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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LP Review: Perceptionism by Violence of the Sun

Italy has an amazing collection of heavy bands on the current scene, each with their own distinct sound and masters of their art, and yet another one is being added to the long list, covering stoner, fuzz, psychedelia, sludge and doom, Giulianova’s Violence of the Sun. This is technically the band’s first full length proper as their first (III Times) is a collection of their first three Eps, and it is an almighty impressive listen.

Growing from a duo to four members shortly after inception, the band have grown from strength to strength throughout their early Eps, so that the beauty that is Perceptionism can sound as mighty as it does, easily flicking between heavy guzzling fuzz, to swathes of stoner hazed doom with unbridled ease and excitement. The record doesn’t so much explode into life as gradually build a setting to get you nice a comfortable before ‘Earth’ finally hits you where it hurts and the psychedelic vocals are overtaken with anger and passion that transcends into the guitars and drums, letting all hazy hell loose. The vocals express a raw power which reflects a passion and disparity that cannot be faked; these guys are the real deal. As soon as the passion of ‘Earth’ ends, the Fu Manchu-esqe ‘Feeding The Dolls’ sets you off chugging down the highway into many a desert stoners’ dream outing, lots of driving riffs, songs about friends and good times, while ‘Cathedral of Hate’ carries the weight of fellow countrymen Black Rainbows heavily on their shoulders as the thick layers of fuzz come strangling out of the speakers to delight the heaviest of souls.

Throughout the rest of the record, the guys show just exactly what’s in their locker, with ‘The Devil’s Bell Rings Again’ being a one-part party anthem, and the other part a break-down of deep country blues and despair, ‘Bleeding Cake’ takes on a much darker and sludgier tone than what has gone before it, showing the band’s anguish and embittered hearts, which is also echoed as the record ends, with ‘Golden Sapphire’ mixing dark psychedelia before bestowing aggressive vocals, and unleashing a killer riff to bring the song to a close.

To put it bluntly, these four Italians (Andrea Elkhaloufi, Francesco Pacifici, Mattia Maiorani, and Gigi Di Giacomo) are some damn talented motherfuckers who’ve crafted a record which will appeal to all readers of this blog. If the Italians are indeed going to be taking over this whole scene, perhaps it is the best thing that has happened to us in years! Happy listening!

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