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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Album Review: Black Spiders - Sons of The North

As also seen on The Klepto's Guide:

After the impressive showing of the three previous releases (all EPs) by Black Spiders I knew that their debut LP was going to be something special - boy was I right. Where the EPs, St. Peter, Cinco Hombres (Diez Cojones), and No Goats In The Omen, all set the stage for the band's style and skill, Sons of The North framed it all and put it up to hang in a museum.
Two of the songs, "St. Peter" and "Just Like A Woman,"  were previously released, but these are some of the strongest songs of the album, so I can see why they would choose to put them on Sons of The North. While this was my first time hearing the record I found myself humming the tune to "St. Peter" to myself as I lay in bed. Even now, a solid 24 hours later, I can still vaguely make out some of the lyrics - in my world of music immersion, that is some staying power! I have all year, but I am in a rush to hear some of these tracks again.

You can tell that this group is British, as there are some hidden reminiscent of the British Invasion that can be squeezed out of the sound. It's another thing that's hard to explain, but it had that edge of British garage rock that was very prevalent in the 70s. This is not a complaint at all, actually I think it adds to the overall sound of the group and their music, paying a homage to your homeland (no matter how slight) is something of importance to me. Plus being half-British, I like seeing my countrymen making something of a stand for themselves. Also, the singer reminds me a bit of Priestess; I can't tell if it's his actual vocals or just how he sound or if it's style of delivery, but there was more than one time that the idea popped into my head. Something worth noting.

I'm telling you, Sons of The North is joining The Grand Astoria's new album as a favorite of the year. So far I've had nothing but stellar music pop up and I hope the trend continues. Besides a bit of lagging sound at the end of the album, this release is straight and dirty stoner rock 'n roll all the way. Something to look forward to by anyone who is a fan of the genre, British garage rock, or just jamming tunes. I for one can not wait for the next release by Black Spiders, but until then I know Sons of The North will be getting a heavy rotation on my sound system, and I suggest the same for you.


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