a simple choice; lock out the fans, or take the plunge and add the huge 2,000-capacity refectory.

"Damnation Festival will now host three stages rammed with talent and we're delighted to welcome Rock Sound on board as our newest partners — they've been at the forefront of breaking bands for over a decade, and we pride ourselves on doing the same!"

The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


Tickets for Damnation are on sale now priced at £29 (subject to booking fee).

For more information, visit www.damnationfestival.co.uk.

Former TROUBLE Frontman Launches BLACKFINGER

Former TROUBLE singer Eric Wagner has launched a new Illinois-based rock/acoustic/psychadelic project called BLACKFINGER. A song called "All The Leaves Are Brown" is currently being streamed on the band's MySpace page.

Album Of The Day-Roadsaw-"See You In Hell" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "See You In Hell" by Roadsaw.


At the 2005 Emissions from the Monolith Festival, Roadsaw frontman Craig Riggs admonished the crowd to "Maintain the fuckin' yeah." We wouldn't expect any less in return from the seminal Boston band and their back from the dead reunion album, See You in Hell.

Especially since See You in Hell, the first new material in roughly six years, boasts not only 3/4 of the line-up from 2002's Rawk n' Roll (Craig Riggs – vocals, Tim Catz – bass, Ian Ross – guitar, with drummer Hari Hassin replaced by Cortez' Jeremy Hemond) but also original lead guitarist Darryl Shepard, who last played with the band on 1997's Nationwide. That makes this version of the band a sort of supergroup, and that ups the level of expectation.

After a cute/pointless introduction that reminiscent of the music played at the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the band delivers as promised. “Who Do You Think You Are” is a gut puncher of a song that's about as classic Roadsaw as you can get. It's got a heavy, pummeling main riff, a driving rhythm, soulful vocals, a shit hot solo, and plenty of attitude. “Look Pretty Lonely,” the second track, doesn't miss a beat either. It's reminiscent of past bruisers like “Satellite” and “Bad Ass Rising” - it just lays into you relentlessly.

Come to think of it, See You In Hell is pretty much exactly what's needed until the eighth track, “Dead Horse.” This ballad isn't bad, but it does sound more like an outtake from Antler, the mellower, more Southern rock leaning group that Riggs and Catz started up in the first part of this decade. There are a handful of other tracks where Roadsaw slows things down a touch (“The Rules,” the title track, “Leavin',” and “Receive”), but in those cases they don't come off so mawkish.

Most reunion albums fall short of expectations, but not so with See You in Hell. There may not be any surprises – Roadsaw is as Roadsaw does – but there are enough killer, no bullshit riffs to maintain the fuckin' yeah for a long time. Recommended.

(John Pegoraro, StonerRock.com)

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Who do You Think You Are
03. Look Pretty Lonely
04. Go it Alone
05. The Rules
06. See You in Hell
07. Up to You
08. Dead Horse
09. Leavin
10. It's Your Move
11. Receive


Official Website

Borracho News

If you are in the Washington D.C area on Thursday August 28th, head on over to The Red And The Black for a great show Featuring Borracho, Cortez, We're All Gonna Die, and Solenoid.

For more information on this awesome band check out these links:

Official Website

Monday, August 25, 2008


NACHTMYSTIUM, CATHEDRAL and ELECTRIC WIZARD are among the confirmed bands for the Gunfest In Oslo festival, set to take place November 27-29, 2008 in Oslo, Norway.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


More information will be made available soon.

Album Of The Day-Reverend Bizarre-"II:Crush The Insects" (2005)

The Album Of The Day is "II:Crush The Insects" by Reverend Bizarre.


"Reverend Bizarre seem to be having quite a bit of fun here," is what I observed upon hearing the first few tracks of this new record. The band had jokingly commented prior to its release that this would be a more "commercial" album, and well, they were almost right!

But damn me if it isn't really addictive and fantastic metal. Yes, they've always had some upbeat sections sprinkled conservatively through the trudge and gloom of their usual fare, but it seems as though they've learned to "rock out" on this release. Maybe they've just upped their alcohol intake, or perhaps they've been listening to more Witchfinder General and mid-period Cathedral, but whatever the case, the first three tracks on 'Crush the Insects' are not lumbering and plodding monstrosities, but instead rather bouncy and catchy affairs. Make no mistake though, the pounding rhythms and drony Sabbath-inspired riffing will leave no doubt in anybody's mind that this is still doom metal; just perhaps of a less downtrodden and almost celebratory sort. I admit though, that after the third "rockin" track, I was starting to get just a little bit worried, not because I wasn't enjoying what I was hearing, but because a Reverend without the damnable gloom just didn't seem right.

Luckily, my fears were quickly allayed as soon as "Slave to Satan" slowly crawled and wormed its way into my cranium, for it is a mammoth of a track, and about as dooooooooooooom as it is possible to get, its ponderous chording and subtle use of guitar harmony reminding me more than a little of 'Forest of Equilibrium'. I mentioned Cathedral earlier, as well, and this is no coincidence, for it seems that the Reverend may be evolving in a similar way to the British doom giants. Whereas one could liken their previous output somewhat to the early Cathedral era, 'Crush the Insects' is to the Reverend what 'The Ethereal Mirror' was to Cathedral. This means that although there are some puzzlingly happy sounding bits, they're still tempered with a healthy amount of sludge.

And really, one shouldn't turn their nose up at a band who can loosen up a bit and crank up the tempo a notch after downing a few shots-worth of Finlandia. For Albert's bass is still a thick wall of unstoppable force, and Earl of Void's drums are still as charismatic as ever, even if I seem to detect some simplistic sloppiness that seems properly injected to further the atmosphere of depraved rock n roll the tracks up to and including "Cromwel" generate. "Doom over the World" starts out the album with a crawling, ominous introduction before Peter Vicars' guitar leads in with the main, stolidly mid-paced and loping gait of the song. This one actually makes me think a little of Goat Horn, a band local to my area which I know Reverend Bizarre are fans of. It's catchy, simple, with a steady marching pace, and...a gang chorus!!! In a doom song? Yep, it's true, and it sounds excellent! The ending is a little strange as the band seems to pay homage to Deep Purple's "A Child in Time" with all the noise and out of control high-pitched shrieking, followed by some bizarre mucking about that serves no purpose but luckily only lasts for about forty seconds. "The Devil Rides Out" and "Cromwel" make me think of Witchfinder General as they tell their gleeful tales of satanic sabbaths and excess. Both these songs are too catchy and infectious to have a right to exist, and I certainly can't see why someone wouldn't enjoy them.

While the first three tracks describe the glee of apocalypse and of the abandonment of a soul to the devil, "Slave to Satan" marks the turning point into despair and agony. It also signifies Reverend Bizarre's return to *true* doom and paradoxically is where the album becomes a bit more experimental in other ways. "By This Axe I Rule!", based on the works of Robert E. Howard, is very possibly my favourite track on this disc. It starts out with a brilliant dirge played on bass and guitar, with Master Albert's deep, sonorous and occasionally very haunting and emotive vocals taking centre stage as they tell the tale of the barbarian and his lust for both Death and Life. The drums soon join in, and the song winds its way through some passages that will reduce most listeners to dust with their elephantine wait. Then we get the Reverend's tribute to black metal, which seems to surface on nearly every release of theirs in one form or another. This one sounds fairly Norse inspired and takes place at a loping tempo. There are some decent leads placed throughout this section of the song, and the vocals are clean and exuberant, which provides an interesting contrast since I could completely imagine Albert using harsh screams for this bit. This will definitely make you feel the power of the Barbarian King as he rides his stallion into the hunt, bloodlust in his eyes and gore dripping from his axe. Then we get an abrupt descent into a slow maelstrom of chords and feedback and harsh vocal noise that for the briefest of moments makes one think, "oh gosh, now they're turning into Esoteric!" before a theme that mirrors the song's beginning creeps in at a snail's pace and repeating dirge-like before fading into oblivion.

The following tracks continue in the slower formula, albeit with shorter rocking sections thrown in sporadically. "Fucking Wizard" seems to be Reverend Bizarre's take on "Black Sabbath" (the song, of course) with the mood altered somewhat by lusty, silly lyrics. It works, though, because although it's clear that the Reverend has a sense of humour it's handled in such a way that it doesn't seem to come off as being forced or damage the atmosphere of otherwise serious music.

There's a lot to be said about Reverend Bizarre's formula, and certainly they aren't the most original band out there, but they combine styles in such an artful and balanced way that it all seems to fit together beautifully. I do sometimes wish that the solos were better, as they sound a bit flat and uninspired at times, as if Peter isn't quite sure what notes to play and hasn't totally mastered this improvisation thing yet. I also think it would have made more sense to space the first three songs more evenly throughout the album as they are definitely more upbeat than the remainder of the material here. However, these are minor gripes, for the songwriting, the sound, the cavernous drum attack (Earl of Void has got to be the best drummer in all of doom at the moment) and that sick, distorted bass sound move me like few other bands can, and even though it's always very easy to spot other influences in Reverend Bizarre's music, they create with such sincerity that what we get is an honest homage rather than a saccharine rip-off. I can't stop listening to this one, and more than anything else I think that is a testament to its strength--you *will* come back to it, time and again. (Jean-Marcel Casey, DiabolicalConquest.com)

Track Listing:

01. Doom Over The World
02. The Devil Rides Out
03. Cromwell
04. Slave of Satan
05. Council Of Ten
06. By This Axe I Rule
07. Eternal Forest
08. Fucking Wizard


Official Website

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Gear Grind Set to Release Debut E.P

Second Gear Grind set to release their debut E.P. The disc to be entitled "Fistful of Silver" currently has a pre mastered track "Stone Bullet" featured on their MySpace .


Their guitar player Mike has also just recently compiled an underground promo of Southern NZ acts on a "Southern Sampler" disc which features the song along with multiple other acts in the area.

Second Gear Grind Set to Release Debut E.P

Second Gear Grind set to release their debut E.P. The disc to be entitled "Fistful of Silver" currently has a pre mastered track "Stone Bullet" featured on their MySpace .


Our guitar player Mike has also just recently compiled an underground promo of Southern NZ acts on a "Southern Sampler" disc which features the song along with multiple other acts in the area.

New RTX To Be Released In October

From Drag City Publicity:

I would like to introduce you to the new RTX record JJ Got Live RaTX hitting streets Oct. 21 on Drag City. Jennifer Herrema's throaty crackle snakes through a labyrinth of scrap rock and salvaged arena metal, a combination that’s nearly as confounding and contradictory as any Royal Trux output. Her vocals are smoked out but amplified, punctuating steroid-pumped instrumentation yet balancing those fist-waving experiments against a rough core that keeps Herrema more woman than machine. Even the murkiest sludge has a shine to its surface here, but there’s still something basement-floor dirty and low-grade psychedelic inherent to the vibe — Herrema’s style of spitting out lyrics like she’s loosening phlegm. The shredding guitar riffs will rip you up and hang you dry!

+++++ US TOUR DATES ++++++

10.06.08 Mon Phoenix, Arizona. Modified Arts
10.07.08 Tue Albuquerque, New Mexico. Launchpad
10.08.08 Wed Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Conservatory w/ Monotonix
10.09.08 Thu Kansas City, Missouri. Record Bar w/ Akimbo
10.11.08 Sat Columbus, Ohio. Summit w/ Dead Child
10.12.08 Sun Chicago, Illinois. Beat Kitchen w/ Dead Child
10.13.08 Mon Pontiac, Michigan. Pike Room w/ Dead Child
10.15.08 Wed Rochester, New York. Bug Jar w/ Dead Child - will be confirmed by friday you can announce then
10.16.08 Thu Brooklyn, New York. Glasslands Gallery w/ Dead Child, Naked Heroes
10.17.08 Fri Hanover, New Hampshire. Dartmouth w/ Dead Child
10.18.08 Sat Manhattan, New York. Cake Shop w/ Dead Child
10.19.08 Sun Somerville, Massachusetts. PA's Lounge w/ Dead Child - will be confirmed by friday you can announce then.
10.20.08 Mon Washington, DC. DC9 w/ Dead Child
10.21.08 Tue Baltimore, Maryland. Talking Head w/ Dead Child
10.23.08 Thu Raleigh, North Carolina. Volume 11 w/ Dead Child
10.24.08 Fri Asheville, North Carolina. Rocket club w/ Dead Child
10.25.08 Sat Charlotte, North Carolina. Milestone w/ Dead Child
10.26.08 Sun Chattanooga, Tennessee. JJs Bohemia w/ Dead Child - will be confirmed by Friday you can announce then.
10.28.08 Tue Memphis, Tennessee. Hi-Tone Cafe w/ Dead Child
10.29.08 Wed Mountain Home, Arkansas. The Gravel Pit
10.31.08 Fri Austin, Texas. Emos Inside w/ Sole (anticon)
11.01.08 Sat Lubbock, Texas. Whiskey Dix

Beyond the real deal is the unreal deal, from which descend RTX, who are Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux­she who skins her own furs­pluplus four iron-hided shred-men, one of whom is on drums simply to underscore such a happy surplus of shred capability. RTX is music from Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 and vocals from Decline of Western Civilization Part 1 and they are hesh perfection so pure the graves at Trenton stir wary anew. I was saying Guns N Roses with Roky Erickson's Enigma years­but that falls short on both counts, and I was as shocked as you to figure that out. - Chris Ziegler LA RECORD

JJ Got Live RaTX is the white - hot luxury sound for sure. Jennifer's pipes are smokin' and she's offering no mercy at it's finest. The songs got flashy virtuoso drums, full-wave synth sweeps and shred guitar that will knock you on your ass and leave you slobbering for more.



New Magnolia Shows

Here are a few new gigs that Ronny from Magnolia just sent me.

9/20 at Hellbar in Sundbyberg/Sweden www.gotohell.se

10/25 at Café XO in Åmål/Sweden (release gig for Magnolia´s
next album)www.cafexo.se


Album Of The Day-Mammatus-"The Coast Explodes" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is "The Coast Explodes" by Mammatus.


Lord knows that the quintet has the perfect art and attitude down for its second album — the title alone promises a lot, as does the album art showing the band striking dramatic poses against a classically overwhelming West Coast sunset. This said, Mammatus are simultaneously great and a bit frustrating, and The Coast Explodes confirms this once again. Unlike a wide variety of their psych/drone/Krautrock-inspired peers, Mammatus are more open about loving prog chops and seeing what they can do with them — no sin at all, and certainly a lot of musicians have rescued and revamped approaches from the dead hand of Rick Wakeman solos and similar monstrosities. Where this works, as on the galloping midsection of the opening "Dragon of the Deep, Pt. 3 (Excellent Swordfight)" — and the title alone deserves praise — they ride a wild wave of maniacal sound that would fit in perfectly on any release by former tourmates Acid Mothers Temple, say. But there are moments throughout the album when the feeling is less utter insanity and more Nigel Tufnel explaining how his solos are his trademark (or alternately Soundgarden if they had played "Big Dumb Sex" completely straight), and while the line is thin by default it's still present, making it hard to resist a shake of the head even when it does sound like the coast is actually blowing up into tiny pieces. This all said, the feeling of a thick, warm-sounding release from 1971 or so is conveyed perfectly in the production, and moments like the queasy drone section of "Pierce the Darkness," shot through with a slow, zonked solo guitar melody, and the "weeble wobble" chants that help begin the far more wistful "The Changing Wind" are signs that this album comes down on the right side of things. (Ned Raggett, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Dragon of the Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight)
02. Pierce the Darkness
03. The Changing Wind
04. The Coast Explodes



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Superchrist Writing New Album

Chicago heavy metal derelicts Superchrist are busy writing their sixth album, entitled Defenders of the Filth. "It`s almost all fast," commented bassist/vocalist Chris Black. "[Guitarist] Hank Bitchlover and I haven`t written together for a few years, and you can tell we`ve both been OD`ing on metal in the meantime. One song in particular is heavily influenced by Sabbat! The one from Japan of course! I`ve also been listening to a lot of obscure `80`s metal, such as Danger Zone, Behemoth from Sweden, etc. and you will definitely hear these influences in the new material. Some songtitles so far: `Still Not Drunk Enough,` `Fuck With Your Boots On,` and a real ripper called `Stay Black.`"

Recording sessions for Defenders of the Filth will commence in early October at Pogo Studio in Champaign, Illinois. The cover for the album will be created by rising underground gore artist Putrid. An early 2009 release is anticipated.

Superchrist`s final shows of 2008:

August 29: St Louis, MO - Apop Records
September 6: Lansing, MI - Mac`s Bar
September 7: Chicago, IL - Double Door, with Nifelheim, The Chasm, Nachtmystium

Final Blackfire Revelation Material Now Available

From Blackfire Revelation:

The final Blackfire Revelation recording, Skullmask, has been released. For best results play loudly in a crowded room.

“The Flood,”the first track on the album, is available for free download via the band`s MySpace page.

Coming Soon

Live Like a Snake, Die Like a Bull. This will be a compilation disc of studio out-takes, demos, live tracks, etc. that will be released as soon as the band is through I`m through compiling and it gets mastered. It`s shaping up nicely and definitely showcases the stylistic schizophrenia of the BFR during its short and pitiful lifespan.

I will also be posting all the lyrics and album credits for Skullmask and Live Like a Snake, Die Like a Bull as soon as soon as I get my shit together.

Apparently this will all take place exclusively at www.myspace.com/theblackfirerevelation.

-J.R. Fields

American Dog Plans DVD

Columbus, Ohio-based band American Dog, featuring former Salty Dog bassist Michael Hannon, has issued the following update:

"We`re currently taking a break from live shows to concentrate on putting together a DVD. We have tons of live stuff from France, Belgium, Germany, Japan and the US, backstage activities and behind-the-scenes stuff and all of our promotional videos. We are still compiling, so if you have any cool live or backstage videos you`d like to contribute, Please e-mail us at americandog@americandog.us. We hope to get this DVD out by November or December. Live shows will start again in October."

American Dog`s video for the song "Sometimes You Eat The Pussy…", taken from the group`s latest release, Hard, can be viewed here.

The clip, directed by Rob Kern for From Out Of Nowhere Productions, takes the attitude and beer-fueled insanity that is American Dog and boils it down to three minutes that would make Larry, Moe and Curly proud.

"Normally the majority of our video budget goes towards beer," Michael previously explained. "This time we spent half our budget on a midget."

Michael wanted to let it all hang out for this video. "I had an idea to bring back the old David Lee Roth style of videos, so we tracked down Kat The Midget Entertainer and went right to it," he said. "The only thing we`re missing is a monkey smoking a cigar."

Rise Above Records Celebrates 20 Years

Electric Wizard and Grand Magus are among the bands that are scheduled to perform at Rise Above Records` 20th anniversary show on Saturday, December 13 at London, England`s ULU.

The billing for the event is shaping up as follows:

Electric Wizard
Grand Magus
Gentleman`s Pistols

Tickets are on sale now at a mere £15.

Rise Above was founded by one-time Napalm Death and current Cathedral vocalist Lee Dorrian. It is a small but respected British independent label specializing in all things doomy.

The Warlocks Now On Tour

Catch the Warlocks during their UK Summer tour:

Fri 08/22: Cardiff, UK - I For Bach
Sun 08/24: Sheffield, UK - Dream Machine
Mon 08/25: Cambridge, UK - Barfly
Tue 08/26: Birmingham, UK - Academy 2
Wed 08/27: Bristol, UK - Academy 2
Thu 08/28: Oxford, UK - Zodiac
Fri 08/29: Islington, UK - Bar Academy
Sat 08/30: Brighton, UK - Engine Room


Siena Root News

From Siena Root:

Siena Root is no longer working with the booking agency Rock This Town. All booking requests should therefore be directed to sienaroot@sienaroot.com.

Any other booking agency interested in cooperation could get in touch on the very same address.

Upcoming Shows
2008-08-21: Christiania, DK - Dragens Hule
2008-08-22: Hamburg, DE - Bar 227, with Captain Obvious
2008-08-23: Emsdetten, DE - Detten Rockt Festival
2008-08-30: Alicante, ES - Rock y Psicodelia Festival
2008-09-06: Stockholm, SE - Moderna Dansteatern (special show with As-Sayf)
2008-09-17: Leuven, BE - Sojo
2008-09-18: Zürich, CH - Dynamo Werk 21, with Ginger, Captain Obvious
2008-09-19: TBA
2008-09-20: Sliedrecht, NL – Elektra, with Hypnos 69
2008-11-06: Bielefeld, DE - Fernseh-Konzert Kanal 21

Check out the homepage for new pictures from this years Burg Herzberg Festival, new reviews, and more!

See you on the road!


New Om Dates

Om, which now features Emil Amos (Grails) on drums, will be hitting the road this September for a series of four dates. They are as follows:

Sept 6: Austin, TX - Emo`s
Sept 19: New Haven, CT - Toads Place, with Dinosaur JR
Sept 20: Monticello, NY - ATP Festival & My Bloody Valentine Presents ATP NY 2008 at the Kutchers Country Resort
Sept 24: Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony, with Dinosaur JR

Album Of The Day-Gonga-"Self-Titled" (2004)

The Album Of The Day is the 2004 Self-Titled release from Gonga.


One of those albums one can't imagine being recorded with anything other than Orange or Green brand amplifiers, Gonga's eponymous debut takes the classic stoner rock blueprint as set down by desert gods Kyuss and adds an unexpected twist of grunge via singer Joe Volk's unnervingly precise Kurt Cobain imitation. Believe it, brothers and sisters, the sound of a Bleach-era Cobain wailing and whining over the gargantuan, sub-Sabbath grind-riffs powering standout tracks like "Burnt Honey," "Fellow Man" and first single "Stratofortress," is as chilling as it is thrilling. But aside from reminding us just how much those old Seattle bands bowed down to Black Sabbath in the first place (hello, Soundgarden!), everything else about Gonga's music positively screams classic 90's stoner rock. Touching upon most of the genre's popular devices at one time or another, the band intersperses occasional instrumentals ("Pocket Scientist," the doom-tastic "Octane Bud") and acoustic guitar snippets "Untitled No. 2" & "No. 3") with the energetic highway anthems cited above, as well as a few lengthy stoner jams ("Hermes," "Mosquitos" [sic]) sure to incite the sort of head-nodding that generally precedes spilling your bong-water everywhere. All in all, it's pretty evident that there's nothing at all original or unique about Gonga's sonic exploits; but, almost ten years on from Kyuss' demise, it's equally impossible not to enjoy such lovingly crafted stoner rock. (Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Pocket Scientist
02. Burnt Honey
03. Hermes
04. Untitled No. 2
05. Stratofortress
06. The Pomp
07. Manali Summer
08. Untitled No. 3
09. Fellow Man
10. Octane Bud
11. Mosquitos (Bonus Track)


Official Website

Friday, August 22, 2008

Album Of The Day-Concept Of God-"Visions" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is "Visions" by Concept Of God.


Well, it is finally released. The long awaited, for doom metal fans, album by Concept of God; the band featuring Steve Mosley (Solitude Aeturnus) on guitar, Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus) on vocals, James Martin (Solitude Aeturnus) on bass, and John “Wolf” Covington (ex-Solitude Aeturnus, HYD) on drums.

Having composed some really exciting doom metal songs, Mr. Mosley basically gathers all the guys of Solitude Aeturnus except Mr. John Perez – the SA main man, plus an old good friend John “Wolf” Covington. John performed in the classic Solitude Aeturnus line-up who has recently returned to music under Concept of God and HYD (a fantastic re-formed tech-power metal band that has released the great ’Sanctuary Lost’ demo back in 1988 and now prepares some cool new stuff for us. He is also doing some cool stuff with Mr. Mosley under the power/prog band Omega Thesis). Well, the logical thing for someone that has read all of this is to expect a Solitude Aeturnus clone band or something; but fortunately, things in Concept of God’s music are just not like that.

Steve Mosley presents a bunch of interesting songs that will bring to your mind the latest two studio albums of Solitude Aeturnus is some points (’Adagio’ and ’Alone’), but he enforces the music with some more pure doom touches far away for the epic doom background of Solitude Aeturnus. He is even attaching some atmospheric references that make the music sound even more foggy and dark. He grabs some early Black Sabbath influences adding a little of the magic that can be found on the first two albums of the mighty Rainbow, especially when their music becomes darker. Mentioning Rainbow, there is also a cover of the classic ‘Man on the Silver Mountain’ from their debut. All those musical references and elements are covered under a doom metal veil so fucking heavy that it would make you want to turn the volume even louder. Robert’s vocals also sound different from Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass stuff. He sings more deeply and darker, adding his special trademark to the songs.

So to sum things up, we got a really good doom metal record with lots of pure doom metal parts, atmospheric musical touches, and influences from those ‘70s monsters that brought metal to our ears ages before. No hippie stuff in here - do not panic, just the mighty Sabbath and Rainbow under Mr. Mosley’s musical background, which is dark, doomy, and heavy. I love this album. (Chris Papadakis, Doom-Metal.com)

Track Listing:

01. Past Perfect
02. Visions (Nightmares)
03. Soul Embrace
04. Hearing Voices
05. Falling Down
06. Traces
07. Fires of Life
08. Unspoken
09. Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)




Thursday, August 21, 2008

Album Of The Day-Gentlemen's Pistols-"Self-Titled" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is the self-titled album by Gentlemen's Pistols.


Gentleman's Pistols: Gentleman's Pistols

The debut from the UK's Gentlemens Pistols is certainly not something you would normally hear on the Candlelight Records roster. These guys are sort of like a throwback to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Mountain,Cactus, Pentagram, and Free, somewhat along the lines of what current acts like Wolfmother and Witchcraft are doing, except with perhaps a slight punk influence in spots. Tunes like "Heavy Petting" and "Widow Maker" hit all the delicious 70's hard rock marks and throw in a little doomy Sabbath vibe-yes, you know what I'm talking about, that groovy yet crunchy guitar sound, blistering solos, pounding yet tight drum fills, and plenty of melodic, husky, somewhat bluesy vocals. "The Lady" is a slower blues rock romp that recalls Cream, and features fantastic vocals and searing lead guitar, while "Mistress Mistrust", "Vivid Wonder", and "Parking Banshee" feature riffs that would make any fan of vintage UFO, Thin Lizzy, or Motorhead, stand up and take notice. It's retro stuff like this that keeps the spirit of the 70's alive and well, and thankfully this little band from Leeds have enough original ideas and can back up their influences with plenty of muscial skills and a flair for writing damn good songs. "Just A Fraction" is a great example of this, catchy, heavy, with a great hard rock/punk/party hearty attitude. The production is also quite good, giving the impression that this thing was recorded in 1975 or so. Way cool-I'm sure we'll be hearing more from this outfit in the years to come. Wolfmother, watch out! 4/5 (SeaofTranquility.com)

More reviews...

Track Listing:

01. Just a Fraction
02. Out of the Eye
03. Heavy Petting
04. Widow Maker
05. The Lady
06. Lying & Fooling
07. Mistress Mistrust
08. Creamy Lid
09. Vivid Wonder
10. Parking Banshee




Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Humberstone

Hailing from the faraway land of Chile, South America, comes a band called HUMBERSTONE (a ghost town in the chilean north, in the middle of the desert, where there was a saliter mine office).They play a raw, heavy and psychedelic rock and roll that subtly evolved from straight forward stoner riffs a la Fu Manchu / Orange Goblin / Sabbath / Down to heavier, slower and more maniac doom-sludge dirges. They have 1 full length album, which was released in 2006, and now are working on the final details for their second album. Their lineup consists of Joseph Shaoul on the left handed SG axe, Pedro Ogrodnik on drums and backing vocals, Benjamin Villaseca on the thunderous bass and Sebastian Martinez with his filthy throat. Their first album was recorded with a slightly different lineup, with the base of Joseph, Benjamin and Pedro, plus the lead guitarist Sebastian Garay and vocalist Rodrigo Arias, both departed due to musical differences (they wanted to do a more commercial kind of rock, in the likes of Pearl Jam and Guns and Roses). Their main influences, by now, are Sabbath (forever), Sleep, Electric Wizard and Eyehategod, among many other bands and music. In Chile, there is a small but very solid stoner-hard rock-doom-sludge scene, with bands like Hielo Negro, Devil Presley, Tabernarios, The Winexperience, Condor, Sangria, Electrozombies, Jabalí, Orate, Supercabron and many others rising the flag of fuzz, tube heat, power and low tuned but high volume riffage...Check them out!

Pedro also plays in two bands beside Humberstone, one is the stoner blues 70s oriented trio El Gran Temor (http://www.myspace.com/elgrantemor), and the other one is the raw and action rock oriented quintet Cañonero (http://www.myspace.com/canhonerorock).

Humberstone MySpace

Here is the link to download their first album http://www.badongo.com/es/file/7334895


CANDLEMASS and DEMON have been confirmed for the next Sweden Rock Cruise. Also scheduled to appear are EVERGREY and DISMEMBER.

This will be the first metal cruise aboard the new ship M/S Silja Galaxy, which holds 2,800 passengers (800 more than the M/S Silja Festival which was used for previous cruises). The Galaxy, which was built in 2006, is 212 meters long and its 12 floors hold eight bars, five restaurants, a casino, swimming pools and a gaming room, among other things.

The ship departs from Stockholm, Sweden on October 9 at 19.15 (7:15 p.m.) and makes stops at Mariehamn and Turku in Finland before arriving back in Stockholm 24 hours later.

Tickets are already on sale and prices range from 495 SEK to 1490 SEK (approximately $82 to $248, or 52 euro to 156 euro) depending on the type of cabin and how many people are sharing it. Tickets can be ordered from Tallink Silja at +46 8 666 3333 or, if you know Swedish, online at this location.

All five previous Sweden Rock cruises have been sold out.

More bands will be announced shortly.

For more information (also in Swedish), visit www.swedenrockmagazine.com.

If you have any questions about the cruise, you can send an e-mail (in English or Swedish) to magazine@swedenrock.com.

WITCHCRAFT To Support MOTÖRHEAD In Scandinavia

Swedish doom rockers WITCHCRAFT will support MOTÖRHEAD on their Scandinavian tour in December. The dates are as follows:

Dec. 09 - Köpenhamn, DEN @ Vega
Dec. 10 - Göteborg, SWE @ Scandinavium
Dec. 12 - Karlstad SWE @ Löfbergs lila arena
Dec. 13 - Stockholm SWE @ Hovet
Dec. 14 - Oslo, NOR @ Spektrum
Dec. 16 - Helsinki, FIN @ Jaahalli

WITCHCRAFT, who formed in 2000 in tribute to band heroes Roky Erickson and Bobby Liebling (PENTAGRAM), create heavy, blues-based rock augmented with touches of psychedelica and late '60s pop flourishes. The quartet's first-class songs reference the darker side of hard rock while remaining surprisingly accessible. Flying largely under the radar of the popular music landscape previously, WITCHCRAFT is a hallowed name in underground circles and has found itself championed by a diverse cross-section of distinguished music adherents including American actor Elijah Wood, who publicly called the band "amazing," and DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo, who has proudly proclaimed WITCHCRAFT as his "new favorite band."

Recorded 100% pro-tools and digital free at Stockholm's UpandRunning studios with producer Tom Hakava and using only vintage amplification, WITCHCRAFT's latest album, "The Alchemist", showcases a group of musicians at ease with their playing and songwriting. Addictive melodies flow simultaneously with catchy, heavy riffs, while maintaining a relaxed and laid back feel throughout. Among its many highlights, the album features the standout songs "Walk Between the Lines" and "Hey Doctor" as well as the record's plat du jour, the three-part progressive rock odyssey of the title track "The Alchemist".

WITCHCRAFT performing live at Roadburn festival in Holland (April 2008):

Album Of The Day-Asva-"Futurists Against the Ocean" (2005)

The Album Of The Day is "Futurists Against the Ocean" by Asva.


For those who are paying attention to the doom metal scene, Futurist's Against the Ocean sells itself without one note being heard. Just look at who is involved and their pedigree: G. Stuart Dahlquist from Sunn 0))) on bass, B.R.A.D. from Burning Witch on drums and vocals, and Trey Spruance from Mr. Bungle on guitar, piano, and tubular bells. Rounding out the lineup is John Schuller from Master Musicians of Bukkake on guitar, Jessika Kenney from Gamelan Pacifica on vocals, and Troy Swanson on organ. If that was not enough to get the salivary glands pumping, Billy Anderson is behind the producer's desk like he was for High on Fire, Sleep, and Melvins. For those familiar with the names, Asva's sound should come as no surprise. But where other avant-metal supergroups (Fantômas, for example, or Tomahawk) don't deliver on their promise, Asva takes a glorious heavy racket, removed from the regular tropes of the doom scene enough to make both this group and this album something really special. The opening track, "Kill the Dog, Tie Them Up, Then Take the Money," is the most conventional track, moving at a glacial pace, with guitars inching from one note to the next, almost as if the metallic drone of the amps were playing through the guitars, and not the other way around. But by track three, "Fortune," the ambience has taken over, and the metal melts away. Droning organ, loping bass, and spiders-on-the-fretboard guitar scrapings set the scene for Kenney's vocals. More operatic (think Diamanda Galás) than tortured (like Khanate's Alan Dubin), Kenney's pure tones are easier on the ear than the scene-standard barked whisper/growling. This leads right into the epic closer, "By the Well of Living and Seeing," which melds the ambience of "Fortune" and the droning assault of "Kill the Dog" to Kenney's multi-tracked chanting vocals and a guitar straight out of an Ennio Morricone score. It is a perfect summation of the album, and Asva's sound in general: operatic ambient western doom metal, to pin words on it. Recommended heartily for those interested in the avant-metal scene. (James Mason, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Kill the Dog, Tie Them Up, Then Take the Money
02. Beyonsense
03. Fortune
04. By the Well of Living and Seeing




Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Album Of The Day-Parchman Farm-"Self-Titled (EP)" (2004)

The Album Of The Day is 2004's Self-Titled EP by Parchman Farm. It is a shame this band broke up because I really liked their sound. Very cool every once in a while chill-out music.


"It wasn’t surprising to see that Parchman Farm’s self titled debut was recorded in San Francisco. It’s pure, unfiltered late ‘60s rock, direct from Haight Ashbury, but without the irritating hippy trappings. What gives the five songs on this excellent disc distinction are the warm bass tones and the sweet, Crosby Stills and Nash-like harmonies. The groove is everywhere. All of the songs are great. To some it may sound dated, but I prefer to think Parchman Farm have tapped into a timeless sound. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Grand Funk Railroad." (Arzgarth, StonerRock.com)

Track Listing:

01. Mirror Spirit
02. Too Many People
03. Chosen Child
04. Say Yeah
05. Cook You Up




Monday, August 18, 2008

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Looking To Join Band

This dude named Matt e-mailed me the other day asking me to help him out in finding a new band that might need his services. He writes, sings and plays guitar and is currently moving from the U.K. to Sydney, Australia. For more info, check out his current band's MySpace page.

You can contact him at this address: mattandgabi@bigpond.com

HEAVEN AND HELL: Toronto Footage Available

Fan-filmed video footage of HEAVEN AND HELL's August 13, 2008 performance at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario (where the band was playing as part of the "Metal Masters Tour" alongside TESTAMENT, MOTÖRHEAD and JUDAS PRIEST) can be viewed below.


"Sign of the Southern Cross" (clip uploaded by YouTube user "smax426"):


"Die Young" (clip filmed and uploaded by Metal Matt of Metallicity Radio Hour):


"Heaven and Hell" (clip filmed and uploaded by Metal Matt of Metallicity Radio Hour):

Stoner Hands of Doom Goes to Germany

Stoner Hands of Doom is one of the premier annual gatherings for underground heavy/stoner/doom music in North America. SHoD has been held annually since 1999 in various small venues throughout the USA. Many acts are unsigned/unreleased and many travel thousands of miles to gather in the name of rock. The concept was dreamed up by promoters Rob and Cheryl Levey, who have planned, booked and organized it since its inception. Under their guidance, the festival affectionately known as SHoD has grown over eight years from a one-day event to a weekend-long gathering, featuring over three dozen bands. Now the guys from Caligula666 have brought the festival over to Germany and we are really happy to announce the Stoner Hands of Doom Germany which will take part on the 19th and 20th of September 2008 at the Stadtgarten in Erfurt, Germany.

Stoner Hands of Doom Germany Schedule

Friday, September 19
18:00 - 18:45 Suffering Souls
19:00 - 19:45 Mills of God
20:00 - 20:45 Obiat
21:00 - 22:00 Gorilla Monsoon
22:20 - 23:20 Greenhaven
23:40 - 00:40 Freeks
01:00 - 03:30 Aftershow DJs

Saturday, September 20
16:30 - 17:15 Tortured Spirit
17:15 - 18:00 Holy Hydra
18:00 - 18:45 Kodiak
18:45 - 19:30 Voltron
19:30 - 20:15 Petrified
20:15 - 21:00 Versus the Stillborn Minded
21:00 - 21:50 Beehoover
21:50 - 22:50 Black Shape of Nexus
23:15 - 00:30 End of Levelboss
01:00 - 04:00 Aftershow DJs


Rhino Updates

Spanish heavy rockers Rhinohave finalized the track listing for their second album, Dead Throne Monarch, due after the summer via Arctic Music Group. The CD was recorded at WorkShop studios in Bilbao and The Room studios in Barcelona. The mix and mastering was handled by Gorka Dresbaj at The Room. The artwork was created by ilustrator Rafael Garrés who has previously worked with DC Comics.

Dead Throne Monarch track listing:

01. Dead Throne Monarch
02. Reins Of The Warlord
03. Earth Reclaims The Usurper
04. Bahamüt
05. Pale Horses Coming
06. Funebre
07. Wolf Among Black Sheeps
08. Promise Of Storm
09. Wendigo
10. Horned Crown

Check out audio samples on the band`s MySpace page.

For more information, visit www.hornoftherhino.com.

Mammoth Volume Offers You a Second Chance

From Mammoth Volume:

The 2008 digital release Loved by Few, Hated by Dolphins Vol 1 is back online.

After numerous of "I fuckin` missed downloading the shit" emails, we`ve added the tracks again.

Feel free to download at www.mammothvolume.com.

Mammoth Volume

Weedeater and Labor Day Equals Doom

Special Labor Day Event: Labor of Doom 2008

On Sunday, August 31, 2008, the Relax Bar in Los Angeles, CA presents Labor of Doom.

Relax Bar ( 5511 Hollywood Blvd)
Weedeater 12:10 To 1:00 AM
It`s Casual 11:20pm to 11:50 pm
Ancestors 10:30pm to 11:00 pm
Chingalera 9:40pm to 10:10 pm
Snakes Alive 8:50pm to 9:20 pm
Siesmic Void 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Doors 7:30 pm, show is 21+, $10 admission

The next day is a holiday, so stay out late!

Winterun Gets Terrorized

Following up from their KKKK review in Kerrang!, Melbourne`s heavy groove dealers Winterun will be featured on the cover mounted Fear Candy Unsigned CD on September`s issue of UK metal mag Terrorizer. The CD and supporting editorial features unsigned bands from around the world and has resulted in a number of bands getting signed or offered tours.

For the first time there will be a competition, where readers text their favorite track and the winner gets to play at Damnation Festival in Leeds with Napalm Death, Carcass, and others. To vote for Winterun SMS ‘unsigned 15’ to 87474 (UK only). Also look out for the review of Into The Underground in October`s issue of Terrorizer.

Next Winterun Gig: Sat, Aug 30 - Heavy Duty Totefest at The Tote with Dreadnaught, Frankenbok, Down River, Dive Into Ruin, and Los Alamos.

For more info see www.winterun.com.

The End of Duster 69

From Duster 69

After nine years, four full-length CDs, four professional video-clips, four splits and vinyl singles, and a lot of compilation contributions (Rock Hard Magazine Germany, People Like You stoner compilation, to mention a few) , the guys decided to end the chapter of Duster 69. We are still proud about the last years and we want to thank all the fans and supporters from 1999 - 2008.

We say thank you and you can order our farewell compilation, Nothing Left (unreleased and rare stuff from 1999 - 2008, fat full-colored artwork, liner notes, guests appearances from Calamus, Disengage, Sparzanza, Mother Misery, Stonewall Noise Orchestra) for only six Euros right now.

We four still rehearse and jam in our studio, so far only to have fun, and maybe you will hear new music under a new name in the future.

And check out the video clip “Dustcrusher” (from 2001) on www.myspace.com/duster69

Nothing Left (rare and unreleased stuff 1999 - 2007)
1) Going into Red (2007, John from Mother Misery did the whole vocals on that version)
2) Virginity of Love (2002, unreleased)
3) Red-Eyed Devil (1999, unreleased, guest vocals and guitar by Ralf and Jens from Calamus, recorded during the Interstellar Burst session)
4) Intro/Dustcrusher (2003, live, unreleased)
5) Tornado 2007 (2007, unreleased, vocals by Jason from Disengage and Fred from Sparzanza)
6) Nighttrain (2006, unreleased, different vocals as on the Angel King version)
7) Pride(2004, unreleased, Remixed for a Radio-single, recorded during the Ride the Silver Horses session)
8) Burn Out(2002, unreleased)
9) My Sister`s Demon (2002, unreleased)
10) In that Way (2002, unreleased)
11) Bush (2002, unreleased)
12) Bring me Down (2002, live, unreleased, old version)
13) Highway (1999, recorded under the name of Blacktop again with Jens and Ralf from Calamus during the Interstellar Burst session)
14) First Song (2004, unreleased, from the Ride the Silver Horses session)
15) Narcotic Shades (2001, unreleased, from the II session)
16) Dance (2001, unreleased)
17) Lost (2007, unreleased)

Thank you for support and love!
Jochen + Lucki + Schmiedl + Peter + Fio


Landmine Marathon Posts New Song, Announces New Album Details

Phoenix, Arizona`s Landmine Marathon has posted "Bile Towers," the lead off track from their forthcoming sophomore album, Rusted Eyes Awake, out October 28 on Level Plane Records.

"Bile Towers" possesses all the elements that make Landmine Marathon one of the most powerful up-and-coming forces in today`s world of heavy music:

Demonic vocals courtesy of renowned frontwoman Grace Perry; anthemic riffage that rekindles the spirit of the classic titans of death metal, from Bolt Thrower to Entombed; a seething crust punk approach that has earned the band shows with the likes of Tragedy and Despise You; a sun-scorched, bong-ripped vibe that could only originate from the parched wastes of the Arizona desert.

Hear "Bile Towers" here.

The full tracklisting for Rusted Eyes Awake is as follows:

1) Bile Towers
2) Certain Death
3) Bled To Oblivion
4) Xenocide
5) Heroin Swine
6) Skin From Skull
7) Red Days
8) Rusted Eyes Awake

Rusted Eyes Awake was engineered and mixed by Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recordings Studios (Dekapitator, Phobia, Misery Index). Mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering. Cover art by tattoo artist Ron Koupal.

The album contains guest vocal appearances by Jonny Davy (of fellow Phoenix headbangers Job For A Cowboy) and Antony Hamalainen (Nightrage).

Look for Landmine Marathon on tour soon!

Snail Returns, Announces New Album

Snail, the original stoner/sludge band featuring ex-Blessing the Hogs guitarist Mark Johnson, bassist Matt Lynch, guitarist Eric Clausen and drummer Marty Dodson have reunited and are completing overdubs for their new album. The basic album tracks were recorded at Mysterious Mammal Studios in Southern California over a long weekend in late May, with the remaining overdubs being recorded in Seattle. The band expects to have the album completed and mixed within a month.

Snail, formed in 1992 and consisting of singer Mark Johnson (The Crucified, Blessing the Hogs), bassist Matt Lynch (Plugusher) and drummer Marty Dodson, is considered one of the "founding fathers" of stoner rock. After recording and shopping their first demo they were offered a four-album deal by Big Deal Records in 1993. That year they recorded their self-titled album with help from producer Jonathan Burnside (Melvins, Nirvana, Steelpole Bathtub). The album was well received by critics and garnered much praise from magazines such as Magnet, Alternative Press and BAM. Snail`s second release was a five-song EP called All Channels Are Open. The EP was recorded on a lowly four-track in the hopes of capturing Snail`s dynamic lo-fi presence. Subsequent to the release of the EP, Snail sadly succumbed to the "sex, drugs, and rock `n roll" lifestyle and eroded to the point of breaking up. The worst part was that they had a complete second album recorded on four-track and was ready to bring it into the studio.

Snail`s upcoming album consists of most of the "lost" second album as well as a few new tunes. The band has taken a decidedly heavier and darker turn with the new album; incorporating more elements of doom and metal to compliment their fuzz-drenched psychedelic compositions.


New Baby Woodrose Material Available

Baby Woodrose – Coming Around Again/I Feel High 7”

The new Baby Woodrose 7” contains two exclusive songs only available on this fine piece of plastic. Both songs were recorded with the intention of being included on their recent album, Chasing Rainbows, but it never happened. Not because of the quality of the songs, they just did not seem to fit in. Main man Lorenzo Woodrose has this comment on “Coming Around Again”:

"`Coming Around Again` could have been a hit for anybody, except we ended up playing it a bit too fast and adding lots of over the top twangy surf guitar and beeping Farfisa organ that kind of detracts from its easy listening qualities. The end result is somewhat bubblegum sounding. Some uplifting lyrics about coming back up after having been down for some time. This one turned out much better than I thought it would during mixing. This was actually considered for [the] Chasing Rainbows album quite a lot

“So even though `Coming Around Again` is released 9 months after Chasing Rainbows it is not an indication of how the next album is gonna sound like...it’s just a damn great song.”

The B-side, "I Feel High," was originally meant to be a kick ass rock’n’roll tune but in the process of the mixing it turned out quite differently. Lorenzo Woodrose explains:

"`I Feel High` is really different. If it wasn`t for the lyrical theme (sex, drugs, rock`n`roll) it would have fit well on the Chasing Rainbows album, where I deliberately wanted to go a bit deeper with my subject matter. Acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine and a hauntingly hypnotic Farfisa organ. We actually recorded this as a band, but felt it worked better sounding a bit folky and psychedelic. The intro was later pasted on, consisting of backwards drums and distant fuzz guitar".

First pressing will be a 1000 copies on black vinyl featuring exclusive artwork by Kiryk.

Tee Pee Records Presents Second Annual Manifest Destiny

Tee Pee Records is proud to present the second annual Manifest Destiny, September 7th at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. Manifest Destiny is an attempt to mobilize all the bands, fans, and hangers on that support the current heavy rock and psychedelic music scene. Manifest Destiny was created by Tee Pee Records founder Tony Presedo to celebrate all things Californian and all forms of heavy music, unrestricted by standard music classifications.

The line up is

The Warlocks
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
Night Horse
TK Webb & The Visions

Minsk/Trouble Tour Dates

Minsk and Trouble are heading out on the road this September for a short tour. The dates are as follows:

09/11/08: Hamilton, ONT - Casbah
09/12/08: Toronto, ONT - Blue Moon
09/13/08: Poughskeepie, NY - The Loft
09/14/08: Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/15/08: New York, NY - Knitting Factory
09/16/08: Baltimore, MD - Sonar
09/17/08: Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club
09/18/08: Springfield, VA - Jaxx
09/19/08: Raleigh, NC - Volume 11 Tavern
09/20/08: Cleveland, OH - Jigsaw Saloon
09/21/08: Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge

The vinyl reissue of Minsk`s debut, Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive, should be available by October.

Candlelight Records Signs The Living Fields

Candlelight Records confirms the signing of multi-national progressive doom-death outfit The Living Fields. The trio, with members based in Chicago, London and Ottawa, has received early acclaim via their self-released 2004 and 2007 recordings. Now working on their Candlelight debut, currently titled Running Out of Daylight and planned for release in early 2009, the band looks to take the next step in their still developing career.

“Candlelight has been very successful working with bands that defy convention,” says guitarist Jason Muxlow regarding the band’s choice of label. “Their discography is filled with milestones. Their legacy undoubtedly speaks for itself and we`re thrilled to be part of their future.”

Originally formed in 2002 by Muxlow, The Living Fields have had their sound likened to that of My Dying Bride, November’s Doom, and others. But with a twist. Together with vocalist Jon Higgs (also of Monsterworks) and drummer Chad Walls (Brodequin, Enter Self), Muxlow and The Living Fields explore a wide range of sounds and styles utilizing a palette of guitar, drums, bass, strings, piano, and spine-chilling vocals that will amaze fans and critics worldwide. "True epic metal of a most norm-shattering aspect," says Terrorizer of the band’s self-titled debut. “Mandatory,” adds Metal Maniacs.

The Living Fields is the latest to join London-based Candlelight’s growing US roster, a strong concentration of artist development for the rising label. Home to all catalog from Emperor, Ihsahn, Zyklon, 1349, Insomnium, plus early recordings from Opeth and Burzum, Candlelight’s American roster now includes Obituary, Crowbar, Daylight Dies, Abigail Williams (new album this fall), Absu, Averse Sefira, Sothis, and Sourvein. The label is distributed exclusively in the United States via Caroline/EMI, PHD Canada for the northern country and Plastichead Music for Europe.


Cherry Choke to Release Two Exclusive 7`` Singles

Evil Deceiver b/w Choke After Choke 7"
Cat No: BH-4571002
Date: 25.8.8

Cheetah b/w She Turns Me On 7"
Cat No: BH-4571003
Date: 22.9.8

New UK acid rock power trio Cherry Choke will release two limited edition singles over the next two months on 7" vinyl only.

Their debut release, Evil Deceiver, features two exclusive non LP tracks whilst the second A-side, "Cheetah," is taken from the forthcoming debut album Cherry Choke and backed with a very alternative take of a second album cut "She Turns Me On."

These singles represent the punkier high octane rock n roll side of Cherry Choke.

Both 7" singles will be released by Blackhand Records on black “dinked” vinyl as limited edition runs of 99 copies each with exclusive posters.


Forgotten Tomb, Isole Added to Dutch Doom Days VII

Italy`s Forgotten Tomb and Sweden`s Isole have been confirmed for the Dutch Doom Days VII festival, set to take place October 25 - 26 at Baroeg in Rotterdam, Holland.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, October 25
Forgotten Tomb
The Lamp of Thoth
Mourning Dawn
Wizards of Doom
Beneath the Frozen Soil

Sunday, October 26
Fall of the Idols
Hooded Priest

The festival organizers said in a statement: "The organisation succeeded to establish a strong program which gives a good insight into the cross-section of the doom metal genre. This special form of metal can be defined by its down tempo and (in most cases) filled with emotional loads. Black Sabbath can be seen as one of the founders of this genre. Besides the well-known confirmed names, Baroeg knows how to present the best new upcoming bands at the festival year after year, what is truly appreciated by true fans of the doom genre. Bands such as Griftegård, The Lamp of Thoth and Wizards of Doom are top-class bands that will debut in the Netherlands at Dutch Doom Days VII. During this year`s edition, two Dutch bands, Faal and Hooded Priest, will be introduced. In total sixteen bands will play."

For more information, visit www.baroeg.nl/ddd.

Heavy Planet Updates

I'm back after a wonderful vacation weekend. Sorry I was not able to provide any updates, the hotel I was staying at did not have wireless internet access and I was pretty busy everyday. Anyways, I did provide an Album Of The Day and Free MP3 Of The Day today and will post any news stories that I missed this weekend later on tonight, so check back then. Oh well, gotta go get ready for work. Peace!

Album Of The Day-Alabama Thunderpussy-"Staring At The Divine" (2001)

The Album Of The Day is "Staring At The Divine" by Alabama Thunderpussy.


Possibly the biggest band to be set adrift after the unfortunate bankruptcy of the great Man's Ruin label (R.I.P.), stoner rock mainstay Alabama Thunderpussy was, not surprisingly, also one of the first to find a new home. In fact, both the band and their as yet unnamed fourth album were quickly snapped up by astute Relapse Records, who, keen to expand their roster beyond its extreme metal boundaries, knew a good deal when they saw one. However, the transition period leading up to this was still no cakewalk for ATP and, after losing two founding members, the group re-recorded and remixed most of Staring at the Divine before its belated 2002 release. Thankfully, their diligence is rewarded by what is arguably their best effort so far. Standout tracks like "Ol' Unfaithful," "Shapeshifter," the Clutch-like "Whore Adore," and the awesome, almost Thin Lizzy-esque "Hunting By Echo" feature immense, memorable riffs, which find the quintet roaring with more purpose than ever before. Also, Staring at the Divine is infinitely more cohesive and focused than the band's previous offering, the ambitious but often sprawling Constellation (the band's barefaced attempt at becoming Lynyrd Skynyrd); probably because most of the stylistic adventures explored on Constellation are featured here as well, they're just boiled down to a lean, muscular, full-force impact. In fact, the album's only oddity, the country-fried "Amounts That Count," is saved for last, transforming what might have been an intrusive aside into a refreshing coda. More than anything, Staring at the Divine exudes a confident maturity that leaves one feeling that Alabama Thunderpussy is finally on its way. (Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. Ol Unfaithful
02. Motor-Ready
03. Shape Shifter
04. Whore Adore
05. Hunting By Echo
06. Beck And Call
07. Twilight Arrival
08. Esteem Fiend
09. SSDD
10. Amounts That Count


Official Website


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heavy Planet Updates

I will be going out of town this weekend and will probably not be able to provide many of the daily features I normally post such as Album Of The Day, news updates, and Free MP3 Of The Day due to time constraints. When and if I do get some free time I will try to post as much as I can. If not, I will return to my normal schedule on Monday August 18th. Thanks for all of your support! Doom on \m/\m/

Album Of The Day-The Mushroom River Band-"Simsalabim" (2002)

The Album Of The Day is "Simsalabim" by The Mushroom River Band.


"Stoned again wearing shoes made of concrete, The Mushroom River Band stomp all over the burgeoning Scando stoner scene like God-f**king-zilla himself. The follow-up to 2000's excellent 'Music For The World Beyond', this sky high, spectacularly well-produced opus does not disappoint, spinning doom rock, fuzz metal and a '70s vibe into one glorious stew.Roaring vocals from Spice (better known as the Spiritual Beggars' frontman) and monstrous riffs from Anders Linusson make 'Tree of No Hope' and 'Make It Happen' thunder and bleed. The Band don't bother with slow songs, simply hot-rodding forward in clouds of diesel and dirt. This is about as good as classic stoner fare gets, so we might as well worship their big, sick machine before it speeds away. KKKK (out of 5)" (Kerrang!)

Track Listing:

01. Simsalabim
02. Bugs
03. Make it Happen
04. Change it
05. My Vote is Blank
06. Tree of No Hope
07. Proud of Being Cool
08. Time-laps
09. The Big Sick Machine
10. Run, Run,Run



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Melvins & Totimoshi Tour Dates

Melvins Tour Dates

8/12 - New Haven - Toad's Place
8/13 - Brooklyn - Music Hall of Williamsburg
8/14 - NYC - Bowery Ballroom
8/15 - Baltimore - Ottobar
8/16 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
8/17 - Atlanta - The Drunken Unicorn
8/18 - Athens - 40 Watt
8/20 - New Orleans - One Eyed Jack's
8/21 - Houston - Warehouse Live
8/22 - Austin - Emo's
8/23 - Dallas - House of Blues
8/25 - Albuquerque - Launch Pad
8/26 - Tucson - Plush
8/27 - Phoenix - The Brickhouse Theater
8/28 - San Diego - Cane's
8/29 - Pomona - The Glass House
8/30 & 8/31 - Los Angeles - The Troubadour

Totimoshi Tour Dates

8/12 - New Orleans - One Eyed Jack's
8/13 - Birmingham - The Nick
8/15 - Orlando - The Backbooth
8/16 - Jacksonville - Landshark Cafe
8/18 - Atlanta - Smith's Olde Bar
8/19 - Wilmington - The Soapbox
8/20 - Virginia Beach - The Jewish Mother
8/21 - Washington DC - The Black Cat
8/22 - Philadelphia - The Khyber
8/23 - Baltimore - Ottobar
8/24 - Boston - Church of Boston
8/25 - New York - The Knitting Factory
8/26 - Akron - Annabelle's
8/27 - Cleveland - The Grog Shop
8/28 - Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar
8/29 - Columbus - Ravari Room
8/30 - Chicago - Reggie's
9/1 - Madison - High Noon Saloon
9/2 - Kansas City - Record Bar
9/3 - Denver - Larimer Lounge
9/5 - Seattle - King Cobra
9/6 - Portland - Ash St. Saloon
9/7 - Eureka, CA - Aunty Mo's Lounge
9/10 - Los Angeles - The Viper Room
9/11 - Long Beach, CA - Alex's Bar

CLUTCH: Entire 'Full Fathom Five: Audio Field Recordings' CD Available For Streaming

Maryland rockers CLUTCH will release their first-ever live DVD, "Full Fathom Five: Video Field Recordings", on August 12 via the group's newly launched Weathermaker Music label. The band will also release a live companion CD, "Full Fathom Five: Audio Field Recordings", on the same day. All tracks on the DVD and CD were recorded and filmed in late 2007 and early 2008 in New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Denver and Australia.

The CD can now be streamed in its entirety at AOL Music.

If you would like to score a free copy of the new DVD, send me an e-mail at this address. Rules are simple, just be the first person to send me an e-mail with your mailing address and you are the winner.


Los Angeles rockers NEBULA have scheduled the following European tour dates:


Oct. 09 - London, UK @ The Underworld
Oct. 10 - Sheffield, UK @ Corporation
Oct. 11 - Dublin, Ireland @ [to be announced]
Oct. 12 - Belfast, N. Ireland @ [to be announced]
Oct. 13 - Birmingham, UK @ [to be announced]
Oct. 15 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stengade 30
Oct. 17 - Oslo, Norway @ Garage
Oct. 18 - Tromso, Norway @ Drive
Oct. 20 - Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
Oct. 21 - Berlin, Germany @ Festaal
Oct. 22 - Munich, Germany @ Backstage
Oct. 23 - Mezzago, Italy @ Bloom
Oct. 24 - Rome, Italy @ Init
Oct. 25 - Brescia, Italy @ Latte


Oct. 28 - Luxembourg @ Den Atelier
Oct. 29 - Munich, Germany @ Backstage
Oct. 31 - Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
Nov. 01 - Koln, Germany @ Live Music Hall
Nov. 02 - Hamburg, Germany @ Grosse Freiheit
Nov. 03 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega Main
Nov. 05 - Malmo, Sweden @ KB
Nov. 06 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Tradgarn
Nov. 07 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Annexet
Nov. 09 - Tampere, Finland @ Pakkahuone
Nov. 10 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia
Nov. 11 - Tallinn, Estonia @ Rock Cafe
Nov. 13 - Riga, Latvia @ Sapnu Fabrika
Nov. 15 - Warsaw, Poland @ Stodola
Nov. 17 - Prague, Czech Rep. @ Roxy
Nov. 18 - Linz, Austria @ Posthof
Nov. 19 - Vienna, Austria @ Arena
Nov. 21 - Budapest, Hungary @ Wigwam Rock Club
Nov. 22 - Ljubljana, Slovenia @ VPK Media Park
Nov. 23 - Milan, Italy @ Alcatraz Club
Nov. 24 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Volkshaus
Nov. 26 - Marseille, France @ Espace Julien
Nov. 27 - Barcelona, Spain @ Apolo
Nov. 28 - Madrid, Spain @ Sala Heineken
Nov. 29 - Bilbao, Spain @ Rockstar Live
Dec. 01 - Toulouse, France @ Havana
Dec. 02 - Paris, France @ La Loco
Dec. 04 - Hannover, Germany @ Capitol
Dec. 05 - Saarbrucken, Germany @ Garage
Dec. 07 - Stuttgart, Germany @ Longhorn
Dec. 08 - Nurnberg, Germany @ Hirsch
Dec. 09 - Leipzig, Germany @ Werk 2
Dec. 10 - Berlin, Germany @ Huxley's


Dec. 12 - Gronnigen, Netherlands @ Vera
Dec. 13 - Hengelo, Netherlands @ Metropol

"Heavy Psych", the new EP from NEBULA, has now been expanded to include six tracks and will be released initially in the U.S. through the band's own Salt Of The Earth Music. The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Pulse
02. The Dagger
03. Aphrodite
04. Dream Submarine
05. In The Depths
06. The Other Side

Check out audio samples on the group's MySpace page.

The EP will be available in advance at the merchandise stand on the upcoming U.S. tour with TOTIMOSHI.

For a list of upcoming NEBULA shows, go to this location.

NEBULA last year announced the addition of drummer Rob Oswald (KARMA TO BURN, MONDO GENERATOR) to the group's ranks.

NEBULA's latest album, "Apollo", was released in 2006 via Liquor and Poker. The CD was produced by Daniel Rey (RAMONES, MISFITS, L7) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (THE MARS VOLTA, SONIC YOUTH, FRANZ FERDINAND).

It`s Casual Playing the Viper Room

It`s Casual will join the Knives and House of Broken Promises at The Viper Room in West Hollywood on August 14, 2008. Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age/Mondo Generator) is covering bass duties these days for the Knives. Gonna be a great show.

News from Catacomb Records

From Catacomb Records:

Aluna News
Aluna has come back from a successful UK tour. They played with some amazing bands, including Blood Island Raiders, Obiat, Litmus, Berserkowitz, Ahymsa, Invasion, and Fancy Nancy. Cheers to everyone who put the gigs on, and everyone who attended them.

Their track "Spend My Time" is now being regularly played on BBC West Midlands Radio and can also be found on the Droning Earth and StonerRock.com compilations, go to www.alunaband.co.uk for more details.

Upcoming dates include support slots with the UK`s premier Black Sabbath tribute act War Pigs at Bilston`s Robin 2 club, and Nod Fest with Grifter and more TBC at The Junction in Bristol. Go to www.alunaband.co.uk for full listings.

They will be entering the studio this Autumn to record their bonus track, which will be appearing on the Fall To Earth limited edition 10". This release will be available on Nasoni Records, release date TBC.

The split 7" release with Queen Elephantine is still happening. This has been delayed by almost a year due to a chain of different events and circumstances which we are currently trying to sort out. Both Aluna and Queen Elephantine are extremely eager to release this. Whilst they are waiting for a release date and whilst they are in the studio, Aluna will be recording a new version of "Song of The Sun."

Grifter News
Grifter has just returned from playing a blinding set in London at the Ninehertz all dayer. This took place Saturday, 2 August at Camden Underworld. Ten other bands played, including Rise Above`s Gentlemans Pistols, End of Level Boss, and Suns of Thunder.

Ollie has recently been interviewed by Lee at The Sleeping Shaman. You can read the interview here.

Also catch them at Nod-Fest which they will be playing with Aluna (see above).

Sonic Lord News
Sonic Lord plays The Shakespeare in Sheffield on Saturday, 16 August. Other bands playing are White Fang, Bastard of The Skies, and Berserkowitz. One heavy, heavy night! This is being promoted by the Berserkowitz boys and Ninehertz. Catacomb`s merchandise stall will be there too, come and say hi!

The Fallen" by Sonic Lord has just been featured in issue 1219 of Kerrang Magazine in their "Top Ten Tracks You Must Hear" chart. They said "If you like enough low end that the neighbours can feel it three doors down the street, you`re gonna love the sludgy glory of Sonic Lord"

Read their recent Ninehertz review of "Trawling Through Sludge" here.

(Damn) This Desert Air/Telescreen Split Vinyl Officially Released

Telescreen and (Damn) This Desert Air celebrate the release of Koi Splits Volume 2, split 7-inch series brought to us by Houston TX`s Koi Records and Different Kitchen Records (UK). This limited edition 500 pressing colored vinyl consists of a single track from each band, "The Solar Sea (Asteroid Remix)" and "Calling Orion" respectively, and is issued in three different color formats in this initial pressing.


Bible of the Devil Readies New Album, Fall Tour

From Bible of the Devil:


The summer has flown by, fellow heshers and boozers. There are some exciting developments out of the Bible of the Devil camp that bear mentioning as the dog days set in...

We have completed the mastering for our fifth studio album, Freedom Metal, due to hit the streets in September. Artwork is currently in production by well-known Chicago rock n` roll graphic artist Martin Cimek. This is our follow-up to 2006`s Diabolic Procession, and our second full-length release for Rome, Italy, based Cruz Del Sur Music.

The much-anticipated Bible of the Devil/Valkyrie split 7" is at the pressing plant and should see the light of day in time for our tour of this Midwest, South, and East this fall. It comes to you courtesy of Heavy Birth Records out of the Netherlands.

We will be posting our tour dates for the Fall 2008 Bible of the Devil Midwest, South, and East tour when they are all confirmed on a totally revamped bibleofthedevil.com. Check back soon.

Until then,

In Jah,
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