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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - One Inch Giant / Enchantress

One Inch Giant:Malva

"Just a band, trying to make its why through the universe..." A humble quote pulled from the Gothenburg stoner metal band "One Inch Giant's" Facebook page. Sweden has delivered so much to the heavy music community and One Inch Giant is no exception. One Inch Giant's monumental sound and influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Mastodon will surely secure them as a favorite at Heavy Planet.

A humble introduction by "One Inch Giant's" instantly won my ears over. As I meander over to their bandcamp page I am completely thrilled by the initial notes of the first track "Ripe and Bold", an uplifting drone of everything rock was supposed to be and a euphonic chorus evocative of Alice in Chains' Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. Heavy, yet light... controlling, yet calming... One Inch Giant delivers a sound similar to that pioneered by early nineties Seattle rockers all while remaining authentic and original. Plus, how can you ignore that extraordinary cover artwork?!" -Zac


Gabriel Ek - Mammoth hide pummeler
Gabriel "Abbe" Lugo Méndez - High frequency channeler
Axel Berglund - Low frequency channeler
Filip Åstrand - Cave man grunts


Enchantress: Volume 1: The First Few

"Jams don't get much fuzzier and rawer than what 'Enchantress' has delivered on their debut EP 'The First Few'. Enchantress is a new three piece group from Toronto, ON. Formed in the spring of 2011 Enchantress recorded 'The First Few' in July 2011. The most remarkable trait I noticed immediately after listening to 'The First Few' was the sheer contrast in lead vocalists Thomas Gainer's pipes. The man must have the range of Freddie Mercury! The treble of this thunderous voice merged with the fuzzed out guitars will certainly vibrate your skull for days! If that isn't enough to win you over, Enchantress has added the missing link... These jams are free (via download at bandcamp)! Be sure to take a listen to 'Heavy Air' (my personal favorite). If you dig this as much as we do at Heavy Planet, please support the band by ordering the CD (only $4.00)." -Zac


Thomas Gainer
Addison Rushlow
Matt LeDrew


  1. Loved both these bands. Real cool grooves. Great reviews...

  2. I am in total agreement Seth. Two pretty awesome bands right there.


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