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Thursday, December 3, 2015

LP Review: Waste by Sofy Major

The new record from French trio Sofy Major is a Noise rock/hardcore masterpiece. It’s a simple, but huge statement, which is just what’s needed to echo the music that is spat forth on Waste, a record which angers and snarls, while all the time grabbing you and jumping in unison. It’s a record to pump your fist to and smash the chairs with hate.

Opening with the title track, it’s a frenetic pace from the start with Mathieu Moulin’s rasping vocals covering the noise/sludge/hardcore hybrid with an air of impending menace, letting the razor edge riffs take charge of the song’s spine. This passion and energy continues straight into ‘Wee See Fire’ as the immense drums and bass take the lead as the pounding rhythms bombard you with joyful relentless aggression that is welcomed with opened arms. Much like their Solar Flare label mates Pigs, Sofy Major’s music is as danceable as it is sludgingly aggressive, and it’s a pleasing hybrid.

There’s no let up throughout the rest of the record, as the vocals continue to yell through ‘Turning Point’, ‘Slow Everywhere’ and ‘Black and Table’ sees the band highlighting their Melvins influences with a downshift in speed, layering, and vocal delivery, but their influence is one which is worn with pride and respect. ‘Devotion Man’ carries the incredibly bass heavy lead, which is evident throughout Waste, with rock’n’roll aplomb, while album closer ‘As Happy As’ strays a little from the Noise path, and into a kind of hard rock new romantic pastiche. Whatever you want to call it, it works.

Waste is a fantastic record, containing all the best bass driven Noise you could wish for.

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