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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elephant Tree S/T Magnetic Eye Records


I was going through our submissions and seen that this had somehow not been snagged up for review. So I jumped on it recalling having heard their first release "Theia" last year and found myself nodding my head to the riffs in agreeing fashion.

The self titled release due out on Magnetic Eye Records in April (pre-order now) is everything I love about a band and then some, from Doom to Stoner, Psychedelic and more and carries you seamlessly for around 40 minutes.

I find the vocals a nice breath of fresh air and my ear holes welcome the foreplay of clean singing before any onslaught of sonic heaviness. The riffs when not sitting back to compliment the song are heavy and fuzzy like your tongue after about 3 sweet tokes with some nice effects thrown in to keep you in the wo trippy mode.

The 1st track-Spore instantly sets the tone and carries the listener right through all 8 tracks, I really like the acoustic track sitting in on # 4 and if you go to their Facebook page there's a little video snippet of them recording this.
Every once in awhile you get lucky when you put on an album and I'm instantly sold on this, if it was the end of the year this would be on my top 10 list for 2016 releases.

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