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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tricorn - "The Walk of Shame"

Lock up your wives and hide your daughters (and make sure all the household pets are alive and accounted for as well while you're at it) because those pirate bastards in Tricorn have set sail from their native Portsmouth again with all sorts of nefarious shenanigans in mind on their sophomore voyage The Walk of Shame. It becomes immediately apparent on leadoff track "Lady" that their campaign for world conquest will be advanced through the employment of pulverizing riffs and pummeling rhythms, as well as vocals from Paxo Dyne that are straight out of the Lemmy school of larynx shredding (actually to my ears they're highly reminiscent of Orange Goblin's Ben Ward). They also employ a secret weapon that is often underutilized by many bands today: the infectiously memorable chorus.  Hell, I've probably sang the line "Play your lady's favorite song; I'll slap that ass and move along" so much at work since hearing it I'm actually in danger of being sued for sexual harassment.

Melodic choruses aside, The Walk of Shame is far from a civilized tea-and-crumpets affair. From the reptilian brutality of "Serpentine" to the pugnacious pugilism of "Step Outside", Tricorn instigate their aural onslaught with all the subtlety of a broad axe being wedged in your cranium. The track that's easily the most emblematic of this savage assault is "Falsify". With a deliciously wicked riff (and a decidedly eighties vibe) it jackhammers its way into your skull and pulverizes any grey matter it encounters. Elsewhere, "Astral Dreams" undulates its syncopated charms while "Black Devil's Smoke" insidiously infiltrates your consciousness with a hazy diabolism. In sum what these swashbuckling hooligans have unleashed is a collection of tuneage suitable to serve as the soundtrack to all your pint-swilling, tart-shagging, head-banging adventures.


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