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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mini-Review: Wino-Adrift


Mini-Review by Zac Boda

First and foremost, this is not like most albums reviewed and placed on Heavy Planet. Adrift is a folk rock album. Mostly acoustic with a few excellent electric solos. These tunes can fit into any fan of any genre’s playlist. This is just great story telling about love, pain, aging, and camaraderie. WINO has experienced an interesting life and I believe it comes out in Adrift.

Let’s get to the good part; this is one of the best albums I’ve listened to, period. As I said, there are great stories told, excellent acoustic pickin’, instrumentals, outstanding vocals, and a little trippy cosmic rock. And what would a good folk album be without an acoustic cover of Motorhead’s Iron Horse/Born to Lose?!
As good as this album is in its entirety, there are a few stand out tracks. The opening title track, “Adrift” was the perfect song to open this album. I also loved “I Don’t Care”, “Mala Suerta”, “D-Bear”, and “Green Speed”. My personal favorite is “Shot in the Head”. This tune is reminiscent of The Allman’s pickin’. FANTASTIC!!!

This one is easy, 5.0 out of 5.0.



  1. I love this album, but just being acoustic does not folk make. That label is thrown around way too often. Acoustic is not always folk, it's like rectangle is always a square, but a square isn't always a rectangle. Just a nit-pick, sorry if I'm being a dick, but moving out from just a stoner/doom understanding, you get a lot wider view of music as a whole

  2. Great review, I felt the same way. It is so nice to have an acoustic album that's still "heavy" but not in a stoner rock, sllllooowww way. Even when it's bouncy, it still comes across as heavy (for lack of a better term...). It's reassuring to have a musician step out of their type-cast genre and still do it really well. Thanks for the post.


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