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Monday, November 9, 2015

LP Review - 'Hustler’s Row' by Gentleman’s Pistols

Having just released their third album in 12 years since formation, you could at best label Gentleman's Pistols as laid back... But their long-awaited follow up to 2007's excellent 'At Her Majesties Pleasure' (HP review here, their latest long-player titled 'Hustler's Row’ has been well worth the wait... With lineup changes (new bass player) and label shenanigans (moving onto indie label Nuclear Blast from Rise Above) seemingly stalling the band, the current line-up of the four-piece is James Atkinson (vocals, guitar), Robert Threapleton (bass, vocals), Bill Steer (of Carcass fame, guitar) and Stuart Dobbins (drums).

Hustler's Row is a collection of 70's inspired heavy classic rock stomps and occasional ballad that takes you back to when the likes of Free, Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy ruled the airwaves. Perfect for the discerning stoner fan, who enjoyed albums that were passed down by their folks growing up with the words "This is real music…” ringing in their ears.

Frontman Atkinson still has the knack for writing a cheeky lyric and track title - 'Dazzle Drizzler', 'Lady Teaser' etc - and has a cool and assured delivery that glides perfectly over the warm guitar sounds, and the bluesy chops of Steer’s lead guitar breaks.  ‘Gents’ as they’re know to friends, ooze an assured style which is only fully appreciated with speakers spun right up to 10.

Call it retro, or whatever you like. These songs are superbly crafted and confidently delivered by a band who know their shit. Get tipsy on groove, flares, cow-bell, denim and booze, and grab a copy of Hustler’s Row. And party like it's 1975.

Also check out an album track by track on Nuclear Blast’s YouTube channel.

Gentleman's Pistols - Facebook

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