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Thursday, April 18, 2013

LP Review - HUATA/BITCHO Split

"European Doomkrieg is summoning!
Gathering our disciples for fuzz ritual ceremonies, we are the luminous legacy of the sacred green land. Under the mourning star we preach, the great light of truth, the holy power of extra-terrestrials initiators that guide us to glorious times. Here is the Occult!"

Now all gather around if you will for this superb quality 3 track split LP with 2 from French occult doom stoners Huata and 1 from the Netherlands dwelling Bitcho.

Huata's "The Retaliator" is a 15 min 29 seconds psychedelic doom journey into the farthest reaches of space. At times floating through the gentle aethyrs and at others down-tuned very low and at others soaring to the pinnacle of space and time, it's a slow travelling myriad colored cloud of space dust, the remnants of some exploded star loaded with the potential for life. Layers of sonic beauty are presented in this universal mind trip with crunchy sludge, organic organs, transcendental and distant calls, psychedelic soundscapes; it is a breakthrough dose of DMT that explodes the third eye launching the shaman into the innerverse where dwells the gates to the omniverse. The machine elves dance around and this is the music they dance to. It's a finely crafted piece of audio art, a dream beyond a mere human mind's capability to conjure and it has existed forever.

"Hercolubus" is more out and out sludge laden doom and compared to it's predecessor it is over so soon but in the moments that the sounds fall upon you there is no doubt that Huata are taking their sound to new higher dimensions. It drips with anguished emotions in a similar way to Neurosis' or AmanRa's heart breaking but soul empowering sonic sonnets. Darkly cold and drifting ambiance sucks impressively mighty sludge riffs from the space-doom abyss in a calling to higher realms of existence.

Huata's last album "Atavist of Mann, (2012)" features extremely heavy skull-fucking doom so this new sound they have forged is a big departure from their previous release. It's less harsh and in your face than their last offering but no less heavy.

Bitcho's beast "10050 cielo drive" enters the split with a grim trip of uncomfortable psychedelic revolutions. With a Godflesh-like feel to the track shown in it's down tempo simplicity but with added electronic experimentation, it may feel uncomfortable in a 'Oh shit I'm coming up!' kind of way but it is hugely and satisfyingly hypnotic. Towards the end of this track are unleashed heavily effected vocals that sound like the war cries of some intergalactic creature hell-bent on universal destruction and it is oh so delicious to listen to. Cavernous bass crunches accentuate the track for the most part alongside slow thunderous drum explosions and creeping squelchy slithering guitar Wah effects that make this track a perfect addition to this split.

This gatefold LP comes with a beautiful retro-futuristic cover made by Benjamin Moreau of Huata and is out to own now from MUSIC FEAR SATAN.


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