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Monday, April 15, 2013

LP Review: Wiser Fool By Wiser Fool

Most of the time you can judge and album by its cover. Now I'm not saying you can tell how good an album is based on the number of skulls and pentagrams that accompany whatever art goes with the music, all I'm saying is that if you've got those symbols on the cover you can assume you aren't going to hear no polka. And though this rule isn't hard and fast (Bat Out of Hell, anyone?), it can help when one is browsing Bandcamp for new bands, as I recently was.

While on the site I came across Wiser Fool, and as you can see from the album work above they hit all the right tropes. Skull? Uh Huh. Grim Reaper/Wizard? Check. Psychedelic Eye? You bet. With an album cover like that I had to give them a shot, and I'm glad as hell did.

Wiser Fool play a hard and heavy style of stoner doom with vocals that are at times reminiscent of  rock and roll lifer Wino. Their debut was released a few months back and fans of the new occult/retro bands ought to rejoice. Wiser Fool just joined the party.

Their self titled album kicks off with I Pledge Allegiance to This Cult, a chug a lug rocker with solos and Satan references. What's Been Said is up next, and this tune walks the doom line, slow and heavy and thick. Like Lightning From the Sky hides the riff behind the vocals and starts kicking ass one second in. Seek it Out hearkens back to the days of Vitus and you can sample that one for yourself below.

All in all this is a great album by a band that ought to go places. Right now they're going places 'round Vancouver, so if you're in the area check them out. And find them on Facebook and Bandcamp and show them some love. Give 'em the means to put these tunes on some colored vinyl. 

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