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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sludge-Dugdemona

If you haven't detected a pattern yet, I am going to try and alternate influential and unsigned sludge bands. One week will be an influential band to the genre and the next week will be an unsigned/indie label artist. This week I have chosen Louisiana band Dugdemona as this week's featured artist for "Sunday Sludge"

Dugdemona has been pummeling fans since 1996 when two high school friends decided to start a band and call that band Sledge. The band eventually decided to change their name and the rest is history. The band takes their name from the Dugdemona River that runs through their home town of Simsboro, LA. The band has has been bruising local audiences for years with their crushing blend of Sludge, Doom, and Hardcore while throwing in the typical Southern Metal flare so prevalent to that area of the country. The band did take a brief hiatus but eventually reformed in 2008 bigger and better wearing their influences such as Crowbar, Acid Bath, and Pantera  proudly on their sleeve. They are currently working on some new material which should be out some time soon. Check them out now and give the band your support.

Current Lineup:

Tommy McDaniel - Vocals
Jason Ferguson - Guitar
Stevie Embrey - Bass
Jeff Liner - Drums

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