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Thursday, November 14, 2013

LP Review "Against Nature" by Eidetic Seeing

Brooklyn's Eidetic Seeing recently released their third LP titled "Against Nature", an epic 5 song journey through heavy psych that's big on doom and fuzzed up grooves and interesting experimental explorations in freaked out acid rock. Their sound brings to my mind the likes of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Hawkwind, Floor and Kyuss and which makes for a very interesting mix of styles.

For the most part there are few lyrics to be heard on this album with each track seeming to tell a story through transitions in the sounds played rather than with words which are only used when absolutely necessary to the story being told, I think. The second track "K2" is a great example of this with there being only a very short section with lyrics and the rest of the 11 minutes 8 seconds track being instrumental and the opening track "A Snake Whose Years Are Long" being completely devoid of lyrics altogether.

Eidetic Seeing are a band of contrasts that has them switch from breezy psychedelia to huge and crushing doom riffs to full on noise rock fits of rage all in the blink of an eye as can be heard on the track "Froleuse". It is a method that works very well and which kept me listening intently as I tried to guess what Eidatic Seeing would do next. The band may be one of contrasts but they are also brilliantly unpredictable which makes them all the more entertaining to hear.

There are hugely satisfying moments of crushing slabs of doom given generously throughout but the riffs are never dwelt upon for too long. Fourth track "Asphalt Blues" has Eidetic Seeing take their doom to some weird and unexplored psychedelic and acid drenched dimensions only for things to fall gently into barren and breezy psych rock. The psychedelia is explored further in the fifth and final track "White Flight" which opens with colorful electronic twinkles before evolving into Hawkwind-like acid freak outs and then to a crushing riff broken by screeching feedback which reminded me of Floor's work on their first album "Dove".

"Against Nature" is a fine piece of work from Eidetic Seeing and will be appreciated by doom fans and psychedelic rock fans alike. Get it now from their Bandcamp.


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