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Thursday, August 4, 2016

King Buffalo: Live Review-Orion

I recently had the chance to catch up with our brothers from Rochester, New York, King Buffalo at Pittsburgh's own Club Cafe. Freeing myself from the mundane activities of a Tuesday evening for the enigmatic efforts of the New York natives I was treated to live cuts off of their freshman LP entitled Orion. A name fitting the spacey and psychedelic aura that has enshrined the trio since the falling of their 2013 Demo EP. If you have yet to spin said demo, do yourself a favor, scroll back a few words and click the link. Tunes like Pocket Full of Knife and Providence Eye don't just fall into your lap every day. The dreamy licks and spiraling rhythmic swirl of Providence Eye where near masterpiece material. Any fan of heavy psychedelia won't need too many spins to find that Orion is up to the task of satisfying those moist ears.

Orion delivers a psychedelic-punch that few modern day rock bands can deliver. Throughout the evening the Pittsburgh fans enjoyed Sean's guitar devotion and distortion pedal mastery which evoked a by-gone era of guitar virtuosos. Sure, there are tons of excellent guitar players out there, many that can incorporate the very same things with the right amount of distortion, but Sean and King Buffalo just let it come from the heart... and that my friends it what sets them apart. Scott and Dan's work pulse through the bodies very fibers, raising the hair on the sonically intoxicated listeners. Soaring higher, Orion's sub-structure of songs melds and fuses with one another building into an euphoric frenzy that complete the record. Subsequent listens only allow the listener to realize the immense growth King Buffalo have achieved throughout these recent years. Not only is it apparent throughout Orion, but even more so during a live set.

Orion is due out August 5th and can be purchased here. Pick up a copy and immerse your auditory cortex in King Buffalo's space-blues caravan or catch them on tour!

Scott Donaldson - Drums // Vocals
Sean McVay "Uranium Jesus" - Guitar // Synth // Lead Vocals
Dan Reynolds - Bass // Synth

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