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Friday, November 18, 2011

Greece is The Word-New Band To Burn One To: LIZARDIA

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Lizardia.


 THE BEGINNING-The band was founded in 2003 when Jeje (guitar) and Bluff (vocals) decided to compose a few acoustic songs. Soon the acoustic performances acquired structure that turned into a heavier electric sound more influenced by the 70's scene and most modern complexes of stoner / heavy rock...

THE FIRST TRY- In 2004 with the coming of Pijo (drums), the ideas acquired a comp...leted form with the first rehearsals of the band. In little time interval the first songs were written after repeated rehearsals. The bassist has not been mentioned so far because even if there was enough jamming per periods with the band, no one could constitute it's fourth member. After a capable number of rehearsals and with a lot of appetite, the band under the name "Innersoul Trip", decided to enter the studio for the recording of the first demo, summertime 2004. However during the recordings, there was a weakness in the record tracks (couldn't create the willing sound that would support the songs) and was decided to interrupt the process. The songs that would constitute the demo were four, from which a cover of "Hybrid Moments" by Misfits...

THE FIRST DEMO-The group however was not disappointed and continued the rehearsals with a view to re-enter the studio in 2005, this time with more pieces. The result of this effort was the "Innersoul Trip demo '05". It contained 9 songs, including a cover of "The Drowning " by Christian Death. Even if the writing and executive progress was obvious, the demo was wronged by feeble and mediocre sound. The bass was recorded by Jeje because of the existing weakness to find a capable bass player. The pieces have character that refers in groups as: Trouble, Pentagram, Kyuss, Budgie, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, Hawkwind...

THE SECOND DEMO-After recording the demo, the band began intensive rehearsals in new henceforth material but also indulged in covering songs from bands as Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Orange Goblin, Blue Oyster Cult, Trouble... Also, the name changed to Lizardia.The new songs have moved in the wider heavy rock sound and they lend in the group a more personal style. Afterwards and in a new studio, the band decided to write it's second demo. The process was proved time-consuming in the sector of sound so that is attributed the best possible result. The recordings began in the fall of 2007 and were completed in spring 2008. It is named "The Serpent's Trace" and it is composed from 7 pieces from which also a cover of "Be Forewarned " by Pentagram. The final sound result elects and supports the compositions of the band. Jeje decided to record the bass for one more time. At the time of the recordings, "Lizardia" gave the first live with other local groups, of course without a bass player! Finally, sometime in winter 2008, Toji joined the band and started rehearsing as a bassist. There was another live performance (quite a succesful one) on the european music day on June the 19th of 2009! After a year in the band, Toji left with consensus. On the 19th of May 2010, Lizardia was the support group for Paul Dianno's show in Volos. After some live performances, with various(!) bass players, Gary joined and became Lizardia's 4th member. The band is currently rehearsing some new songs!! keep in touch everyone!! Lizzy Cheers!


"Lurking through a pillow of thick ominous smoke comes Volos, Greece Stoner/Doom juggernaut Lizardia. Heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin and seventies classic rock, Lizardia are not out to reinvent the wheel, instead they embrace the music they love and play it with reckless abandon. Layering riff upon riff, down-tempo groove and a Wino-like vocal, your ears will be ringing with delight as the last song fades out."

You can listen to the latest EP as well as contact the band through the links provided below.



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