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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LP Review: Luminous Bodies by Luminous Bodies

It’s likely that a lot of attention for this band will immediately focus around the fact that they use two drummers in their noise racketeering assault on the senses, but there is so much more to Luminous Bodies, and indeed this record, than what some will see as being “different”. For a start, there’s their superb song structures and sound, which is basically a bit like The Melvins, if they didn’t dick around so much and wrote quality song after song. Luminous Bodies echo The Melvin’s chaotic instrumentation and unnerving ability to keep you on the edge of your seat, but when you’re engrossed in a song such as ‘Man’s Milk’ or ‘Stay Dead’ you’re powerless to the riffs, noise, and aggression, unable and unwilling to let go.

The vocals of Gordon Watson range from slow 80’s style doom to psychotic shouting, and they really entrap each song within his control, driving each distorted riff, deathly cymbal crash, and slow menacing head bang. This is expressed no better in their cover of Tom Jones’ classic ‘She’s a Lady’ on their track ‘Lady Graveyard’, and it works quite spectacularly.

The one thing that strikes you hardest about the London five piece is that these guys are the real deal; each psychedelic tangent they lead you down (‘Stay Dead’), each experimental noise feedback they piss all over(‘You Cheap-Arse Motherfucker’), every fuzz-heavy riff (‘Inhaler’), and for every doom-laden spiritual journey (‘Om Naman Shivaya’) that they ooze out of the speakers with energy and excitement is a sheer joy to behold.

Luminous Bodies is released through Box Records, and is a must for fans of music.

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