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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Album Review: Black Cowgirl - Self-Titled

Man, sometimes life is a drag... You want to know what else is a drag? Writer’s block. Cardigan wearing, eat your vegetables, old Mr. Zac has been sitting on gold for three months and just hasn't put together the words to get it to all of you, our faithful readers of Heavy Planet. Well, allow me to delay no longer, because what we have here is truly a 120-proof bottle of the finest blend of traditional rock, grunge and grooves to escape this hilly Pennsylvania terrain. These tunes just got to be shared before the close of 2012.

So, now you're asking yourselves, "Who the hell is Black Cowgirl?" and "How can a double EP be all that good?" Well, in reply to the latter, it can be. Period. Black Cowgirl is a fearless foursome from Eastern PA, the Lancaster area to be more precise, who takes a shared effort in writing and guitar-monizing eleven of the finest examples of classic inspired stoner rock. The self-titled release is made up, as stated previously, of two separate EP's and has recently been pressed into a lovely vinyl, thanks to the art of Mr. Adrian Brouch of Coven Illustrations and Kozmik Artifactz Record-store.

The group, who obviously has a sense of humor, describe themselves as, "a less-talented version of an imaginary super-group ..." and includes the likes of The Allman Bros., Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash in that line up. Well, all knockin' aside Black Cowgirl offer a serious track list of dynamic hard-rock jams and anthems suitable for every Heavy Planet reader's playlist. Most of the tracks hover at the three-minute mark with one heavy weight, Weight of Oblivion, running close to six minutes.

The band does an excellent job of creating songs that don't run low on fuel or emotion, especially on the mellow tracks like Alkaline and instrumental chill piece Solarizer. The intertwining guitars loop throughout Alkaline creating the ideal noise necessary when looking to zone out, and Solarizer runs its course much the same way while slowly and steadily droning out quietly towards limbo.

Now, I've been spinning these tracks for months on end and can honestly say the entire album is solid. However, I have found myself favoring the likes of Eclipsor and Three Seasons best. Eclipsor literally begins with a knock at the door only to waltz right in through Ben and Nate's dual RIFF-age to park on your couch and caress your ears while Chris[Bass] and Mark [Drums] sneak in the back for your stash of Yuengling. Three Seasons, on the other hand, has a set of guitar pieces that coil around you like some great constrictor python emitting an intoxicating pheromone. The RIFF seems like an eternal swirl, and oh, if only it could be... Yes, Black Cowgirl has found the cure to RIFF addiction. The vocals of Three Seasons are also a strong point and may be some of the best that this self-titled release has to offer. Beginning as a steady and rough, yet harmonious articulation, the vocals become winged and soar into climactic scream as the seconds tick away. Yeah, that may sound like utter non-sense without hearing the song, but I guess you'll just have to order Black Cowgirl to fully appreciate this song in all of its glory.

When everything is said and done Black Cowgirl's self-titled release is the surprise of the year. The song writing is well done and, I believe, can only get better with future releases. The RIFFS are of the utmost quality and that freedom lies within the life of the RIFF, for the RIFF, by the RIFF and that RIFF shall not perish from earth. The artwork is of Mr. John Baizley quality and deserving of a nod for album cover of 2012.

So, with a loaded resume and a killer set of skills, Black Cowgirl can set off into the sunset of 2012 knowing they 'dun good with their first full length, or double EP, or whatever we call it, and know there are a legion of fans drooling for more.


Ben - Guitar // Vocals 
Chris - Bass 
Mark - Drums 
Nate - Guitar // Vocals

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  1. vinyl version available through Bilocation records:


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