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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini-Review: Green & Wood - Green & Wood

As seen on The Klepto's Guide:

I've recently been on a doom bender; I've been scooping up every doom band within every sub-genre of doom that I could find. I must have added 100 artists to my collection, and probably 200 albums, Green & Wood being one of them. This group is stoner, this group is doom, this group is great. Right from the get-go you know what you're going to get, leading off with "Banquet of Jupiter," a grinding stoner/doom song with a bit of gothic (not full-on mind you) vocals, sounding like a pair of gents singing in an echoy room, It's not too distorted, but it adds an effect that is actually kind of neat. Track two, "Rockin' Real Hard," does exactly what it says; it rocks real hard and the following song, "Heathen Copse," has an opening riff that would make Black Sabbath proud - one of their most doom-oriented songs. Although that is only the first half of the album, you know what you're getting, a Sabbath-tinged, groove-laden rocker with serious jam capabilities. A side note: apparently the lead singer is a professional skateboarder by the name of Ethan Fowler, he and his professional-photographer partner, Magda (never says a last name), play their stoner/doom with a semi-folk vibe, equating themselves to Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Not really important for the album, but kind of a neat side story.


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