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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Album Review - Dinosaur Eyelids: Down a River

Dinosaur Eyelids were introduced back in October 2010 here at Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop with their debut 'Winter Solstice'. Based in New Brunswick, NJ, Dinosaur Eyelids strike their listeners with an alternative approach to stoner rock. Evan Staats' vocals call to mind that of Kurt Cobain- on steroids. Scott Staats (bass), Patrick McKnight (guitar), and Rich Eick (drums) mold a groove that lies somewhere between early heavy metal, grunge, and punk, adding a taste of fuzz.

Dinosaur Eyelids are now back with their sophomore effort 'Down a River'. Down a River starts with a punch. The opener 'Maelstrom of Malevolence' runs a vicious three minutes. Evan's vocals have that Cobain-esque whine, yet so much more aggressive (I guess that's where the Cornell comparisons come in). Patrick McKnight's guitars are groovy and distorted and bolstered by Staats and Eick. 'Paranoid Schizophrenia' is an exceptional track, as well as my favorite. The intro packs a wallop. Dinosaur Eyelids tone it down with 'Across the Sea'. Which leaves just enough time to catch your breath and realize how well written these songs are... instrumentally catchy as well as lyrically imaginative. 'Further Down a River' is gradual but scorches with the chorus and McKnight summons his inner [Jerry] Cantrell. Fantastic. Down a River concludes with a blues inspired jam called '21 Gram Salute'. The eight minute long track saunters from blues, to grunge, to (what I'm calling) a funky reggae, and apexes into a heavy guitar driven rock song. Now that's some progressive rock.

Dinosaur Eyelids describe themselves as alternative rock for a new generation and have, I quote, "...earned a reputation for their incendiary live performances." I have not had the pleasure of experiencing these guys perform, but by the energy that is put into their music, I can image the ferocity of Dinosaur Eyelids live. That ferocity and creativity can easily be found here on 'Down a River'. Get your copy at iTunes, Amazon, cd baby, or better yet, if you are somewhere in between Philly and NYC catch a show!

Solid and dependable rock!

7 out of 10


Evan Staats - Vocals
Scott Staats - Bass
Patrick McKnight - Guitar
Rich Eick - Drums

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