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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Sludge: BongCauldron

Having some trouble waking up this morning? Shit, tell me about it. I struggle to find the link between independence and watching your friends get flat-faced and belligerent, but that doesn't mean I won't participate. We cut England's umbilical cord and what remains is a fleshy stump of excess and confusion. You have to wonder how many uncles and neighbors wake up on July 5th and thank America for the pounding in their heads. But a four-day bender? Even our town drunk has more sense.

Lucky for us, the relationship we ugly Americans have with the motherland has been long repaired and we can share back-and-forth our finest meats and cheeses. Kippers and mutton sound great, sure. But the thought of salted meat did little to sway me from repeatedly playing BongCauldron's Pissed Up. An appetizer of sorts, the track does more to rouse the hunger than bed 'er down. The band have an EP in the works, so we'll need a few pints to quell the pangs.

But let's talk about Pissed Up. The immediate stomp and screech roll-out is as groovy as it is torturous, while the shifting rhythms lay to waste any hope of sitting still. Thick with filth and echoing a blues structure a la Eyehategod, BongCauldron roll out a soiled carpet only to bludgeon their own guests. The abrasive sludge mentality is full-tilt here, while the fuzz has a numbing component that's both the cause of and solution to your unpinned burning sensation. There's really no relent on the track, evidenced by the introductory sustain, the incessant crash of cymbals, and the Lemmy-channeled vocal that's a brick-toothed snarl in your ear. The closing seconds are straight-up slow-motion sickness, fists in the air and cocks in your soup.

For the time being, there's a glimmer of despair in the form of BongCauldron's youtube page. The doomy, drudging stagger of Gimp Jig is a slow spin into delta-infused insanity. Emerging from the swamp only long enough to spit acid at your feet, the expansive passages allow the rhythms to drown at their own pace. Clouds circle and threaten, and the buzz buries any calm whisper. These thirteen minutes knock on every door, melting more than a pinch of soothing southern guitar into a hearty stew of blood and rocks.

Whatever drips from BongCauldron's beards promises to maintain the filth and the fury, growling on the backs of a teaser single and strong live reviews. There's an undeniable weed-sludge shuffle that clings to every note, but the blues influence and deliberate execution warrant a separation from the band's contemporaries. All listeners can do is hope these guys get this fucking record out before we all starve. And hey, Pissed Up is a free bandcamp download. Set the table, dear.

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