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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose": The Vivisectors/Young Hunter

Welcome to a new feature on Heavy Planet that we like to call Zac's "Double Dose"! Every Wednesday two bands that have albums available on Bandcamp will be given a "mini-review". This week we feature two completely awesome bands from different parts of the world. The Vivisectors from Russia and Young Hunter from Arizona. Enjoy!


The Vivisectors started as a one-man instrumental band and became famous with the project "Gulag Tunes" (the combination of sunny surf music and chthonic Russian prison songs).

"Paranoia, despair, sudden joyous snapshots, are conveyed by the repetitive and catchy melodies and hooks that the Vivisections generate and are destined to stick in ones memory. Today, they keep researching the dark side of rock'n'roll and the haunting guitars are sure to captivate."


"Moscow, Russia's The Vivisectors have conjured up a hauntingly gloomy version of California surf rock with their latest release "Creatures". Here the listener can find a truly original sound; heavy, guitar driven, doom groove, tremolo picking, spoken, sung, and screamed Russian lyrics, and an impression of a sunny surf at the Arctic coast. Deranged... possibly. Authentic... definitely." -Zac

Mike "Vivisector" Antipov - Guitar
Ivan "Cousin ITT" Antipov - Bass
Mitya DHS - Drums
Engineer Ferris - Vocals "Rat King" and "Angels"
Youriy Hater - Vocals "Creatures"
Dasha Kalashnikoff - Vocals "Redemption", "Eclipse", and "Snake Mistress"

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"Young Hunter are a seven-piece apocalyptic desert band. We consisting of two drummers, three guitarists, a bassist, and a keyboardist... We're strongly influenced by the desert that we live, as well as the ways the city we live in relates to (and doesn't seem to truly acknowledge) it. We also listen to a lot of different kinds of musics, but our love for stoner metal in particular is what gave birth to 'Young Hunter'. We have plans to release a full length album and tour relentlessly in the springtime."


"These Tucson nomad's have taken their love for the righteous sounds of doom, psychedelia, and stoner rock and combined it with the arid environment of an Arizona desert. The result will certainly leave you parched, thirsty for more. The atmosphere 'Young Hunter' produces is immense. The duo of drummers will barrage, while the female vocals enchant you. The band is also kind enough to offer two free songs, "Cities of Black Mesa" and "Children of a Hungry World" over at their bandcamp page. Stay thirsty." -Zac
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