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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - ...Of The Horizon

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Today's New Band to Burn One to is ...Of The Horizon
...Of The Horizon came together as a two piece in the fall of 2008. Mike Hanne (guitars, vocals) and Shig (drums, cymbals, gong) connected through an ad on craigslist, of all places. Both hailing from the "stoner/doom" school of rock an immediate and heavy bond was quickly established. By the spring of '09 the duo had written around a dozen songs and had played about as many shows around the Long Beach/ L.A./ Hollywood area. That May, still without a bass player, the two decided to head into the studio. A four song e.p., that has yet to be released, was done with Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Goatsnake) at his studio in Banning, CA. They continued to look for that third element while melting faces around the Los Angeles region. Luckily the lack of 4 strings didn't hinder the amount of enthusiasm and sheer energy the two were generating. Rick Kosick (Jackass producer) at one point was quoted as saying "...Of The Horizon is L.A.'s best new band."
They continued writing and playing shows and in June of 09 found the missing link. Bill Lanham (a.k.a. Big Willy) cofronted them after a show in Long Beach and in not so many words said "you guys need a bass player, and I'm it!" An accomplished musician, engineer and producer Big Willy quickly jumped on board, learned the songs, and before they knew it the three were in his studio layin down more tracks. Currently ...Of The Horizon are playing shows around the Los Angeles region and working on a much anticipated full length album. In the last year they have had the privilage to share the stage with such bands as Black Cobra, House of Broken Promises, It's Casual, and Dave Lambardos Philm.
...Of The Horizon has a cool mix of hard rock, some heavy metal, and some doom. It's think an heavy as fuck and it's also trance inducing. So far a demo has been produced and the band will be working on a full length in the future.

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