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Saturday, January 15, 2011

CD Review: Redeemer-Global Exorcism

Here is a review submitted by Zac Boda.

Brief bio:

Thrash, doom, metal from Toronto, Canada featuring former members of Monster Voodoo Machine, Soulstorm, Downfall, Mundane, Sudden Impact, etc....

Full length, self-produced debut album 'Global Exorcism' was recorded and mixed at Rouge Valley Studio by Darius Szczepaniak (Sacrifice, Sum 41, I Mother Earth, etc..) and released independently September 2010 on Redeemer's own Death Of The Earth Records.

Redeemer is also currently at work on a film score for 'The Captured Bird' a short film written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic and featuring Guillermo Del Toro as executive producer.

Now on with the review...

First review of the New Year! Happy New Year everyone! What we have on the burner for you today is a little gem from Redeemer called “Global Exorcism”. The name of the band, title of the album, and album artwork let you know exactly what you are in for with this album. This is a very heavy album, with great breakdowns, groovy licks, and a mix of hardcore punk style and clean vocals. Redeemer does a righteous job of mixing Thrash, Groove, and Hardcore.

The track “Global Exorcism” is a great all around track. I also really enjoy the heavy, doom ridden intro to “Dark Passenger”. The intro to “Regression” will bring touches of Mr. Mustaine’s newest record. If I were to choose a stand out track from Global Exorcism, I would pick “Scourge Of Man”. This tune has everything a dedicated metal head wants.

I think Redeemer has out done themselves with this record. It is an all around excellent head banging, moshin’ metal album! To all those who are fans of Exodus and early 80’s thrash, you do not want to miss this one! If you’re not sold, check out their Myspace.

While not typically something that you would hear on Heavy Planet, Redeemer, you have earned 4.0 out of 5.0 on my chart.


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