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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LP Review: Before The Shore by Bright Curse

London, UK, three-piece heavy psychedelic/stoner rockers Bright Curse signed with the excellent HeviSike Records to release their new album, and anticipation was high following the release of the band’s self-titled record and ‘Shaman’ single last year, and it’s with joyous relief that Before The Shore hits all of our expectations as it takes its, roughly, 100th listen in our ears!

The main standout point for the record is the incredible vocals of Romain Daut throughout, his vocal range has such power it can completely transfix you. Opening track ‘Lady Freedom’ sees Daut basically singing his heart out with long, loud, drawn out vocals masking over some quite damn heavy guitar licks that normally would be the standout for any track. ‘Lady Freedom’ is a slight misleading start perhaps for the record, as it’s the most simple heavy stoner rocking track on here, whereas the rest of the record begins its downward spiral into the hazy world of psychedelic layers and heart-wrenching passion. ‘The Shore’ is more of a Jekyll and Hyde beast as the vocals are delicate as the guitars gently pick away on a 60s psych beat, before the band explode into their impassioned best as the riffs run free and loud. It’s a combination which works perfectly, lulling you into a sense of piece before destroying your headbanging motions, because when the band decide to let loose with the riffs, boy do they go for it!

All of the tracks on Before The Shore are different from one another, never making the record stale: In amongst the riffs and psychedelia of ‘Cheating Pain’ is a spoken monologue about death, ‘Walking In A Graveyard (Bloody Witch)’ is the most 60s space rock vibe on offer here, ‘Candles and Flowers’ throws in the band’s doom influences, and the vocals on ‘Earth’s Last Song’ will send shivers down your spine!

Before The Shore is stunning! (The artwork is pretty stunning too). Possibly one of the best things about this album is that it is a grower! Each listen draws you deeper into the soul of Bright Curse, each time unravelling new layers and depths to the sound the band create, drawing you in, seeing things from a different angle. A proper album that requires, and deserves, your time.

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