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Seth's Sunday Sludge

"Seth's Sunday Sludge" is a feature that will showcase influential as well as up-and-coming and unsigned bands in this sub-genre of metal.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the Sludge Metal genre, here is a description via Wikipedia:

"Sludge metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal that melds elements of doom metal and hardcore punk, and sometimes incorporates influences from southern rock, stoner rock, and grunge. Sludge metal is typically abrasive; often featuring shouted vocals, heavily distorted instruments and sharply contrasting tempos. While the style was anticipated by the Melvins from Washington, many of its earliest pioneers were from the state of Louisiana."

Here is a list of bands that have been featured so far:


02/15-Le Betre/King Buffalo
02/08-Twingiant-"Devil Down"
02/01-Primitive Man-"Home is Where the Hatred is"
01/18-Blue Snaggletooth-"Beyond Thule"
01/04-Molior Superum-"Electric Escapism"


12/28-Doctor Smoke-"The Witching Hour"
12/21-Jucipher-"District of Dystopia"
12/14-Bouillaisse Volume III
12/07-15 Years of Ufomammut
11/30-Goya /Wounded Giant
11/23-Olmeg-"Primordial Soup"
11/16-Riff Fist
10/26-Leather Lung-"Reap What You Sow"
10/19-Grizzly-"Rapturous Decay"
10/12-Lotus Ash-"The Word of God"
09/14-Fister-"Vermin Prolificus"
09/07-Slow Southern Steel
08/31-No Way-"Sing Praises"
08/10-Sorxe-"Surrounded By Shadows"
08/03-Acid Goat
07/20-The Powder Room-"Curtains"
07/13-Lavagoat-"Weird Menace"
07/06-Rongeur-"As the Blind Strive"
06/29-Possessor-"Electric Hell"
06/22-Ancient Alter
06/08-Sunday Sludge Bouillabaisse Volume II
05/25-Giza-"I Am the Ocean,  Am the Sea"
04/20-Graves At Sea/Sourvein Split
04/13-Grey Widow-"I"
03/30-Weedsnake-"Live Session"
03/23-Bullfrog-"Good Day For Doomsday"
03/16-Stoneburner-"Life Drawing"
03/09-Sunday Shudder: Salem's Pot - "...Lurar ut dig på prärien"
03/02-Sioux-"The One and the Many"
02/23-Bottom Feeder-"Grinding Teeth"
02/09-Druglord-"Enter Venus"
02/02-Godhunter-"City of Dust"
01/26-Wizard Union-"Smoking Coffins"
01/12-Dead Ranch-"Antler Royal"


12/29-AcidLand-"Through Darkness"
12/22-Indian-:From All Purity"
12/15-Haast's Eagled
12/08-Stuntman - "Incorporate The Excess"
11/24-Sunday Sludge Bouillabaisse
11/17-Green Dragon - "Walls of Jericho" (EP)
11/10-Swarm Of Spheres - "Invest In Your Death"
11/03-In The Company Of Serpents - "Of The Flock"
10/27-30,000 Monkies - "Somewhere Over The Painbow"
10/20-Sea of Bones - "The Earth Wants Us Dead"
10/06-No Gods No Masters
09/29-Blackout-"We Are Here"
09/08-Junior Bruce
09/01-Black Seal-"Pyre"
08/25-Northles-"World Keeps Sinking"
08/18-Maidens-"Eve of Absolution"
08/11-StoneBirds / Stangala - "Kreiz-Breizh Sessions"
08/04-Pyres-"Year of Sleep"
07/28-Cult Of Occult - "HIC EST DOMUS DIABOLI"
07/14-Sofy Major-"Idolize"
07/21-Khünnt - "Dead Eyes"
06/02-Hog Truck
05/26-Black Sheep Wall-"It All Begins..."
05/12-TwinGiant-"Sin Nombre"
05/05-Akimbo-"Live to Crush"
04/28-Otzepenevshiye/Vir-"For a Knife"
04/14-Eibon-"II"04/21-Full Zenith-"S/T"
04/07-Shroud Eater-"Dead Ends"
03/31-Belzebong-"Dungeon Vultures"
03/24-Lowbau-"A Darker Shade of Blues"
03/17-Your Highness-"Blue Devils (EP)"
03/10-Opium Lord-"The Calendrical Cycle..."
02/10-Witchden-"Consulting the Bones"
02/03-Nonsun-"Good Old Evil"
01/27-O.D.R.A.-"Karl Denke Blues"
01/20-Clamfight-"I, Versus the Glacier"
01/13-Primitive Man-"Scorn"
01/06-Pressor-"Grave Full of Weed"


Diazepam-"Demo 2" 12/23/2012 Seth
Sonance-"Like Ghosts" 12/16/2012 Seth
Hush-"Untitled I" 12/09/2012 Seth
Spider Kitten-"Cougar Club" 12/02/2012 Seth
Sea Bastard 11/25/2012 Seth
Make-"Axis" 11/18/2012 Seth
The Canyon Observer-"Chapter II" 11/11/2012 Seth
Fistula-"Northern Aggression" 11/04/2012 Seth
Gniyrg Gnaarg-"The Acolytes Feel Sleepy" 10/28/2012 Seth
Goat Bong  10/21/2012 Seth
Mudbath-"Red Desert Valley" 10/14/2012 Seth
Vultures at Arms Reach-"дикари" 10/07/2012 Seth
Snailking-"Samsara" 09/30/2012 Seth
Fight Amp-"Birth Control" 09/23/2012 Seth
Yellowtooth-"Disgust" 09/16/2012  Seth
Rabbits-"Bites Rites" 09/09/2012 Seth
enskye - "Eosphorus/Quintessence" 09/02/2012 Seth
Serial Hawk-"Buried in the Gray" 08/26/2012 Seth
haarp-"Husks" 08/19/2012 Seth
Wolf Lord-"Krixes" 08/12/2012 Seth
All Hail the Yeti 08/05/2012 Seth
In the Company of Serpents- 07/29/2012 Seth
shEver-"Rituals"- 07/22/2012 Seth
Earthrise-"Eras Lost"- 07/15/2012 Seth
Grizzly-"Fear My Wrath"-07/08/2012 Seth
Galaxicon-"Old Gods"- 07/01/2012 Seth
Pigs-"You Ruin Everything"6/24/2012 Seth
Shakhtyor 6/17/2012 Seth
Odyssey-"Abysmal Despair" 06/10/2012 Seth
Rodha-"Raw" 06/03/2012 Seth
Swarm of Spheres 05/27/2012 Seth
TwinGiant-"Mass Driver" 05/20/2012 Seth
Wolves Carry My Name 05/13/2012 Seth
Law of the Tongue 05/06/2012 Seth
Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire 04/29/2012 -Seth
(-16-) 04/22/2012 Seth
Otu 04/15/2012 Seth
Pyramido 04/08/2012 Seth
Tort 04/01/2012 Seth
Lurk 03/25/2012 Seth
Vulture 03/18/2012 Seth
Hunters 03/11/2012 Seth
Make 03/04/2012 Seth
Grime 02/26/2012 Seth
Badr Vogu 02/19/2012 Seth
Black Skies 02/12/2012 Seth
Rising 02/05/2012 Seth
Monarch 01/29/2012 Seth
Godhunter 01/22/2012 Seth
Stone Angels 01/15/2012 Seth
Sadgicacea/Grass 01/08/12 Seth
Whores. 01/01/12 Seth


Leechmilk 12/18/11 Seth
Giantrider 12/11/11 Seth
Belzebong 12/04/11 Seth
Summonus 11/27/11 Seth
Rue-"Thorns" 11/20/11  Seth
Black Cobra-"Invernal" 11/13/11  Seth
Brachiosauride 11/06/11 Seth
Undersmile  10/30/11  Seth
Seahag  10/23/11  Seth
Black Tusk-"Set the Dial" 10/16/11  Seth
Treehorn-"Hearth" 10/09/11  Seth
-(16)-  10/2/11 Seth
The Proselyte-"Sunshine"  9/25/11  Seth
Concrete Sun-"Sky is High" 9/18/11  Seth
Rwake-"Rest" 9/11/11 Seth
Tank86-"Rise" 9/04/11  Seth
Red Fang-"Murder the Mountains"  8/28/11  Seth
Hail!Hornet-"Dispurse the Curse" 8/21/11  Seth
Brainoil-"Death of This Dry Season" 8/14/11 Seth
Noothgrush 8/7/11 Seth
Sourvein-"Black Fangs" 7/31/11  Seth
Dopefight 7/24/11 Seth
Rwake 7/17/11 Seth
Fistula 7/10/22 Seth
Weedeater 7/3/11 Seth
Bottom 6/25/11 Seth
Acid Bath 6/19/11 Seth
elCamino 6/12/11 Seth
Dopethrone, Gurt, Norska 5/22/11
Borgo Pass 5/8/11
Morning Ablaze, The Burial Tide, Brainoil 5/1/11 Toby
A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm, Sons of God, Throng of Shoggoths 4/17/11
Godhunter, Red Herring, Circus Grenade 4/3/11
Beaten Back To Pure 3/27/11
VYGR, Lazarus Blackstar, Godsize 3/20/11
Sourvein- 3/13/11
Sadgiqacea- 3/6/11
Iron Monkey- 2/27/11
Dugdemona- 2/20/11
Bastard of the Skies  2/6/11
The Melvins 1/30/11
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