Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Band To Burn One To: The Druids

We told you about these guys a few weeks ago with our Band Submissions, but now that their record has officially been released, we felt it necessary to tell you all about them once more to make sure you understand why you need these guys amongst your record collection!

Four guys from Washington DC, going by the names Earth Druid, Space Druid, Elder Druid, and Mountain Druid, have just released an EP of gloriously epic proportions, covering every inch of stoner, fuzz, doom, paganist rituals, psychedelia, and drug usage that you could possibly hope for. The songs on their debut EP shift between thunderous riffs, to 70’s tripping hard rock with doom overtones with such ease it is a “FUCK YEAH” kind of a listen. Get onto this band immediately as their sound is going to appeal to every Sleep, Black Sabbath (They cover 'Wicked World' afterall), and Hawkwind worshipper out there!

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