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Song of the Day


03/22/16-Rhin-"Clay"- Nuclear Dog
03/19/16-Pieces of Molly-"Vultures" -Toby
12/16/15-Dront-"Poxa Dronka"
12/15/15-Egypt-"The Tomb"
12/14/15-Bong of Cthulhu-"Blazar"
12/13/15-Beesus-"Sonic Doom/Stoner Youth"
12/12/15-Toke-"Winter Wizard"
12/11/15-Charles Bradley-"Changes"
12/10/15-Whitey-"Deadbeat Slug"
12/09/15-Erudite Stoner-"Roads To Somewhere"
12/08/15-Blacksmith-"Smoke Wizard"
12/07/15-Laserdrift-"Cosmic Getaway"
12/06/15-Captives of the Void-"Ring Around the Sun"
12/05/15-Earth Drive-"Standing Stone"
12/04/15-King Ghidora-"Dust"
12/03/15-Chrome Over Brass-"Elephants Never Forget"
12/02/15-Marant-"Kathy's Trophy"
12/01/15-The Black Wizards-"Lake of Fire"
11/30/15-Thunderwhip-"High On the Mountain"
11/29/15-The Black Guild-"Figure It Out"
11/28/15-Matte Black-"Dust of This Planet"
11/27/15-Burn Thee Insects-"Hydroponics"
11/26/15-Blue Snaggletooth-"The Last Voyage of Amra"
11/25/15-Space Guerilla-"Supercluster"
11/24/15-Life Line-"The Loser and the Thief of Your Life"
11/23/15-Waingro-"Van Sant"
11/22/15-Saturna-"All Has Been Great"
11/21/15-Ironaut-"Acid Wash"
11/20/15-Ruff Majik-"Dioboli Musica"
11/19/15-Palm Desert-Shoutstone"
11/18/15-Big Bad-"Fuzzed Up"
11/17/15-Moon Curse-"Vicious Sky"
11/16/15-Mother Mooch-"Misery Hill"
11/15/15-Raedon Kong-"Invasion of Minds"
11/14/15-Ape Machine-"Under This Face"
11/13/15-Endless Taile-"Lazer Face"
11/10/15-Seedy Jeezus-"Echoes in the Sky"
11/09/15-Uluru-"Set Loose"
11/08/15-Field-"The Hate"
11/07/15-Death Hawks-"Hand of Doom"
11/06/15-Aye Mammoth-"Raise Horns"
11/05/15-Balam-"Bound To the Serpent"
11/04/15-Jukebox Monkey-"Dead Wait"
11/03/15-Snowburner-"Ride the Tide"
11/02/15-Dixie Goat-"Watch Your Back"
11/01/15-The Neptune Power Federation-"Mind Voyager"
10/31/15-Mathusalem-"Haunted Bong"
10/30/15-Vampyromorpha-"Deliver Us From the Good"
10/29/15-The Blue Stone-"Be My Fire"
10/28/15-Slow Season-"Heavy"
10/27/15-Roux-"40 Degrees"
10/26/15-Fuel Eater-"Deep Knowledge"
10/25/15-The Strayin' Sparrows-"Skyship"
10/24/15-Mass Driver-"Boss Fight"
10/23/15-The Curse of Wendigo-"The Feathered Head"
10/22/15-Heritage-"The Wrong Side of Hell"
10/21/15-Mondo Bizarro-"Mad"
10/20/15-Seamount-"Nitro Jesus"
10/18/15-Black West-"Betrayer"
10/17/15-Kroh-"Living Water"
10/16/15-Electric Magma-"Multiball"
10/15/15-Dirty Streets-"White Horse"
10/14/15-Fuzz-"Rat Race"
10/12/15-Bedowyn-"Blood of the Fall"
10/11/15-Electric Hoodoo-"The Phoenix"
10/10/15-Blackwulf-The Locust"
10/09/15-Mammoth Storm-"Fornjot"
10/08/15-Black Vulpine-"White Witch Woman"
10/07/15-The Shooters-"Lucifer's Word"
10/06/15-Solaire-"The Stones"
10/05/15-Golden Void-"Burbank's Dream"
10/04/15-Spacebeast-"The Cruiser"
10/03/15-Fog Cult-"Black Leaf, Weed Beast"
10/02/15-Parasol Caravan-"Rising"
10/01/15-Heavier Than God-"Doomed and Confused"
09/30/15-Sergeant Thunderhoof-"When Time Stood Still"
09/29/15-Iron Void-"Lost Faith"
09/28/15-Thunderchief-"Bad Man"
09/27/15-Ponamero Sundown-"Bottom of the River"
09/26/15-Deville-"Life in Decay"
09/25/15-InTechnicolour-"Lend Me a Crushed Ear"
09/24/15-RUKH-"Gloomy Charm"
09/23/15-88 Mile Trip-"I'm Not Mad (I'm Just Disappointed)"
09/22/15-Hyne-"Keep it Low"
09/21/15-Menhir-"Hiding in Light"
09/20/15-Birnam Wood-"Wizard's Bleed"
09/19/15-Behold!The Monolith-"Philosopher's Blade"
09/18/15-The Heavy Eyes-"Somniloquy"
09/17/15-Hangman's Chair-"Cut Up Kids"
09/16/15-Monobrow-"Dyatlov Station 3 (Unrehearsed Jam)"
09/15/15-Bevar Sea-"Where There's Smoke (There Is a Pyre)"
09/14/15-Monocluster-Dante's Inferno"
09/13/15-Lodestone-"Tokyo Haze"
09/12/15-My Home On Trees-"Winter"
09/11/15-Limb-"Dawn Raiders"
09/10/15-Luna Sol-"December"
09/09/15-Forgotten Gods-"Return My Bones"
09/08/15-Earth Witch-"Guts"
09/07/15-Chron Goblin-"Fuller"
09/06/15-Ancient Altar-"Leader, Liar"
09/05/15-Sahara Surfers-"Traces"
09/04/15-Creedsmen Arise-"Temple"
09/03/15-Tony Reed-"Forever My Queen (Pentagram Cover)"
09/02/15-Kind-"German For Lucy"
09/01/15-Snail-"Building a Haunted House"
08/31/15-Red Mountains-"Six Hands"
08/30/15-The Medusa-"Crooked Smile"
08/28/15-Starchild-"The Futurist"
08/27/15-Mountain Rag-"Moonlighting Man"
08/26/15-Dope Smoker-"Devil's Bridge"
08/25/15-Casino Warrior-"Centaur"
08/23/15-Blackwater-"Throne of Skulls"
08/22/15-Funeral Horse-"Underneath All That Ever Was"
08/20/15-Turn Me On Dead Man-"Cyclops (Dedicated To the One I Love)"
08/18/15-Wiht-"Edgar the Ætheling"
08/17/15-Vodun-"Minos Army"
08/16/15-Wildlights-"Rebel Smiles"
08/15/15-Dead Quiet-"Let it Die"
08/14/15-Hootka-"Ditchweed Foghead"
08/13/15-Indian Handcrafts-"It's Late Queeny"
08/12/15-Tusks-"View From My Tomb"
08/11/15-Serial Hawk-"Desolate"
08/10/15-Goat Bong-"Onward Strides the Mammoth"
08/09/15-Venomin James-"I Am Infidel"
08/08/15-Ecstatic Vision-"Astral Plane"
08/06/15-Sweat Lodge-"Tramplifier"
08/05/15-Spelljammer-"The Pathfinder"
08/04/15-Goya-"No Place in the Sky"
08/03/15-Orchid-"Sign of the Witch"
08/02/15-Prophets of Saturn-"Retronaut"
08/01/15-Sacri Monti-"Glowing Grey"
07/31/15-We Hunt Buffalo-"Back To the River"
07/30/15-Bedroom Rehab Corporation-"When All You've Got is a Hammer"
07/29/15-Clutch-"X-Ray Visions"

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