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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sludge: Sadgiqacea

As promised, I offer to you a new band to worship on today's version of Sunday Sludge. That band is none other than Philadelphia, Pa. Ambient/Sludge band Sadgiqacea. The band has been gaining a bit of a buzz as of late with the release of their lastest EP "Submerged in Manichea" available now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.


The sludging whirlpools of Sadgiqacea (sad-juh-kay-sha) are as deep as the oceans and as vast as the cosmos, equally turbulent and serene. Waves of detuned, ambient guitar paint a dripping psychedelic resonance, while cadences of thundering percussion manifest unbridled, progressive raw energy. Dark and light elements pummel and writhe, creating a harmonious yet chilling aura. Dueling vocals provide a haunting atmosphere and complete the supernatural essence of the overall sound, drowning the listener in a sea of mystifying turmoil. A very unique listening experience that is sure to please fans of HIGH ON FIRE, TYPE O NEGATIVE, PINK FLOYD, TORCHE, INTRONAUT, MASTODON and other similar artists.

What others are saying:

"SADGIQACEA (sad-juh-kay-shuh) is a ferocious and epic power duo from the Philadelphia/South Jersey Shore area, using detuned guitars and thundering percussion to create a shape-shifting foundation of dripping darkness, while soaring vocals and echo-drenched strings pierce through the toxic sludge, painting a face-melting lucid dream of metaphysical pain and ecstasy. Not your average two piece. ENJOY!!!

"SADGIQACEA - S. NJ/Philly...If Kylesa fell into a black hole and condensed itself into two people, lost the crust, and gained more sludge aka...FATHER TIME FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF MOTHER NATURE!"-Alysså Møcere(EPICENE PRINT COLLECTIVE)

Subconscious metaphysical lucid dreams originating in black hole vortexes, realized in two-piece groove destruction."

While destroying everything in it's path, Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of beauty meets devastation. Monsterously crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirls as the vocals bark at you. The songs are epic and full on sludge. This duo from Philly will leave you begging for more. Think Pink Floyd meets Mastodon with the vocal layering of let's say Fear Factory.

The band currently has a few EPs on Bandcamp as well as a split with Ominous Black. The new EP "Submerged in Manichea" is available for purchase on CDBaby. Get'em while their hot!


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