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Friday, August 22, 2014

EP Review: 'Kings Of The World' by Acherontia

Spain might not be the biggest exporter of stoner metal in the world, but Barcelona’s Acherontia are using their fast-paced heavy grooves to make sure you know that they are there.

Their second EP Kings Of The World opens with the riff juggernaut ‘Human’ screaming for you to “learn to hunt, learn to try to have it all, learn to kill” all along a bass heavy guitar riff that never lets up, often dipping it’s toe into the bluesy side of sludge metal. ‘Spectral Spectrum’ follows on from ‘Human’ with gut-dancing riffs to make any rocker throw some moves to, and its turns of pace and heavy hooks are what make it the standout track here.

The band never know when, or perhaps how, to stop, as they thunder their way through head-banging tracks ‘Iron Feast’ and ‘Hell Games’ as if the songs are standing in their way of getting to the mountain top amongst the gods of metal. A full LP is surely the only next progression for these guys, to see if 12 or 13 tracks might quench their thirst.

The riffs are what this band is all about. Riffs don’t care about what country they come from, about how many people hear them, or whether you can take any more of their onslaught. Riffs are brutality and ecstasy all rolled into one. Nothing else in the world can unite like a riff, and not many other bands can lay them out quite like these relentless Spaniards.

We hear you Acherontia!

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