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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heavy Planet Podcast #03: DECEMBER DOOM

The riffs are humongous, the grooves are thick, and the tempo is slow. We invite you to listen to the Heavy Planet Podcast this Sunday December 18th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST on Grip of Delusion Radio as we feature some of the most evil, epic and skull-crushing Stoner/Doom the "world" has to offer.


01. Devil-"Welcome the Devil" (Norway)
02. Orchid-"He Who Walks Alone" (San Francisco, CA)
03. Electric Wizard-"The Devil's Bride" (UK)
04. Stoned Jesus-"Red Wine" (Ukraine)
05. Wizard Eye-"Psychonaut" (Philadelphia, PA)
06. Church of Misery-"Megalomania" (Japan)
07. Bongripper-"Sex Tape" (Chicago, IL)
08. Sardonis-"It Walks the Mountain" (Belgium)
09. Clagg-"The Harvest" (Melbourne, Austrailia)
10. One Inch Giant-"Echoes in the Night" (Sweden)
11. Dopethrone-"Dark Foil" (Montreal, Canada)
12. Ramesses-"The Weakening" (UK)
13. Stoner Kebob-"Superdoom" (Italy)
14. Ufomammut-"Satan" (Italy)
15. Witch Mountain-"South Sugar" (Portland, OR)
16. Black Pyramid-"Cauldron Born" (Boston, MA)
17. Heavy Lord-"Gods of Doom" (Netherlands)
18. Belzebong-"Bong Thrower" (Poland)
19. Stonehelm-"Towers of Black" (Ventura, CA)
20. Major Kong-"Witches on My Land" (Poland)

Go here to download previous podcasts.


  1. One Inch Giant, Black Pyramid, and Electric Wizard... what more do you need!? This will be an awesome podcast!

  2. Belzebong! Yes! Zac, did you check out Major Kong? Fucking great!


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