Thursday, April 23, 2015

EP Review: 'Antique' by Lighteater

Lighteater are a post-rock ensemble out of Brooklyn, NY who dabble in the dichotomy of delicate intricacy and devastating brutality.  Antique, their debut EP, is a four song affair that weaves the graceful tapestries and crushing riffs created by guitarists Dominic Bartolini and Nate Derr with the steadfast precision of bassist Chris Kunitz and drummer Ryan Luby.  Give a listen to tracks like "10oz" or "Quiver" as the band transitions from meditative hypnosis to jarring cacophony instantaneously.  Vocals aren't even a consideration as Lighteater are content to let the music do their talking.  Listening to Antique is the aural equivalent of floating along in a calming sea, only to be pummeled by an unexpected tidal wave.  Realizing that may not be something you'd readily sign up to experience, in this case I'd suggest you wear your swim shorts and strap on a life vest, because this combination of grace and ferocity is a worthy endeavor.

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