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Monday, January 20, 2014

Album Review: Moosataur S/T

The members of Moosataur enjoy drinking beer. And jamming. When they first got together they didn't set out to play any specific style, they just let muse and the booze be their guide. From these sessions came a punk album, but guitarist John Mckusick, kept pumping out metal solos that didn't fit with the feel of the punk album. Why was he playing these solos?

John didn't know, but the solos were recorded. Not sure what to do with the metal material, they kept the recordings on the proverbial shelf, until Ira Jones (bass) got a message. It wasn't a real message, just an idea, an urge, to draw a Minotaur. With the head of a Moose. Jon saw the drawing and uttered one word. 


After this vision and the band set about making an album in its image. John delved into ancient texts found in his local library to learn more about the Moosataur. He discovered this about the beast. "There is very little information on the internet so I had to refer to the ancient texts. Now what we know of the creature today is believed that he is Canadian. I just couldn’t accept that so I had to dig a little deeper and discovered the Älgfroden, a species of beast in Norse Mythology with these same characteristics. What I have come to understand is that even though Älgfrode was mostly a peaceful species, when their tribes were threatened they could become extremely protective and capable of great force and violence due to their size. The vikings grew to fear them so they had come together and made the plan to capture the beast. They then brought it to and released it in the Northern Americas years before any civilization where he roamed aimlessly, the last of his kind. I believe what we have now is the ghost of the beast, Still capable of great terror. I believe great supernatural abilities have been bestowed upon the Moosataur due the the extremely painful fate it had been dealt. He stalks the night!

Perhaps the spirit of the Moosataur compelled John to play those riffs. Perhaps its spirit willed Ira to draw that strange combination of man and moose. Whatever it was that gave them the idea they couldn't shake it. They brought in a professional to draw the Moosatuar album cover. They dusted off those solos Jon stored away. They began to stretch their punkish jams, adding a dose of psychedelia, and some old school grunge. 

And now the album is complete. They are ready to share the story of the Moosataur with us. Start with the tune below, but be sure to check out the entire album. It's a an old school concept record. Telling a story that's never been told. 

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