Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heavy Planet Podcast #03: DECEMBER DOOM

The riffs are humongous, the grooves are thick, and the tempo is slow. We invite you to listen to the Heavy Planet Podcast this Sunday December 18th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST on Grip of Delusion Radio as we feature some of the most evil, epic and skull-crushing Stoner/Doom the "world" has to offer.


01. Devil-"Welcome the Devil" (Norway)
02. Orchid-"He Who Walks Alone" (San Francisco, CA)
03. Electric Wizard-"The Devil's Bride" (UK)
04. Stoned Jesus-"Red Wine" (Ukraine)
05. Wizard Eye-"Psychonaut" (Philadelphia, PA)
06. Church of Misery-"Megalomania" (Japan)
07. Bongripper-"Sex Tape" (Chicago, IL)
08. Sardonis-"It Walks the Mountain" (Belgium)
09. Clagg-"The Harvest" (Melbourne, Austrailia)
10. One Inch Giant-"Echoes in the Night" (Sweden)
11. Dopethrone-"Dark Foil" (Montreal, Canada)
12. Ramesses-"The Weakening" (UK)
13. Stoner Kebob-"Superdoom" (Italy)
14. Ufomammut-"Satan" (Italy)
15. Witch Mountain-"South Sugar" (Portland, OR)
16. Black Pyramid-"Cauldron Born" (Boston, MA)
17. Heavy Lord-"Gods of Doom" (Netherlands)
18. Belzebong-"Bong Thrower" (Poland)
19. Stonehelm-"Towers of Black" (Ventura, CA)
20. Major Kong-"Witches on My Land" (Poland)

Go here to download previous podcasts.
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