Monday, March 21, 2016

New Band To Burn One To: Stonerror

Sometimes a tune hits you at the right place, right time.  I was in that neighborhood when I put on the new EP from the Krak√≥w, Poland four piece Stonerror called Rattlesnake Moan.  The title track is a glorious blend of space fuzz guitar overlaid atop of a hypnotic bassline that couples perfectly with the tribal drum work and hissing vocals.  The first track on the EP, Jericho, is a seven minute journey of dynamics and emotion.  Glad I was cruising by, this band made my day.    

Stonerror describe themselves as a psychedelic stonerpunk band and that fits better than anything I could write.  Picture a Minor Threat-era Ian MacKaye fronting a band that somehow combines My Sleeping Karma with Sir Lord Baltimore.  

It is an excellent debut and something different that you really must check out. 


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