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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Sludge-Beaten Back To Pure

Gritty, grimey southern sludge metal is what Virginia-based band Beaten Back To Pure oozes or shall I say oozed, being that the band has not released anything since 2004's  "The Burning South". Since then, vocalist Ben Hogg has gone on to form Birds of Prey, Plague the Suffering, and most recently Hour of 13. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, here is a little bit of a bio:

"Citing the three B's (beer, bongs and boredom) as inspiration, vocalist Ben Hogg and guitarist Vince Burke formed self-described "Grassroots Piss-Metal" band Beaten Back to Pure in the state of Virginia, during the sweltering summer of 1998. Two years later, shortly after recording the "Double Barrel Blasphemy" demo and welcoming second guitarist Eric Sundt, bassist Tim "Slam" Jacobs, and drummer Chuck Ember, Beaten Back to Pure began recording their first album, 2001's Southern Apocalypse, with Today Is the Day mastermind Steve Austin acting as producer. Relentless touring and a second album entitled The Last Refuge of the Sons of Bitches followed in 2002, and, after replacing Sundt with new guitarist Richie Scharr, the band focused its energies on album number three. This would emerge in 2004 via new record label This Dark Reign (the band's first two outings having been issued by U.K.-based Retribute Records), and was titled Burning South."

Unfortunately the band is no longer together, but they left us with some of the finest southern-tinged whiskey-soaked crusty sludge metal ever made. What set them apart was that they were a bit more up-tempo than many of their peers. The thick as hell riffs, gargantuan vocals and groove was the soundtrack to the perfect ride along the Highway To Hell.


Double Barrell Blasphemy Demo (2000)

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  1. Awesome article! I have gradually become fan of your article and would like to suggest putting some new updates to make it more effective.

  2. I'm pretty sure they're still together. They're just taking forever with their fourth album.


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