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Thursday, March 21, 2013


HOMOH are a power trio of stoner/doom sludgemen spawned from the deep dark caves of South Wales, UK, where once dwelt Lord Shakin' Stevens and Sir Thomas Jones. Having only been together since summer 2012, the band have dug up from the deathly and abandoned coal mines a fresh live 3 track EP which they have forged into "DEMOH". Aha! I see what they did there.

The first track "Witches Weed" is some grimy sludge metal in the similar pain and anger filled sludge stylings of EYEHATEGOD. It's a fast paced violent fucker that slams urgent riffs of solid stone right in your soft pretty face. Breakdowns of feedback lead to strung out furious doom as you're lying on the floor with blood pouring from your head and still HOMOH pounds you in the face with that slab of solid rock until they end the track with several devastating blows that leave you feeling grateful for the satisfying head battering they have opened this EP with.

Thankfully the lovely filthy noise that HOMOH make does not end there as they follow with "Troll Hunter" which deals us a fat bag of begrimed sleazy doom with riffs that bore a hole where your third eye should be. Somewhat reminiscent of the best that Church of Misery has to offer, this turgid gut wrenching stench of sludge vomits up a bastardized pile of psychedelic filth. Thick with slovenly low-end grooves, dirty smokey guitar licks and deliciously disgusting drawls all driven along by monstrous drums of doom; this track crushes you under the weight of every rotting corpse that ever has been or ever will be.

Third and final track "Slumberjack" opens with "Sweet Leaf" coughs hacked up from taking massive hits from Lucifer's hell-bong packed with the most evil grit weed known to man. Irreparable lung damage is a certainty. There follows some cyclopean low-down riffage and terrifying roars as we're launched into the worst of all bad trips. The intensity increases as the pace picks up half-way with riffs and beats that flay the flesh from your bones until you are left at the end as a quivering but happy skeleton.

HOMOH proudly wear their influences on their blim riddled sleeves but have successfully forged their own unique nightmare sound as evidenced in this most excellent EP and with their live performances scaring their audiences witless with their new brand of huge and terrifying noise they are sure to carve a lasting scar on heavy music. I, for one, cannot wait to see them live.

This debut EP is a satisfying filth bath of stoner/doom/sludge metal, so if big riffs, fat tones and bad trips are what you want to hear when feeding your daily weed habit then get onto their bandcamp where the EP is available now as a "name your own price" download.

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