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Friday, February 21, 2014

Shawn 'Lunchbox' Nichols reviews Ancient Warlocks

Ancient Warlocks

     Ancient Warlocks debut LP is not one to be played at a low volume. It wasn't until I turned the volume up that I experienced the sonic assault of epic proportions. Hailing from Seattle, Washington Ancient Warlock deliver eight smokey psychedelic stoner rock masterpieces for their debut LP. Darren Chases fuzzy guitar sound and riffs set the atmosphere for what is to be a great album. Lead by Aaron Krauses smokey vocals and powerful leads and rounded out with Anthony 'Oni' Timm on bass and Steve Jones on Drums these guys work together to entrance and pull you into their world of wizards and dwarves by your ears, 

     The album starts off thick and muddy with Into The Night and from there just gets better. The standout tracks are Sweets Too Slow, Killers Moon, and the album closer Sorcerer's Magician. All the songs are straightforward and waste no time getting down to business. Aaron solos over Darren head bobbing riffs while Anthony and Steve keep the beat steady and strong. This album starts out strong and ends like a 300 wrestler sitting on your chest...Heavy!

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