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Monday, August 15, 2016

LP Review: Way of the Hoof by Boudain

Three years on from the release of their debut EP (read our review here), the Louisiana grooving stoner four-piece Boudain have finally released their debut full-length (they formed 10 years ago after all). Has Way of the Hoof been worth the decade long wait? You bet your damn ass it has!

The record opens with swathes of thick, gravy-like riffs, treading a line of what Fu Manchu would sound like if they listened to a bit more metal. ‘Sleazy Feats’ is bursting with riffs that the band can barely contain in its four minutes of stoner grooves that begs you to get down and dirty amongst it all, as in the soil and fumes dirt! Flicking between stoner groove, to metal groove, to a bluesy groove, with added doom groove, you can guess how funky this record will make you. The riffs of ‘Neptune’ is a glorious homage to every stoner band that has ever ripped you a new one since you’ve gotten this cool, the vocals are scorched and impassioned that leave no room for fucking about with. The heavy Southern influence kicks in on 'CODA' (Fu Manchu meets Down?) as the riffage becomes a glorious claustrophobic mallet to the face. Boudain wear their influences proudly on their sleeves with every pluck, hit, head-bang and droplet of sweat in everything they do, and it’s a pleasure to get involved amongst it all.

Way of the Hoof is just full of fun and full-throttle riffs, in particular on ‘First Class’ where they never let up for a moment, pure adrenaline guitar work. ‘The Mighty Turn Around’ has doom riffs that threaten to topple over and crush you, before the excellent ‘Disco Jimmy’ and ‘Godzilla’ close the record with thunderous god like riffing that clench the fist and shout “HELL YEAH”!!

Way of the Hoof is such a fun, pummelling record that it becomes an escape to listen to. These types of records are few and far between. Grab a hold, now!

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