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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: SPACEFOG



Hello, we are Spacefog. A stoner rock/doom band from Sweden.


"From the instant you hit play, you are greeted with the warm fuzzy guitar tone we have all come to love and embrace since the early days of Black Sabbath. Spacefog hails from Sweden, widely acknowledged as the breeding ground for some of the most amazing Stoner Rock/Doom bands in the world. While a relatively new band, with their latest EP being released in August of 2012 shortly after their formation, the band is ready to explode onto the scene hoping to gain some much needed attention.  
Each song lures you in with its loose and steady pace while the heavy fuzz rattles your skull. By infusing some psychedelic overtones, the music creates that seventies groovy sort of vibe which is odd due to the slow tempos. An element that I think makes this EP so appealing. Granted, this is a very raw and unpolished first offering from the group, but it shows a great amount of promise in a very overcrowded field.


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