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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Hijos de Mayo

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Hijos de Mayo.


Hijos de Mayo is a 4-piece band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

They play stonernoisepostrock / poststonernoiserock: heavy riffs and
grooves, screeching noise and psychedelic atmospheres.

Hijos de Mayo started out as an instrumental band in 2006. In the beginning
of 2007 they recorded and self-released their first instrumental minialbum.

2008 brought Part 1 of The 4-Track Tape Adventures, the first recording
to feature Boukje (voice and noise). Near the end of 2008 drummer
Joost decided to stop. He left and Ivo came to replace him.

In May 2011 Hijos de Mayo released their first full album
In Sound Underground.

Before Hijos de Mayo Chris and Ronald played in gifkip. Boukje sang in
Moral Anxiety and GodsChosenDealer, Ivo hit the drums in Red King
Rising and the Ghouls.

They did shows with My Sleeping Karma, Oceana Company, Heavy Lord
and more.

The majesty and beauty of Hijos de Mayo is a sound that one should behold. The band utilizes a crushing wall of sound layered with female vocals and swirling atmospherics to create music of epic proportions. Intricate noises, trippy psychedelia, tremendous highs and lows, and their keen song build-up ability sets Hijos de Mayo apart from many other bands. At times the overall sound is a little sloppy, but that is exactly what is the most appealling aspect of this band. Outstanding!


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Naughty Mouse

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today is Naughty Mouse.


Naughty Mouse are the sons of Elvis Presley, Kyuss and the Stooges. Rock by nature, their live performances are full of energy and excitement. There is certainly a dark undercurrent flowing through their music, as well as harmonies and driving riffs, but most of it, the groove is dancing all along. In between "desert rock" and some kind of "stoner rock", Naughty Mouse creates its own personal sound and at the end stays the word "rock". And that's what it is!

Naughty Mouse's music is pure, energetic, groove-based desert rock. Heavily influenced by the likes of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, this Belgium band knows one thing and that is how to rock. Fuzzy and infectious. Crank it up!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CD Review: Threefold Law-"Revenant"

Today I take Threefold Law's most recent release "Revenant" for a spin.


From 18th century French, "to return" as a spirit after death.

"A man traveling alone through the desert in fourth century Persia realizes he may not reach the next kingdom alive. He sets up camp and eats the last of his rations. Before going to sleep, he smokes a pipe of hashish. Unsure whether he is asleep or awake, the man is visited by the spirit of a dead Sultan. The two engage in conversation as the man attempts to find out what lies beyond life."

This band from Cleveland, Ohio continues to push the boundaries of metal and that is exactly what they do on their latest release "Revenant". The album is based on the story of a desert traveler in ancient Persia and engages the listener on a journey of sound, images, and text. “Revenant” explores the mystic, universal spirits of the ancients.

The album itself is divided into five separate "passages" Earth, Air, Interlude, Fire, Water.

The first passage "Earth" begins with a middle eastern riff then slithers its way into a nice doom groove. The song then chugs along amongst a tight bass line and majestic guitar solos.

"Air" is a little trippy with a crunchy harmonious dual-guitar riff leading the way. The song then segues into a killer guitar lead trade-off then transitions nicely into an easy groove dreamy sequence.

"Interlude" is an acoustic middle-eastern inspired instrumental complete with chants and instruments which sound native to the region.

"Fire" starts off with a tight doom groove in which the vocal is sung along to. You are then plunged into the depths of hell with a nasty guitar solo. As the flames gather around you, an evil laugh bellows and the flanged out groove leads you back.

"Water" is probably the band's most accomplished song to date. This song masterfully ties all of the elements together and makes for a grand exit.

These guys have come so far in the past few years and each of their releases has a true element of surprise and originality. They are true musicians that take a lot of pride in their finished product and it definitely shows.

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the overall "Revenant" experience read the companion book written by James Thorn that comes along with your purchase.

In case you didn't know, Threefold Law recently won the Heavy Planet/Soda Shop "March Bandness" Competition. The contest featured 64 up-and-coming heavy bands from across the world in a six week bracket-style tournament.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Beastwars

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Beastwars.


Beastwars are the result of a barbaric and brutal world sliding into the abyss. When we see war and disaster surrounding us on all sides. When half-truths and hidden agendas lurk behind every act of the world’s eroding empires. And when all these things are channelled into righteous and commanding music.

Music that embodies the apocalyptic feeling of these end times - primal, hypnotic, and just plain fucking heavy. The fire and the fury acknowledge gloomy futures while simultaneously offering a temporary escape from our grim present.

On this, their first record, Beastwars distil all these things into a sequence of songs that unfolds like the most of hellish of headlines. Kill the volume on the stream of airstrikes, calamities and mankind’s meltdowns rolling across your television screen and you’ll discover the band’s heavy howls create an eerily apocalyptic soundtrack to the events of the day.

There are familiar elements in what Beastwars do - this is the sound of four people with lungs, guitars and drums after all. You can throw names like The Jesus Lizard, Black Sabbath and Kyuss around, but that doesn’t entirely sum things up. This is metal of mettle born from the most bestial characteristics.

The word’s been getting out about the potency of their live shows - something Beastwars have captured on record in heightened fidelity.

This is the product of two very different environments. Recorded with Dale Cotton (HDU, Dimmer) in four and half of the greyest Dunedin winter days before being sent to sunny California to be mastered by John Golden (Melvins, Sonic Youth, Faith No More, High on Fire). This untitled debut displays an instinct for furious moods and doom-laden dynamics.

The music is wrapped in the mind-melting artwork of Weta Workshop conceptual designer Nick Keller. Keller has lent his vision to Narnia, Avatar and The Hobbit and now, for Beastwars, has created imagery so otherworldly it perfectly reflects the music within. His two huge oil paintings presented on gatefold vinyl give the listener something tangible to clutch as the music inside threatens to take you to the world it depicts.

Beastwars was released on LP, CD and Digitally in May 2011, on Destroy Records and distributed through Universal.

Beastwars will obliterate your fuckin' skull with their elephantine riffs, crusty grooves and a vocalist that at times sounds like Lemmy getting strangled and other times wailing in a higher octave. As this monster known as Beastwars breathes it's acrid breath into your face,  you can sense the band's keen sense for melody and thought provoking lyrics. Obey the Riff. Long live the Beast!


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Otis Reaper

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Otis Reaper.


Hailing from the doomed wastelands of Tennessee, Otis Reaper plays hard rock and punk tinged cro-magnon metal harkening back to the days of yore. Sludgy, neanderthal doom riffs collide with nwobhm tinged melodies, thrashing drums and guttural, blackened vocals w/lyrics about intergalactic time travel, misanthropy, and alcohol.

Ben Price - lead
(Sadville, Scourge of Faith, Garfight, Briar Gates)

Madison Clifton - bass (Ruacamole)

Jay Murchison - vocals
(Soma Irot, Kafir, Pneunomesis, Upper Kvnt Punch, AoG)

Cres Murchison - drums
(Pneunomesis, Upper Kvnt Punch, AoG, Scourge of Faith, The Knuckle Babies, Briar Gates)

Aside from a truly awesome band name, Otis Reaper's unrelentless barking vocals, doomy riffs, and southern rock flare supplement their incessant need for beer drinkin' and hellraisin', albeit  in a sludgy swamp light years from now on some other planet.  The band is offering up a few EPs for free. Get'em now!

"Footprints in Dead Earth" EP

1.Traversing the Orbs of Time
2. Optimator
3. Footprints in Dead Earth

"Graveyard Sorcery" EP

1.Graveyard Sorcery
2.Unspeakable Acts of Intoxication

Below is a download link to their first two soon to be 7" ep's w/artwork


MySpace|Facebook|Reverb Nation

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Stone Kings

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Stone Kings.


Raw, energetic, melodic and powerful are just some of the words that describe Stone Kings. With powerful vocals, relatable lyrics and distortion drenched harmonies, Stone Kings will have you charged up then obsessed with its MASSIVE sound.

Influenced by the likes of Iggy and The Stooges, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses and Soundgarden, its no wonder Stone Kings has a testosterone-driven heart of pure Rock'n'Roll that captivates and embraces its audience. From stereo to stadium, Stone Kings reign.

Stone Kings is a Stoner Rock/Metal 5-Piece hailing from the dirty shores of Kent, UK. These dudes are out to save the rock world with their mesmerising brand of scorching heavy rock. Bravodo vocals, soaring solos, hard driving guitar hooks and insatiable melodies will capture your attention. The band just released their new self-titled album which you can obtain from this location.

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): No Anchor

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features No Anchor.



1. No Anchor is a band comprising of two bass players\vocalists (Donovan
Miller and Ian Rogers) and a drummer (Alex Gillies). The band does not
have a guitarist. Guitars are way too cute for No Anchor.

2. Real Pain Supernova is the band’s new album. It can be described in
journalistic prose-writing as such:
a. The band’s third album. They’ve mad
e three albums;
b. The band’s second album. The first album was a bit shit. It was
more of a fancy demo than a debut album;
c. Their fourth album. They put out a live album last year;
d. All of the above.

3. The album is a double vinyl LP because the band hates money.

4. The members of No Anchor come from flood affected Brisbane and are
Flood Heroes TM.

5. In the same time it took to make the Real Pain Supernova, Donovan’s cat
Teeny made nine kittens. Kittens are not too cute for No Anchor.

6. The digital MP3 version of the album will be legally free to download
from the band’s website (www.noanchorband.com) on May 9, 2011. The
band would like to stress here and now that this instance of them giving
away their album is NOT an indication that they consider music to be
‘free’ (hippy bullshit) or ‘without value.’ To the contrary, they think music is worth billions and billions of dollars but, unfortunately, they don’t consider what they do to be music. They think of it more as punishment. You are being punished.

7. Everyone likes the band. Everyone. Thus the band have played shows
with OM (US), Monarch (France), Zeni Geva (Japan), Eagle Twin (US),
Magic Dirt, The Nation Blue, Daniel Striped Tiger (US), Sixfthick
and Whitehorse. One time they even opened up for Jason Forrest (US)
at a festival. That guy’s a great guy.

8. The songs contained on Real Pain Supernova have no literal meanings. If
you’d like to interpret the songs one way or the other, you’re welcome to
print these interpretations as journalistic fact.

9. No Anchor is a strong believer in the D.I.Rad ethos. They feel there’s just no point doing anything unless it’s radical, especially if they have to do it themselves. It’s kind of like DIY except without the underpinning of 30 years of American entrepreneurialism and cultural fortitude.

10. The members of No Anchor are in your house right now. Alternatively
you can email them here: noanchorband@gmail.com

Brisbane's post-rock/sludge trio No Anchor are a unique band to say the least. First off the band needs no stinking guitars, two bass guitars and a drummer that's it. No Anchor incorporate a fuzz-filled feedback frenzy into a whirlwind of post-rock elements, grungy goodness and hardcore sensibilities. Imagine if you will a sludgy cranked up version of The Pixies.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Sludge - Bottom

This week's edition of Sunday Sludge needed a woman's touch, courtesy of a band called Bottom. I'm not talking about window treatments and a late-night "let's talk about us" conversation. I'm talking about a gargantuan, spooky sound that melds sludge with strong elements of doom, stoner, acid, and courageous experimental rock. The female perspective isn't lost in quicksand, though you also won't care who the sounds are coming from; you'll be too busy banging your head.

The band composed three expansive and grinding albums as an all-female trio, relying on strong groove to balance unwavering heaviness. Bottom introduced Made In Voyage in 1999 to strong reviews and eager live audiences, as the weighted crunch and bubbling-lava basslines of Whipping Child paralleled steady drums and mud-slinging guitars. The Garden soars with riffs and sears with stoner bass-groove, making you wish you'd stuck out your thumb in time for some asshole to pick you up off the highway.

On 2001's Feels So Good When You're Gone, Bottom fattened-up their rhythm and got their trucks a bit dirtier. Got Meth is a scathing slow rumble until dual vocals combat screeching guitars, while Meat Buzz is sped-up and probably gave birth to Helmet's Crashing Foreign Cars. Sludge certainly drives the rhythm on these songs, and there's nothing better than combining sexy vocals with plodding tempo.

Bottom got relatively quiet on 2005's You'rNext, a departure from their steady hum of fuzz and doom and an introduction to their artsy influences. They still love their despair, their warble, their butterfly-flutter drums; they also utilize horns and whispers. The slower Sina's vocals get, the closer you listen. Cryptic breaths stand out above distant flutes on By a Thread, while Nan Del Rio truly demonstrates low-volume effectiveness while grinding rhythm taps at the door. The vocals go from Nico's depth to Dave Mustaine's howl to Courtney Love's snarl to Mia Zapata's rage, and it's all done well. This is one stormy album, complete with sing-alongs (Rainy Day Blues), hollow drums (Requiem), and floor-sanding groove (The Traveller).

Bottom's most recent incarnation welcomes Kevin Hardicus (bass) and Chris Colebourn (drums), though the female perspective toward drudge remains. Check out the video for Lifer, where Sina barks, shouts, and whispers over swirling guitars that ultimately send the entire world into a death march. It doesn't seem to matter who's in the lineup, Bottom find a way to make Sunday morning a bit more grim than your grandparents would like. Let's hope it rains.

Website | Facebook | Myspace

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Album Review: Mean Mother - "Rock-N-Roll Shakedown"

The next time you kids decide you wanna break into dad's liquor buffet, snatch a bottle o' cheap bourbon, and party in the back of a pickup parked in a muddy cornfield, you may wanna bring along a copy of Rock-N-Roll Shakedown. Mean Mother have managed to throw together one hell of a scummy southern-rock record, straight outta hell by way of Detroit's armpit. The band's sound is described as having "boogie that's more infectious than a truck stop shitter and twice as dirty."

The album's lead-off track, Rock-N-Roll Shakedown, spent three seconds worrying me Mean Mother were some incarnation of The Darkness, though the listener is quickly slugged in the face and advised you won't find Roxy Vega acting like a Freddie Mercury-wannabe dancing in leotards. You'll also get the impression these four Motor City natives haven't burned up their olfactions with mountains of coke; they've simply spent years slamming a few cold ones. Mean Mother wanna show you a good time, and they wanna see your fists pumping.

This album smacks your ass with strong southern riffs and classic rock howls, but the basslines are what drive the band's sound. In Kill For The Thrill, Clint Debone drops his purr, slows down his groove, and steadily steals the show from upchucked riffs that would make Dimebag Darrell raise his Crown Royal in toast. Persistent drums pair well with extended solos, building to a solid fadeout before Easy Livin' splashes Old Milwaukee in your eyes and rolls with the ghost of Skynyrd's That Smell. The band's vocals entwine excellently on this track, 'cause no southern-rock stud's leavin' his buddies behind.

Strange Appetite is the album's Buffalo Trace bearhug, with a bass-heavy roller-coaster groove bubbling under steady, chewy riffs. The bridgework is beyond solid, rollicking and honest, throwing in witches' coven howls to screw complacency and embrace the wolf's attack. N.H. taps the brakes and almost throws your GTO in neutral long enough for the smoke to clear, though pounding chops and thumps ultimately absorb you into a high-speed, solo-kissed desert romp. Guitar necks are battered on this disc, employing countless solos and snarling on more frets than I knew existed. Paint The Town Red ends the album like your red-bearded, out-of-work uncle ends every day: punching holes in walls and barking at the neighbors. There's fuzz, there's a jam, there's rust on your bumper.

Mean Mother have one hand on the stick-shift while the other crushes an empty PBR. The sound is familiar without being derivative, while the atmosphere is clouded with smoke and cheap booze. There's a bit of swamp, a few odd time signatures, and a whole lot o' groove. What's unsettling is that these studio cuts will likely never do justice for a band like this. I'd love to walk into a steamy watering hole, order a can of swill for each of my two hands, and watch Mean Mother ignite a rowdy local crowd as they forget the pretense of today's rock scene and just hit the gas.

Myspace | Saw Her Ghost Records | Facebook | Last.fm

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): IAGO

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features IAGO.


After having met in late 2002, Matt Green and Matthew Fulton (or “Bowski” as he is known to many for convenience sake) started jamming in 2003. Later joined by Nathan Miller in 2004, the three-piece IAGO was born.

Many gigs, jams and self recordings followed and in 2006 we released our debut EP ‘The Devout Sessions’. After extensive gigging throughout the country for the next couple of years we earned a reputation for being different than your average band. Not only did we switch around on instruments but many people were unable to label us with a genre of music. A couple of sayings did stick with the band members though. They were “doom-laden stoner grunge” and “black grunge”. Phrases/genre coined by people just for IAGO.

Having enjoyed our escapades into the local music scene we returned to the studio and stayed there until we had something we were happy with. While it took longer than expected, we got there and the end result is ‘Mare ex Fumus’. Our plan now? To tour the country far and wide, then further afield. And then further some more.

We hope you’ll join us.

This three-piece band from Belfast, Ireland exudes a down right dirty brand of heavy grunge rock with a metal edge. From the driving rhythms, the thick as hell guitars and a unique throaty vocal, IAGO are dark, sick and twisted rather than depressing and withdrawn. "Black Grunge" indeed! The band will soon be releasing their EP "Mare ex Fumus". Contact the band for your copy!


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Le Scimmie

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Le Scimmie.


The Italian duo "Le Scimmie" was born in the colorful spring of 2007 in Vasto, a seaside town in central Italy.

The ideas of the project are: guitar, drums, minimal power, raw sound.

In the winter of 2007 they recorded their first ep called "L'Origine Ep" that received excellent support from the Italian press.

2008: the band reached the final at one of major Italian music festival called "Italia Wave" and remains on tour for about a year.

After a year of silence, in January 2011, Le Scimmie released their first album entitled "Dromomania".

This all-instrumental Italian duo consisting of Angelo Xunah Mirolli (guitar) and Mario Serrecchia (drums) have garnered some nice press with the release of their latest release "Dromomania" and this shall be no different. Dromomania is defined as having an uncontrollable psychological urge to wander, with that being said, Le Scimmie mesh together elements of stoner, grunge, and noise with ease sounding like the bastard child of Kyuss/Nirvana. But eventually Dromomania takes over as the band starts to dabble with experimental aspects but pulls it all together without wandering too far.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Marching Teeth

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Marching Teeth.


Marching Teeth was formed as a 3-piece metal/rock band that originated in 2006
and is based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Marching Teeth's style crosses over stoner, psychedelic, and classic metal

All members are originally from Louisville, KY. Each member played in various bands in the early metal/hardcore scene in Louisville, KY and helped with building it into one of the most distinct scenes in the country. 

In January the 3-piece turned into a 4-piece with the addition of another Louisvillian Dominic Cipolla on vocals. Dahm is the ex-lead singer of Dead Child (Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records). 

Marching Teeth will be releasing it's first full length album in the late summer and will be touring as well. The song Rosa Scabs and The Creeps Below has been released in the mean time. 

Marching Teeth from Brooklyn via Kentucky are a tough band to classify. The early stuff is a bit more hardcore punk with yelling vocals and the new stuff as evidenced by the song above is more subdued and has a mellow 60's style vocal with an awesome stoner rock groove. Whatever their sound is, I like it and you should too.


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): A Place of Owls

 The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features A Place of Owls.


A Place Of Owls is a one man Post-Rock band from the artist Ezra Hinton. Drawing from a huge library of influences, A Place Of Owls has created a catalog of vastly differing sonic experiences.

Ezra Hinton's project known simply as A Place of Owls shows off this musician's accomplished skills. Taking the listener on a post-metal extravaganza , Minnesota's A Place of Owls is an amalgamation of beauty and punishment. Ezra's adeptness for each instrument and his knack for melody lend to the overall aural experience. For fans of Cult Of Luna, Explosions In The Sky, and Pelican to name a few. The "band" has two EPs up on their Bandcamp site for your listening pleasure.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CD Review: Rival Sons - Pressure & Time

Rival Sons - Pressure & Time

by Zac Boda

Rival Sons have a psychedelic aura levitating around them and their powerful chords and verses.  Recreating, all while refreshing, the sound that very well brought us to love the heavier music we revel in today.  RS's sound remind me of Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes.  Thick bluesy riffs and basslines, and big sexy rock n' roll vocals and drum rolls.  I welcome all with open arms!  One too many bands have tried to do what RS is doing on Pressure & Time, but failed miserably, letting this very uplifting and inspiring sound become dry.  Fear not, RS have injected the retro rock scene with perfect balance. 

Pressure & Time kick off with "All Over the Road".  Fuzzed out guitars, rousing harmony, and opening lyrics, "We got the Caddillac, we gonna drive right into the sun..."  Take note, this is a pretty good way to start a rock album, or a road trip for that matter.  AOtR has all the ingredients to properly introduce a new listener to all that RS has to offer, as well as kick off a live show!  I would love to see this one in open air of stadium!

The title track "Pressure & Time" begin with a killer smooth bassline and the lyrics "Give me only what I need, it doesn't take too much to keep me satisfied..."  How fitting.  I also can't help but notice an almost BB King sounding backing vocal.  This touch is what really pulls P&T [the track] together.  All in all, we have another fantastic example of what bluesy rock n' roll should sound like. 

After RS wind it down a bit with "Only One" a fist pumping sing-a-long "Burn Down Los Angeles" follows shortly after.  An anthem style rock song will certainly get your blood pumping and BDLA delivers just that!  I can close my eyes and envision an enormous crowd wailing and stomping to this one. 

After the past twenty two minutes, you have rocked yourself silly, but RS will leave you with a very mind-bending track named "White Noise".  Beginning with a drum roll, overwhelming bass, fuzzy distortion, and some very genius lyrics WN has a deeper message.  Lines like: "There's a message coming to on my TV screen every-time I try to turn it on, tells me I'm inferior and incomplete I'm a fool being satisfied with what I've got." should ignite listener's minds... but we will leave politics to the professionals.  Hell, we're here for the music!  

Rival Sons have put together quite the package with Pressure & Time.  The artwork is odd but very cool (it was created by Storm Thorgerson).  One has to appreciate the hidden beauty at the top right corner... I wonder why it is 1:20ish?  Storm is known for creating artwork for (two of my, well everybody's, favorite bands) Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.  Bursting with solid tunes, great artwork, very intelligent (almost poetic) lyrics, and a label [Earache] that is working hard for a great band (the ad's and graphic designs all over the Earache and Rival Sons websites are very well done), Pressure & Time is a very attractive package.  Set for a release date in July 2011, I would put Pressure & Time high on my list to purchase. 

I give Rival Son's Pressure & Time a secure 8 out of 10.  

Jay Buchanan - Vocals
Scott Holiday - Guitars
Robin Everhart - Bass
Mike Miley - Drums

Such Hawks Such Hounds (Full Documentary)

Such Hawks Such Hounds: Scenes From the American Hard Rock Underground

Such Hawks Such Hounds explores the music and musicians of the American hard rock underground circa 1970-2007, focusing on the psychedelic and '70s proto-metal-derived styles that have in recent years formed a rich body of unclassifiable sounds.

This is a great documentary film by John Srebalus about heavy music of USA. Music , interviews, live and some of the heavy metal, stoner, doom and drone legends from 1970 till now. More than one hour of great music, historic point of views, attitude and great people.

Chat with : Mario Lalli, Eddie Glass, Tom Davies, Greg Anderson, Stephen McCarthy , Geof O'Keefe, Al Cisneros, Chris Hakius, Lori S., Joey Osbourne, Mark Arm, Isaiah Mitchell, Scott Wino Weinrich, Mario Rubalcaba, Mike Eginton, Joe Preston, Scott Reeder, Tony Tornay, Larry Lalli, Brant Bjork, Matt Pike, Ethan Miller, Noel Von Harmonson, Ian Christe, Joe Carducci, Tony Presedo, Laurel Stearns, Chris Kosnik, Bob Pantella, Finn Ryan, Michael Gibbons, Jenny McGee, Billy Anderson, Arik Roper, Randy Huth, Josh Martin, Jason Simon, Steve Kille, Nicky Emmert, Stephen O'Malley, John Gibbons, Isobel Sollenberger

No copyrights infrigment Intended. The copyrights belong to their respectful Owners. Go buy the dvd and support the scene,If owners wants this video to be deleted it will.

Buy the DVD.Support the scene.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Mars Red Sky

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Mars Red Sky.


On a winter night in 2007, Julien Pras and Jimmy Kinast met at a tiny club in Bordeaux for the Berlin Vs Brooklyn show, a repetitive math-rock duet. The surprise that awaits them is huge: behind his drums, Benoit Busser is a perfect fusion of John Bonham and Todd Trainer. Blown away by his technic, Julien and Jimmy will imagine on their side the band they could form together and finally achieve their musical fantasies.By this time, Julien Pras was currently promoting the 5th album of his band Calc and was dreaming of a noisy psychedelia with Big muff pedals and plenty of reverberated guitars. On his side, Jimmy Kinast who held his bass during the 90’s in several noisy pop bands is feeding the same desire.It won’t take long before benoit et Julien will start working together. After three jubilant and productive rehearsals ( two tracks are then developed) Jimmy join them behind the bass.Obssesed by the 70’s, from Black Sabbath to Led zeppelin, and more recently by Dead Meadows and the band witch, the three of them will form Mars Red Sky…

The alchemy is here and they will soon be writting many songs together. Jimmy and Julien are sharing the microphone, their universe is heavy and aerial at the same time, especially based on the use of a particular tuning, a good half-dozen semitones below normal.

Encouraged by the first concerts they played in Bordeaux and the response they received from a well surprised audience, they decided to record their songs properly, in the stones of this magical Spanish place called the Bardenas desert.

Pierre Fillon, in charge of the recording and the mixing, will help to shape and colour the whole project.
In 2011, Mars Red Sky is finally ready to conquer the clubs all over Europe.

Opening act for the great “SLEEPY SUN” from San Francisco, TWEAK BIRD, SHANNON WRIGHT, A PLACE TO BUTY STRANGERS, EARTH and KILLING JOKE at the Bataclan In Paris. After a tour in Germany and Netherland next June, Mars Red Sky will also play Les Eurockennes 2011 Festival July the 2nd with QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE, MOTORHEAD, KYUSS LIVES…. !!!!

Epic desert rock heaviness woven into captivating ritualistic space romps are what Mars Red Sky skillfully purvey. Slow tempos, fuzzy grooves and hypnotic vocals will put you into a hazy smoke-filled trance. Their album is available physically or digitally at this location.


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Ocktana

The Morning Buzz edition of  "New Band To Burn One To" today features Octana.


5 Guys from Curitiba (Brazil) with very different influences...
Årturo - Drums,
Carlyle - Bass, 
Noel - Lead and Rhythm Guitars,
Umanø - Vocals - Percussion,
Eslavo - Lead and Rhythm Guitars.

A bit doomy, a bit stoner and a whole lot of metal, Ocktana from Curitiba, Brazil blend chug chug riffs, barking vocals and a slow-paced pissed off attitude. Listen to their most current EP above to see what I mean.


Monday, June 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Quiet Lakes

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Quiet Lakes.


Quiet Lakes from Hamilton, Ontario is a cascade of crushing riffs, despairing wails and beautiful melodies. Composer Graham Bucci, more commonly known for his body of work known as Lachrymal Quietus, has created progressive and densely layered drone doom with Quiet Lakes. Like Lachrymal Quietus, his music is strongly rooted in shoegaze, post rock, and slowcore, drawing influence from artists like Labradford, Mono and Codeine. The music is minimal, bleak, and heavy. For fans of Nadja, The Angelic Process, Rosetta.

Waves of heaviness engulf you as you are mesmerised by the beatiful melody and delicate song structures of Ontario's Quiet Lakes. This all-instrumental band consisting primarily of Graham Bucci builds layers of dreamy soundscapes then bludgeons you with unbridled heaviness. The band adds Caleb Berry and Brad Cheeseman to add more depth to their live sound. The band has a split CD out called "Missing Endings" with today's Morning Buzz featured artists Breakfast of Champions. You can purchase the album at this location.
Download b-sides and demo tracks for FREE at this location.


New Band To Burn One to (Morning Buzz): Breakfast of Champions

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Breakfast of Champions.


Breakfast of Champions are a 3 piece alternative heavy drone hardcore experimental rock band formed in 2004 in Tokyo. The band has had numerous line-up changes before settling on the current line-up of guitarist/vocalist Hideaki Kondou, bassist Yuichi Sato and drummer Ryutaro Ishibashi. Initially. the bands took influence from 90's grunge rock bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney and Tad. Focusing on a instrumental sound, bands such as Captain Beefheart and The Red Krayola and prog rock bands also helped shape the bands earlier sound. BoC later started to develop a heavier sound influenced by the Melvins, early Soundgarden, Boris, Earth, Sunn amps (and smashed guitars.) In 2008 the band released their first album "We usually just bow, play, bow, leave" in Japan on the independent labal Tetrahedron. BoC subsequently did a release tour of Japan, playing venues such as the Shelter and Nest in Tokyo and Upset in Nagoya. The band are currently writing new material for their next album and looking to broaden their sound by taking influence from 70s hard rock and prog rock bands.

Grab your Wheaties people, this Tokyo three-piece knows how to bring the heavy. Drawing influences primarily from the heavier grunge scene (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden) and combining it with droney elements and a bit of prog the band takes on a sound eerily similiar to the aforementioned. Songs such as "Master Blaster" and "Say Hello to My Little Friend" are prime examples of this. The band has just released a split CD with Quiet Lakes (today's Evening Buzz) which can be purchased through their Bandcamp page.

Download demo tracks and b-sides for FREE at this location.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Sludge (Father's Day Edition) - Acid Bath

The Father's Day edition of Sunday Sludge brings wicked memories, slapping us in the face with sludge metal pioneers Acid Bath. A disclaimer is certainly in order; if you're not familiar with Acid Bath or Dax Riggs's incredibly dark and troubling lyrics, leave this page and come back tomorrow. If you've ever heard these guys, you know the term "sludge metal" can never fully encapsulate the experience of this seminal band.

Acid Bath was formed in 1991, producing two albums having polarizing effects on anyone who paid attention. While the band's sound contained elements of grind, doom, goth, blues, folk, country, punk, and grunge, we're highlighting their contribution and influence to the sludge we can't get enough of on a rain-soaked Sunday morning. Acid Bath's cult following can't be ignored, and their brief album catalog is misleading.

Sift through When the Kite String Pops (1994) and you'll be greeted with sludge bliss on tracks like "Dope Fiend," "Finger Paintings of the Insane," and "Dr. Seuss is Dead." The album's artwork is unmistakably that of John Wayne Gacy, which likely turned off many distributors and potential fans. But even more troubling than the cover art are the lyrics contained in these fourteen tracks. Death isn't a recurring theme, it's THE theme. Check out the scripts for yourself, because I'm not sharing. This album has no parallel, grinding out more sound than most bands produce in an entire career.

The band split after bassist Audie Pitrie was killed, though they released Paegan Terrorism Tactics (1996) just two months prior. Dax continues using dark poetry to paint his landscapes, while Jack Kevorkian's artwork served as their sophomore album's cover. The sludge is still there on this disc, and anyone enjoying the heaviness sliced by today's bands likely owes a great debt to Acid Bath. I can only attempt to excuse and explain these lyrics by illustrating the popularity of horror films containing gruesome scenes; if Hollywood can make our skin crawl with Sissy Spacek and corn syrup, how could Dax worry our parents? Then again, no music's ever been exempt from the double standard.

You don't have to dig much to find every track Acid Bath ever released. What WILL get your wheels spinning is how many of your favorite bands sound like these two albums. Acid Bath laid the pavement for many great (and many awful) bands we currently love by experimenting with every chunk of gravity and glazing the sound with envelope-pushing, neck-snapping lyrics of the most disheartening order. You'll come back to these songs every time your pusher says "Dude, check out these guys..." You've probably heard the riff before. And it was probably Acid Bath.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

CD Review: Kvelertak - "Kvelertak"

Kvelertak - Kvelertak

by Zac Boda

This band is fun, like Airbourne... only injected with an overdose of hardcore and inhaled a taste of black metal. If you are unfamiliar with Kvelertak, they released this amazing album last year pretty much everywhere but the USA (beginning with Norway). I had listened to it thanks to the inter-webs and now finally have it for myself. It made my Top 10 of 2010 list, hoping we here in the States would have had it before the close of 2010. We did not; it was officially released here in March 2011 (so there is a good chance you will see this on my Best of 2011). You may ask, Zac is it that good? I would respond, if you get John Baizley (see Baroness) to do your artwork, yes.

Now, I’m not a very big black metal fan. I actually can’t stand most of it (save for Agalloch, Alcest, and Nachtmystium). However when blast-beats, tremolo picking, and screams are added tastefully to well written songs, you have lured me in. Kvelertak have done just that. Combine this with anthem style rock and roll and the aggression of early punk… BAM! quite the addicting elixir. I have greatly enjoyed this album, but here are some tracks I hope you will go check out…

Track two is entitled: Mjød (see video after the jump: http://youtu.be/iDyHhV9UK-4). I believe this to mean mead (similar to what we call beer), which was the alcohol infused drink of choice for our ancient Nordic Viking friends. The big and glamorous intro demands your attention, really brings out their rock influences. This infused with the shouted lyrics, sing-a-long chorus, and punk-like under three minute run-time… turns into a party anthem for the modern world!

Track four is Blood Thirst, or should I say: Blodtørst. I noticed I’ve entered a strange place when shouting a long what means blood thirst to one of the catchiest guitar licks I’ve heard… This should certainly scare the entire horde of little, vampire, twilight fans away. The listener will find hints of acoustic or unplugged strumming and picking hidden in tracks on “Kvelertak”. Blodtørst is a fine example.

“Liktorn” has an overwhelming black metal intro. This may stir a listener away from this particular track, but hang tight; it all comes together throughout the 5:36 runtime. Following this blast-beat you are immersed in looping guitar riff and a drum beat that of a heart. At the two-minute mark, the heart of rock ‘n’ roll comes alive once again. A very well rounded black ‘n’ roll-core song… I take that last line back; I really dislike genre-izing music, especially really good music. It’s just a really killer song.

Finally this review would not be complete without me opinionating on the final track “Utrydd dei Svake”. Leading us in with heavy drums and distorted resonance we find ourselves whirling in syncopation. This grand finale keeps pace with the rest of “Kvelertak” leading up to a climaxed shout a long at 3:14. Following this is a gentle (one word you did not expect to see on this review) release. I think everyone will appreciate the Butch Walker-esque, poppy, acoustic outro. You will not see it coming!

All I can say is I love this record. There are so many catchy licks; it will slip your mind that you are listening to some very aggressive hardcore metal. My only gripe is all lyrics are in Norwegian, and I do not have a translator! From a little research most of the songs are about partying, Norse gods, and mead (they celebrate with it)... The USA release includes some bonus live and demo recordings. I feel these were well worth the wait of release. Give Kvelertak a chance… Let me know if I’m an absolute fool, or if you dig it too. Thanks!

5 out of 5

Ohhh, by the way, if you were wondering what Kvelertak meant… Stranglehold.


Erlend Hjelvik – Vocals
Bjart Lund Rolland – Guitar
Maciek Ofstad – Guitar
Vidar Landa – Guitar
Kjetil Gjermundrød – Drums
Marvin Nygaard - Bass

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Album Review - Major Kong: "Orogenesis"

Picture Slim Pickens as “Major Kong” riding a nuclear bomb in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 hilarious black satire Dr. Strangelove, and you’ll wonder why this band chose to name themselves after him. Orogenesis is a four-track collection of heavy stoner jams reminiscent of Sleep, full of effective bass-laden groove, and absent of any true vocals. The sound is honest, organic, and heavier than your best friend’s little sister. Three members of Fifty Foot Woman compose Major Kong, and here they give us four gloomy stompers without complicating the sound by adding extraneous elements.

Witches on My Land initiates the album’s persistent feedback fuzz, accompanied by troubling audio samples, clanking chains, perhaps even a sigh of falling ice. Strong stoner riffs break the tension and give way to dropped rhythm balanced by Pawel’s steady cymbals. The groove is infectious and you'll bob your head solidly as spacey guitar warbles through a soaring, deliberate solo. The sludge/doom groove stays in place long enough to let listeners know these Polish instrumentalists have enough experience to avoid rushing things.

The slow-building fade-in of In for the Kong! reeks of patience and promise, delivering a groovy buzz once the riffs fall in. A few strategic jagged hooks pepper Michal’s sawmill guitar drone, only to ultimately space out into a hum-drive that again slams your eardrums off their asses.

The stand-out track is Swamp Altar, which transcends genres and finds parity between drudge and twang. The swampy, southern licks ride sidecar to the fuzzy bass, while the drums could fill an empty cave in the Ozarks. The honkey-tonk never disconnects the listener from the heavy, grinding pace, even when the riffs break into another extended, quavering solo. These three guys play together brilliantly and seem to share one vision when crafting every sound on this disc. Don't bother looking in the classifieds, they don't seem to need a vocalist.

Orogenesis closes with the title track, an excellent stoner-cruise jam with stutter-step riffs, odd time signatures, and more tool shed guitar. The track rolls, churns, distorts, rises. The feedback hum gradually grows more prominent, ultimately building toward significant doom. Parallel to the album’s fadeout is another crusty audio sample, this time documenting one man’s feeling of isolation after his boat runs out of gas. Spooky stuff.

Major Kong provides the listener with a quick study of instrumental doom created by accomplished and seasoned musicians. The album will only chew up twenty-four minutes of your wake and bake, so you may just have to listen twice. At least until we hear more from these three. I'm not sure I can wait much longer.


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Friday, June 17, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): BitterChupChupWeLose

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features BitterChupChupWeLose.


We're a Stoner/sludge (...) band called BitterChupChupWeLose, we're from the south of France. The band exists since 2009 and we've played gigs in several towns here.

We've released our first LP in fall 2010, on our own label "Suicide Commercial Rds"  co-produced on a great french rock label  called "A Tant Réver Du Roi". We are currently recording four new tracks which will be released on a 7" in June.

Don't let the weird name fool you, heavy stoner sludge rock oozes from the veins of French band BitterChupChupWeLose. Crunchy riffs, gruff vocals, and a whole lot of stomp will leave you begging for more. You have to love song titles such as "Post Mortem Crustacean Onanism" and "Mechanical Thoughts on Adultery". Check these guys out and show them some love or like at the very least.

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Denizen

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Denizen.


Denizen formed in south of France between Montpellier and Sète in 2003. After a first demo / EP and a first album, 'Far From Common Strategy' (2006) issued on the label Prototype Records, the group participates in a split tribute to Black Sabbath with the bands Illtemper and Stuntman.

Denizen then appears on a compilation produced in collaboration by Prototype Records and the Temple of Noise fanzine which found among other Tantrum, Basement, Marvin or Year Of No Light.

A second album, 'Snatches Into Uproar' was released in 2009, still on Prototype Records.
Denizen begins to move towards a more rock groove with Sludge and Stoner influences.

'Whispering Wild Stories' is the third album by Denizen. Classic Rock influences are even more assertive : a 70's typed riffing, the wah-wah, a more melodic singing and eight songs with simples structures. The group incorporates a standard of Rock'n'Roll, Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream.

As on the previous album, the mastering is entrusted to Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonella,
which have long proven themselves with groups such as Keelhaul, Converge, Scissorfight to name a few. The artwork is signed Jimbob Isaac, guitarist / vocalist of Taint and worked with Clutch and Orange Goblin.

Seventies inspired riff-based rock with a hardcore punk attitude is what Denizen brings to the table. Yelling at the top of his lungs, vocalist Fabien Aletto recklessly leads you through seven ear-splitting originals and a unique spin on the Cream classic "Sunshine of Your Love". Funky grooves, screaming guitar solos, and a need for kickin' the shit out of everything in site, Denizen will have you banging your head until it hurts.

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